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North Prairie Adventures - Rifts OOC

Postby Tom the Fanboy on Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:11 am

Welcome to the first page of the Weregeek forum's first Rifts game.
I named it North Prairie Adventures because that's where the game is starting out. The demand has been for adventure and mystery so I'm going to do my best to meet both.

I am the GM. TomtheFanboy.
The main companion NPC is Pedro the Human Priest of Ehactl.
Thunderhowl is playing Rex the Rogue Dogboy.
Punstarr is playing --- Dark Energy, the superpowered Human
xaq is playing --------- Karsh, the Cyborg Minotaur
chibiyuri is playing --- Fae'lin, the Burster Elf
Alina P is playing ------- Jane, the Mind Melter Human
grtdrgn is playing ---- Morgan, the human Ley Line Walker


Out of Initiative.
- Jane
- Morgan
- Rex
- Karsh
- Captain Brodkil
- Fae'lin
- Dark Energy
- Pedro


Code: Select all
 East Wizard Street, WyNeKota City, North America
Ironically, this side of the map is SOUTH, sorry!

------------------------------RUNWAY TARMAC---------------------------

@=The whole party
K=Karsh   R=Rex   D=Dark Energy   F=Fae'lin   J=Jane   M=Morgan

P=Pedro   n=npc   #?=Monster 
x=interior   .=dirt/ground   -=paved ground   s=smoke

The map is to be used as a rough estimate, not an exact measurement.

Here be the initative/action chart:
The Brodkil Brawl, 2.3 round fight is now over.

Rex, Karsh, Morgan, and 3 Technowizards are guarding Cap'n Brodkil.

Pedro, Dark Energy, Fae'lin, and Jane are with the psi-hound.

Nobody knows where the psi-stalker is, but the Law is coming.


This is where I'll be tallying up Experience Points later. Yay!
Hmm.... should I copy the chart? Hmmmm...

Note to players, I do award damage magnet experience to the person who takes the most points of damage in a single "session". Sessions on th board will be measured by how long it takes me to award experience points. :wink:
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The NPC Priest

Postby Tom the Fanboy on Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:15 am

Please write in a description of your character and a bit about them before you post the dice rolls and character sheet.

Pedro is a devout worshiper of Ehactl, "The wind of the South". Pedro claims to be a native of Rifts Earth but never goes into much details about his religion or its tennets. Unlike the preacher and cults that abound in the New West, he is satisfied walking without a flock and just seeing to the good works of his god. Those who wish to speak to him respectfully as a holy man often call him brother, padre, father, or reverend; but if you ask him, he prefers the term "tlama" which means "giver" in the tongue of his god. Tlama Pedro is indeed a giving man.

Place for your rolled attributes:
IQ (4d6.takeHighest(3)=8)
ME (4d6.takeHighest(3)=14)
MA (4d6.takeHighest(3)=11)
PS (4d6.takeHighest(3)=12)
PP (4d6.takeHighest(3)=15)
PE (4d6.takeHighest(3)=15)
PB (4d6.takeHighest(3)=16)Bonus (1d6=2)
Spd (4d6.takeHighest(3)=14)

Running bonus to Speed (4d4=13)
Total Speed=21

Base HP (1d6+15=17)(PE+1d6)

Base SDC (2d6+12=17)
Acrobatics bonus (1d6=6)
Running bonus to SDC (1d6=5)
Total SDC=23

In this example, I assigned the attributes when I rolled them. With humans (and dogboys) this is not required since they are all 3D6 attributes and can be swapped around (you'd better believe that 18 is going in ME). However, if you are playing a nonstandard rae you will have different dice values for each attribute so you must specify each roll. Also note the bonus roll, if your roll is higher than 16 please make a bonus roll of 1d6 and place it on that roll's line in your character post.

Code: Select all

IQ  15 * Name:Pedro_Juarez_ * Appearance: Clean cut latino man in his early
MA  15 * OCC:_Priest_______ * twenties, clean shaven with long black hair.
ME  18 * Alignment:Scrupulous * Disposition: Withdrawn at times but is friendly
PS  12 * Race:_Human_______ * once someone breaks the ice.
PP  13 * Level:__1_________ * Height:_5'9"__ * Eyes:_brown_ * Age:__22___
PE  15 * Exp.:_____________ * Weight:_190lbs___ * Hair:_black_ * Skin:Dark Brown
PB  14 *
Spd 21 * (Speedx20=meters per minute. Speedx5=meters per melee)
Pedro can run at about 14 mph for about 4 miles, or 7mph for about 12 miles.
*************** Racial abilities ****************** Saving Throws *******
 Speak Native Language: __Creole_________ 98% *****Save vs Curses:______________15_
_Speak __American____________ +20%___________ *****Save vs Disease:_____________14_
 _No_Fear_of_Heights_________________________ *****Save vs Lethal Poison-:______14_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Non-Lethal Poison:___16_ 
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Harmful Drugs:_______15_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Acids:__None, use Dodge_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Insanity:____________12_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Psionics:___________15__
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Magic:______________+x__
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Ritual Magic:________16_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Horror Factor:______+xx_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs Pain:________________+x_
_____________________________________________ *****Save vs -------:_________

****** OCC skills ************** OCC Special Abilities ******************
skill_Dance: +20%..__+x%..* _Exorcism: 1D6 hours prayer, 7%/level chance of success_
_Literacy__: +20%..__+x%..* _Healing touch: Restores 1D8 HP/SDC or 1D4 MDC, _
_Language_2: +20%..__+x%..* ----1 touch every other melee round____
_Literacy_2:base%..__+x%..* _Remove Curse: 1D4x10 minute ritual, 7%/level ______
_Basic_Math: +20%..__+x%..* Resurrection: available at 5th level. _______________
Lore Demon/Monster: +20%..__+x%..* _Turn Dead: 2 melee round ritual, 20% +5/level
_Land_Nav__: +10%..__+x%..* ----Only skeletons and corpses, ghouls, and mummies. _
Wild Survival:+10%..__+x%..* _Prayer of Strength: Grants priest +6 vs HF, __
WP ___Sword__________ *** ---- +10% Turn Dead, +20% Exorcism, +2 spell strength __
WP ___E-Rifle________ *** ---- +1 Strike/Parry/Dodge, 1/day, lasts 3 rounds/level __
Hand to Hand Combat: Basic* ---- +1 other saves. 20% chance +7/level
                           * _Prayer of Communion: 21% chance, +7/level,
                           * ----60% chance of a clear omen when prayer succeeds__
                           * _Prayer of Intervention: Spell 21% +7/level_____
                           * _Prayer of Intervention: Scoll 9%/level _____
                           * _Prayer of Intervention: Super Healing 21% +7%/level _
                           * Miracles: MA + 2%/level = 17% ___

** OCC Related Skills ***** Secondary Skills *********
Pilot-Truck:  45%....+4% ** _Swimming__:  50%....+5%
Animal_Hus.:  45%....+5% ** _Pilot-Auto:  60%....+2%
_Mythology_:  50%....+5% ** _Running___:
Lore-Indian:  45%....+5% ** _WP-Blunt__: 
Lore-Magic_:  45%....+5% ** Acrobatics_:
Radio-Basic:  50%....+5% ** --Balance__:  60%....+5%
Public Spk.:  35%....+5% ** --Walk Rope:  60%....+2%
skill______:base%....+x% ** -Climb Rope:  80%....+3%
skill______:base%....+x% ** --Back Flip:  60%..__+5%
skill______:base%....+x% ** --Climbing_:  40%..__+x%
skill______:base%....+x% ** --Prowl____:  30%..__+5%
skill______:base%....+x% ** skill______:base%..__+x%

 -WP-   Strike  Parry  Dodge  Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat: _Basic____
_Blunt___ +1___ +1___+--___ +--___ **** Strike+__ * APM:_4_
_Sword___ +1___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Parry +__ * Init +__
_name____+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Dodge +__ * Roll +3_
_name____+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Pull Punch+2_
_name____+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Punch Damage:_____ Kick _Damage:_1D8 SDC
_E-Rifle_+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Special Bonuses: ___________________


Armor: _style/name_ *Features:  Full Environmental?
Total MDC__: ### * __________________
Current MDC: ### * ___________________

Melee Weapons:   Strike Parry Damage
_Obsidian_Sword: _ +1__ _ +0_   2D4_SDC
---Once this sword has blood on it it deals 2D4 MD
_Vibro-Knife___: _+00__ _+00_   1D6_MDC
___name________: _+##__ _+##_ #D#+#_SDC
___name________: _+##__ _+##_ #D#+#_SDC
___name________: _+##__ _+##_ #D#+#_SDC

Ranged Weapons: Aim/Wild  Damage Ammunition
_Wilk's 447___: _+05/01_ 3D6___MDC ___ 20___
____name______: _+##/##_ #D#+#_MDC ___###___
____name______: _+##/##_ #D#+#_MDC ___###___


_Spell_name___**_PPE cost_**Duration**__range__**
Robot/Power Armor/Vehicle data will be created as needed.

Please write in your character's gear below the character sheet.
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Postby Punstarr on Fri Nov 02, 2007 9:59 am

Sweet, dude. If you roll my attributes for me and post em I'll get started on the sheet for my character. :-)
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Postby One post wonder on Sat Nov 03, 2007 3:06 am

Rifts is unfamilar to me, but if I can research it enough, I will proudly post here... Just give me some time! Or do not if you feel the need to move on...
My name made sense when I first thought it up.

I apologize in advance for the inevitable awkwardness.
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Character Sheet for Rex the Dog Boy

Postby Thunderhowl on Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:23 pm

Rex aka Homo Familiarus #82765 "Rex"

Rex is a fighter/tracker whose Psi-Stalker master was killed on a bounty hunt by the squad's Military Specialist Officer when it was revealed that their target was an innocent man. The man was guilty only of finding out sensitive information about a high ranked Coalition officer and not selling state secrets to the Federation of Magic as he was accused. When the Psi-Stalker brought the mil. spec. officer to task for lying to the Squad, the officer calmly drew his C-18 and shot the stalker in the head, killing him instantly.

Berserk with grief, Rex attacked the officer and broke a few of his limbs before being driven off by the rest of the Dog Pack and Grunts of his unit.
Since that day, he's been classified as a "traitor to the Coalition" and is wanted for desertion, assaulting a superior officer and treason.

Rex doesn't understand the politics of the Coalition, and never has. All he knows is that his friend was killed for trying to do the right thing. Rex doesn't bear any real ill-will to the Coalition, but he knows that he's been a "BAD DOG!" and that he can't go home anymore.

Code: Select all
IQ  16       * Name: Rex                      * Appearance: Think bipedal Police Dog with a
MA  15       * RCC:  Dog Boy                 * gun. Kind of scruffy since he's on his own.
ME  12       * Alignment:Scrupulous          * Disposition: Friendly, but a little twitchy
PS  19       * Race:German Shepherd Breed Dog Boy * around new people. Wags tail when happy or excited.
PP  20       * Level: 1                           * Height:6'      * Eyes:Brown         * Age: 7
PE  23       * Exp.: 0                            * Weight:217 lbs.* Hair:Brown & Black * Skin:Furry
PB  11       * PPE: 16   *   ISP: 45       * Hit Points: 28      * SDC: 76
Spd 36       * Run at 12m/s, 180m/round, 720m/min, 43.2km/hour

* True Name: Homo Familiarus #82765 "Rex"

Perception:+8 bonus for Breed and Exceptional Sense of Direction and Balance

****** Saving Throws          ********************** Racial abilities ****************
Save vs Lethal Poison:     10 ***** Speak Native Language: American 88%+1%/lvl
Save vs Non-Lethal Poison: 12 ***** Speak Language: Dragonese : 55%+3%/lvl
Save vs Harmful Drugs:     15 ***** Exceptional Sense of Direction and Balance
Save vs Insanity:          12 ***** Bite attack does 2d6 SDC damage
Save vs Psionics:          10 ***** PE as it applies to Weight/Load is 2x greater than
Save vs Spell Magic:       7  ***** Normal Human limits. Carry 380lbs for 184 min, or
Save vs Ritual Magic:      12 ***** for 92 min while running/fighting.
Save vs Psionic Attack:    9  ***** Run at Max speed for 46 minutes.
Save vs Disease:            9
** RCC Skills        **************             RCC Special Abilities ******************
Intelligence        :base%..38+6%.* Sense Psychic and Magic Energy
Radio:Basic         :base%..55+5%.* Recognize Psychic Scent: 8%+2%
Pilot:Hovercraft    :base%..60+5%.* Track Psi or Magic Use: 40%+5%
Read Sensory Instr. :base%..40+5%.* Sense Supernatural Beings: 62%+2%
Weapon Systems      :base%..40+5%.* Track by Scent: 35%+5% (If actively using powers 70%+3%)
Climbing            :base%..57+5%.* Save Vs Psi Attack 9+
Running                           * Psionic Powers and Physical Bonuses
Land Navigation     :base%..66+4%.* Sup. Sense of Smell: 70%+3%/lvl
Wilderness Survival :base%..55+5%.* Track by Smell Alone! 40%+4%
WP Energy Pistol     ****           Keen Hearing, Instictive Hunter, Instinctive Pack Animal   
WP Energy Rifle      ****         
WP Knife       ****                        Hand to Hand Combat: Martial Arts   
Rappelling          :base%..30+5%.

** RCC Related Skills                          ***** Secondary Skills *********
Gymnastics                               ** Hunting             
First Aid              :base%..50+5%  ** General Athletics   
Track Animals          :base%..30+5%  ** Wrestling           
Cooking                :base%..40+5%  **    WP: Autopistol         
Basic Math             :base%..50+5%  ** Fishing              :base%..40+5%
Swimming               :base%..60+5%  ** Auto Mechanics :base%..25+5%
Sense of Balance       :base%..60+5%  ** Basic Electronics    :base%..30+5%
Wrk Para. Bars & Rings :base%..70+3%             
Climb Rope             :base%..80+2%
Back Flip              :base%..80+5%
Prowl                  :base%..32+5%

-WP-         Strike  Parry  Dodge  Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat: Expert
Energy Pistol+--1/3+--   +--    +--       **** Strike+3  * APM:4
Energy Rifle +--1/3+--   +--    +--       **** Parry +4(6)* Init +2(8)
Auto Pistol  +--1/3+--   +--    +--       **** Dodge +4(7)* Roll +6
Blunt        +--2  +--2  +--    +--       **** Pull Punch+4  Disarm+2
Knife    +3(thrown)+--2  +--    +--       **** Punch Damage: 1d4+1d6+1 SDC Kick Damage: 1d8 or 2d4 SDC
                                          **** Special Bonuses: Body Block/Tackle: 1d4 SDC + knockdown
all bonuses include PP                                  Pin/Incap: Roll of 18-20
bonuses for HTH in parenthesis are 6th Sense 1st Rnd only       Crush/Squeeze: 1d4 SDC

Armor: CA-2 Light Body Armour *Features:  Full Environmental
Total MDC__: 50                       * -10% Prowl Penalty
Current MDC: 50                      *

Melee Weapons:    Strike Parry Damage
Gerber MK II       : +3(+4thrown)+3    1D6+4SDC
Vibro Claws        :+3      +3      2D6 MDC
Neural Mace        :+3     +3      1D8+4SDC
___name______: _+##__ _+##_ #D#+#_SDC

Ranged Weapons:      Aim/Burst/Wild  Damage             Ammunition
C-12 Hvy Laser Rifle: +3/1/0             4d6/2d6/6d6SDC 20MD or 120SDC
Sig Sauer P226 9mm: +3/1/0            2d6SDC              8rnd box mag
____name______     : _+##/##_      #D#+#_MDC      ___###___
Psionics: Sense Evil, Sense Magic, Sixth Sense, Empathy (receiver only) Object Read.

:o I'll be worked! Okay...factored in are the bonuses Tom listed for German Shepherd Breed.

My die rolls.

Rolls:Initial Stat rolls.
Speed bonus for breed and Dog Boy bonus 3d6=11
Breed bonus to IQ. 1d6=2 AARRGGHH!
PS bonus for Dog Boys. 1d4=2
Breed and Dog Boy bonus to PE. 1d4+1d6=6
Speed bonus dice and SDC bonus for Dog Boy and Breed.4d4+1d6=13 and 4
SDC bonus for Gymnastics. 2d6=9
General Athletics Bonus to Spd. and SDC.1d6+1d8=3,2

I'm not sure how to calculate my movement...

Proposed Equipment:
Backpack, 3 sacks, utility/ammo belt, tinted goggles, air filter, toothbrush, fur brush, 2 changes of clothes, SE-Sonic Pulsar Unit, Electronic Flea and Tick Reppellant, a reinforced Mr.Spooky Chew-toy.
Weapons: 2 Gerber MK2 combat knives, Vibro-Claws, a Neural-Mace, a Sig Sauer P226 9mm auto-pistol, and a C-12 Heavy Assault Laser Rifle.
Armour: CA-2 light body armour 50MDC -10% Prowl Penalty, Dog Pack Spikes.
Vehicle: MDC- 500
Speed- 120 mph (192 km)
Hover- 3 to 20 feet up
Range- 850 miles
Power- Gas
The vehicle has an enviromentally sealed cabin that can seat 3 human sized passengers comfortably. It has cargo bed that is 6x8x4 feet.

Tom has ruled that the hover-truck has a mount for a weapon on top (so a person could stand in the truck bed and fire from there) but I have no weapon in there currently. I can fit and carry Karth in the bed of the truck but it drops my max speed and altitude by 1/2.

The vehicle is currently fueled up.

Starting Cash: $18,000 credits in Black Market Items.
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Postby Punstarr on Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:41 pm

OOOOOOOOH we use an online roller! Ok. *Goes to roll*
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Postby Punstarr on Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:45 pm

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Postby Punstarr on Thu Nov 08, 2007 4:18 pm

Ok, got my sheet done. I should have a history written up soon.

Code: Select all

IQ 19 * Name: Dark Energy     * Appearance: Well toned, masked (Badly Scarred)
MA 13 * OCC: Experiment       * Caucasian man in his early 20s.
ME 19 * Alignment: Scrupulous * Disposition: Nice Guy
PS 14 * Race: Human              * MDC: 50
PP 24 * Level:  1                 * Height:  6' * Eyes: Glowing Green * Age: 22                   
PE 36 * Exp.:_____________ * Weight:  175lbs  * Hair:  White   * Skin:  Caucasian
PB  7 *
Spd 24 * Run at x m/s Run at xxmph, xxm/melee

****** Saving Throws ********************** Racial abilities ****************
Save vs Toxins:  +11    ***** Speak and R/W Native Language: American 98%
Save vs Magic :  +11    ***** Super Energy Expulsion
Save vs Lethal :  +11    ***** Extraordinary PE
Save vs N Leth:  +11    ***** Healing Factor
Save vs Insan  :  +2      ***** Flight: Wingless - 220mph
Save vs Poss  :  +2      ***** Experiment Side Effect: Glows Faintly in the Dark -40% Prowl
Save vs Psi     :  +5      ***** _________________________________________________
Save vs Horror :            ***** _________________________________________________

****** OCC skills ******
skill Running
skill Climbing :base%..75+5%..*
skill Military Etiquette : base%..55+5%..*
skill Radio: Basic :base%..65+5%..*
skill Math: Basic :base%..65+5%..*
skill Cooking :base%..90+5%..*
skill Play Guitar :base%..55+5%..*
skill Pilot Automobile :base%..65+3%..*
skill Sense of Balance :base%..65+2%..*
skill Walk Tightrope :base%..65+3%..*
skill Climb Rope :base%..75+3%..*
skill Backflip :base%..55+5%..*
WP Rifle                         **** Hand to Hand Combat: Basic

                    ***** Secondary Skills *********
skill Athletics
skill Prowl :base%.._35+5%
skill Swimming :base%..55+5%
skill First Aid :base%..50+5%
skill Computer Operation :base%..45+5%
skill Astronomy :base%..30+5%
skill Speak Arabic :base%..55+5%
skill Math: Advanced :base%..50+5%

-WP-  Strike  Parry  Dodge  Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat: Basic
                                                    **** Strike+5/+7 in the air  * APM: 5
name Rifle +1                                **** Parry +6/+8 in the air * Init +__
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Dodge +6/+10 in the air if under 80mph/+12 if over 80 mph
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Pull Punch+ 2 * Roll +3
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Punch Damage:_____ Kick Damage:______
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___ **** Special Bonuses: ___________________



Bonus to PE from Running: 1

Bonus to PS from Athletics: 1

Bonus to Save vs Coma/Death from Healing Factor: +20%

Bonus to Save vs Toxins, Poisons and Magic from Healing Factor: +3

Bonus to Save vs Psionic Attacks from Healing Factor: +3

Extraordinary PE: PE Bonus of 1d6+5 1d6+5=11

Healing Factor: PE Bonus of 2d4 2d4=4

Bonus to Speed from Athletics: Bonus to Speed from Athletics (1d6=6)

Bonus to Speed from Running: Bonus to Speed from Running (4d4=8)

Mega Damage Capacity from Extraordinary PE: Mega Damage Capacity from Extraordinary PE (2d4x10+20) (2d4=3)
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Re: North Prairie Adventures - Rifts OOC

Postby Xaq on Thu Nov 08, 2007 9:44 pm

Ok, so now that I've had a chance to read the RIFTS ultimate edition regarding cyborgs, I'm going to go with the full conversion, since it says that a cyborg still has the head/face and a few other features of the flesh-and-blood body, which would mean that the minotaur can remain appearing as a minotaur. That's all I really wanted. I'll roll up my stats shortly, as I read more.

EDIT - here we go... I just roll up the mental stats, apparently, when I'm playing a cyborg. Boo, hiss! So much for all of the good Minotaur stats. ;) Hey Tom, how about raising the starting/minimum PS on my bionics to make up for the loss?

Anyway, here's my 2D6 rolls for IQ and MA:
I got a 10 and an 11

bonus roll for the 11 = 5

I think I'll put the high one on IQ! With the +1, that gives me a total IQ of 17 and an MA of 10.

And now my 3D6 roll for ME:
I rolled a 12

And here's my rolls for SDC and PPE, respectively:
10 on SDC x100 = 1000, and 6 PPE

Finally, here's my roll for Bionics upgrade funds:
I rolled 14 on 3D6, giving me 14000 for upgrades

That's it for now... I'll post with more in a bit!

Edit: The character sheet is now complete. Here's the background:

Karsh was born in captivity, one of the many Minotaur slaves of the Splugorth on Atlantis. He never knew his homeworld, nor did he spend much time with his parents, who died when he was still young, and knows little of his own origins. He grew up exceptionally large and strong, and was thus chosen to be a pit-fighter. Over the years, Karsh's masters have made him battle many other beings in the Pits, slowly replacing injured parts of his body with bionic upgrades, until he was more machine than Minotaur. Then, a number of years ago, while being moved along with several other combat slaves to an Atlantean border colony, Karsh and his fellow pit-fighters were unexpected freed when a Coalition naval expedition struck the Atlantean convoy. Escaping in the chaos, Karsh made his way to the mainland. Knowing how to do little other than fight, Karsh has been working as a mercenary ever since. His American isn't perfect, and he tends to stick to the harsh lingo of his mercenary pals. He is crude, gruff, tough, cigar-smoking and battle-hardened... in short, a military man through and through.

Karsh has spent most of the past 10 years wandering the North American continent, seeking mercenary work wherever he can find it. He's always avoided the Coalition states, since he's heard bad things about it... but he'll pretty much work anywhere, for anyone. He's learned to do most of his own maintenance, and can find scrap parts just about anywhere... his missle-launcher arm is a result of his own handywork (which is why he doesn't have a hand there... just a small clamp/claw on the top of the barrel!). In recent months, Karsh has been making his way through the Great Lakes country, working for Canadian Rangers, and is now journeying southwards, into the old US. (this leads to him possibly being in the city of WyNeKota).

Rolls for starting cash:

Starting Credits = 2000

Black Market Items = 1200

Code: Select all

IQ  17 * Name:Karth Molgoth * Appearance: Cyborg Minotaur: the Cyberdemon
MA  10 * OCC:_Cyborg_______ * from DOOM.
ME  12 * Alignment:Unprinc. * Disposition: Gruff, taciturn, at times a little
PS  36 * Race:_Minotaur____ * unbalanced, but essentially a good person/being.
PP  20 * Level:__1_________ * Height:_9'10"__ * Eyes:_red_ * Age:__63___
PE  NA * Exp.:_____________ * Weight:_1500lbs___ * Hair:_none_ * Skin:_dark_
PB  NA *
Spd 132 * Run at 44 m/s Run at 90mph, 660 m/melee

****** Saving Throws ********************** Racial abilities ****************
Save vs Possession:_+5___ ***** Speak Native Language (Splugorth/Atlantean):_96%_
Save vs Magic:_+3________ ***** Speak American_73%_______________________________
Save vs Poison:_immune___ ***** Nightvision (60', can see in total darkness)_____
Save vs Psionics:_+0(15)_ ***** Superior sense of smell__________________________
Save vs -------:_________ ***** Fire and cold do 1/2 damage______________________
Save vs -------:_________ ***** Charging opponent has 60% chance of knockdown____
Save vs -------:_________ ***** Horror Factor of 14______________________________
Save vs -------:_________ ***** _________________________________________________

****** OCC skills ************************** Cybernetics **********
_Basic Electronics: 43%(+5%).*        _Bionic Lung w/ Filter & O2 Storage
_General Repair/Maint: 53%(+5%).*     _Radio/Transmitter w/ Scrambler & Multiband
_Land Navigation: 54%(+5%).*          _Cyber-Nano-Robot repair system
_Pilot Tanks/APCs: 44%(+4%).*         _Bionic Booster Jets (leap 20'x30')
_Pilot Hovervehicles: 63%(+5%).*      _Multi-Optics Eye
_Radio - Basic: 58%(+5%).*            _Amplified Hearing w/ Sound Filter
_Read Sensory Equipment: 43%(+5%).*   _Forearm Mini-missle launcher (left)
_Weapon Systems: 38%(+5%).*           _Forearm Heavy Ion Blaster (left)
_Climbing: 50/40%(+5%).*              _Grappnel Launcher (right)
WP ___Axe____________ *****           _Wrist Needle/Drug Dispensor (right)
WP ___E-Rifle________ *****           _Vibro-Blade Horns (retractable)
WP ___Heavy MD_______ *****           _Internal Comp w/ Gyrocompass
WP ___Chain/Grapple__ *****           _External Loudspeaker
Hand to Hand Combat: Expert*          _Diagnostics Port
                                      _Laser Utility Finger

** OCC Related Skills *************************** Secondary Skills ******
skill_Electronic Counters: 43%(+5%)*          skill_Salvage: 38%(+5%)
skill_Field Armorer/Munitions: 53/43%(+5%)*   skill_Cybernetics - Bas: 28%(+5%)
skill_Find Contraband: 39%(+5%)*              skill_Rec Wpn Quality: 28%(+5%)
skill_Boxing____**                            skill_Jury-Rig: 38%(+5%)
skill_Intelligence: 35%(+5%)*                 skill______:base%..__+x%
skill______:base%..__+x% **                   skill______:base%..__+x%
skill______:base%..__+x% **                   skill______:base%..__+x%
skill______:base%..__+x% **                   skill______:base%..__+x%

-WP-  Strike  Parry  Dodge Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat: _Expert_
Axe______+5____+8_____+--___+21__ **** Strike +5_ * APM:_5_
Grapple__+5____+8_____+--___+21__ **** Parry +8_ * Init +3_
E-Rifle__+4____+--____+--___+--__ **** Dodge +9_ * Roll +3_
Heavy MD_+4____+--____+--___+--__ **** Pull Punch +2_
name_____+--___+--____+--___+--__ **** Punch Dmg:_2D6/4D6 MD Kick Dmg:_3D8 MD
name_____+--___+--____+--___+--__ **** Special Bonuses: ___________________


Armor: _M1-B2 Medium Cyborg Infantry_ Full Environmental - Yes
Total MDC__: 230 * __-15% to Climbing___
Current MDC: 230 * ___________________

Melee Weapons:    Strike Parry   Damage
Vibro-Axe________: _+5__ _+8__ 3D6+21_MDC
Vibro-Blade Horns: _+5__ _+8__ 3D6+21_MDC (5D6 if charging)
Grapnel Launcher_: _+5__ _+8__ 1D4+21_SDC
____name_________: _+##__ _+##_ #D#+#_SDC

Ranged Weapons:              Aim/Burst  Damage   Ammunition
Cyborg Mini-missle Launcher_: _+4/+2__ by missle  ___12___
Cyborg Heavy Ion Blaster____: _+4/NA__ 4D6___MDC  _unlimited_
NG-P7 Particle Beam Rifle___: _+4/+2__ 1D4x10_MDC ___8___
NG-E12 Heavy Plasma Cannon__: _+4/+2__ 1D6x10_MDC ___42___

_Extra E-clips for Rifle (4), cloak, sunglasses, flashlight, cigars, mirror, 100'
of heavy cord/cable, tool kit, language translator, utility belts, knapsack,
various sacks, canteens, personal items, electronics tools, 12 plasma
missles (in pack), bandoleer of 20 additional plasma missles_________
_2000 credits in cash, 1200 in black market items____

No vehicle.
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Postby One post wonder on Fri Nov 09, 2007 2:36 am

Er, well, I tried, but Rifts is just not for newbies. It does not seem to be something I can teach myself. I will have to sit this out.
My name made sense when I first thought it up.

I apologize in advance for the inevitable awkwardness.
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Re: North Prairie Adventures - Rifts OOC

Postby Chibiyuri on Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:00 am

Just throwing in this placeholder till I have time to fill it out, should be in a day or two
My Rolls
IQ 19 4d6(take highest3)+1=19+bonus roll 4 = 23 (+9 to all skills)
ME 15 4d6(take highest3)
MA 7 3d6(take highest2)
PS 15 4d6(take highest3)+3=18 (+3 H2H damage)
PP 17 5d6(take highest4)+1=18 (+1 to parry/dodge/strike)
PE 12 4d6(take highest3)+2=14
PB 19 6d6(take highest5) (charm/impress 45%)
Spd 10 4d6(take highest3)+3=13

ISP 3d4x10 + ME (15)= 115
PPE 2d6=9
Code: Select all
IQ  23 * Name: Fae'lin  * Appearance: Typical female Elven, black hair, Sky blue eyes, tanned light brown skin
MA  7 * OCC: Burster  *Disposition: Easy going, unless provoked, attacked, or those that she considers a friend or one that is in need is attacked. Can be somewhat bratty at times.
ME  15 * Alignment: Scrupulous
PS  18 * Race: Elven 
PP  18 * Level:1      * Height: 6ft * Eyes: Sky Blue * Age: 30
PE  14 * Exp.:0       * Weight: 160 * Hair: Black * Skin: Tanned light brown
PB  19 *
Spd 13 * Run at x m/s Run at 9mph, xxm/melee

****** Saving Throws ********************** Racial abilities ****************
Save vs Psionics: 10       ***** Speak Native Language: Elven/ Dragonese _____98%
Save vs Spell Magic:12   ***** Speak Language: American _____________98%
Save vs Horror: +3        ***** Night vision -- 90Ft
Save vs Ritual Magic:16  ***** Impervious to Fire and Heat
Save vs Harmful Drugs:15 ***** +2 on Initiative  +2 to pull punch
Save vs Insanity:12        ***** +1 on Perception Rolls +1 Strike
Save vs poison(non l):16 ***** +2 to roll with impact or fall
Save vs poison(lethal):14 ***** loves hot, spicy foods

****** OCC skills ************** OCC Special Abilities ******************
skill: Athletics (general) --%           * Impervious to Fire and Heat
skill: Land Navigation(+12) 57+4%     * Extinguish Fires
skill: Math: Basic(+35) 89+5%           * Flame Burst
skill: Pilot: Automobile (+10) 79+2%  * Flame Burst Body Protection
skill: Pilot: Hovercycles (+10) 89+3% * Fire Bolt
skill: Streetwise (+10) 39+4%..          * Fire Eruption
skill: base%..__+x%..                   * Sense Fire
skill: base%..__+x%..                   * Super Fuel Flame
skill: base%..__+x%..* ________________________________________________
skill: base%..____+_%..* ________________________________________________
skill: base%..____+_%..* ________________________________________________
skill: base%..____+_%..* ________________________________________________
skill: base%..____+_%..* ________________________________________________
skill: base%..____+_%..* ________________________________________________

WP  Sword  **** Hand to Hand Combat: Martial Arts
WP  Archery ****
WP  Energy Rifles ****

** OCC Related Skills ***** Secondary Skills *********
skill Literacy: Elven(+10) :98%   ** skill Fasting (+2):51+3%
skill Cook (+10) 54+5%          ** skill Preserve Food(+2):41+5%
skill Gymnastics:                 ** skill Wilderness Survival(+2) :41+5%
      Sense of Balance :59+3%    ** skill W.P Rifles : --%
      Work P B & Rings :69+3%     ** skill Salvage :44+5%
      Backflip      :79+2%             ** skill General R & M :44+5%
      Basic Prowl :39%              ** skill______:base%..__+x%
      Basic Climb :34%              ** skill______:base%..__+x%
      Climb Rope/Rappel :base%..69+2%  ** skill______:base%..__+x%
skill W.P. Targeting :base%..--%   ** skill______:base%..__+x%

-WP-  Strike  Parry  Dodge  Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat:  Martial Arts
Sword   +1 +--__ +--___ +2D6 MDC   **** Strike+3 * APM: 6
Archery +1  +1  +--___     +2D6+1    **** Parry +3 * Init +2
E. Rifles +1 +--___+--___ +--__         **** Dodge +2 * Roll +8
Targeting +1  +-__   +-__   +1D6       **** Pull Punch+5
Rifles   +1 +--___+--__  +2D6S/3D6M **** Punch Damage:1D6  Kick Damage:1D6
___+--___+--___+--___ +--___        **** Special Bonuses: +1 disarm w/ Bow


_Psionic_power_name_**_ISP cost_**Duration**__range__**
Extinguish Fires         **   4    **Permanent** 100ft **
Flame Burst              **   4    ** 2min/lvl   ** Self **
Fire Bolt              **   2     ** Instant    ** 200ft +2/lvl
Fire Eruption     **10(SD)/20(MD) ** 10min    ** 100ft +20/lvl
Sense Fire             **    2   ** 15sec/4min  **800ft +100/lvl
Super Fuel Flame       **    8   ** Instant     ** 100ft/lvl
Bio-regenerate(self)    **   6    **Permanent  **self
Suppress Fear            **    8   ** 1min/lvl   **self/touch
Telekinesis              **   3+    ** 2min/lvl   **60ft
Cybernetics/Psionics/Spells will be listed here, format to be created.
Robot/Power Armor/Vehicle data will be created as needed.

From Athletics:
+1 to parry and dodge
+1 to roll with impact
+1 to PS
+1d6=3 to spd
+1d8=6 to S.D.C.
From Gymnastics:
+2 to roll with Impact
+2 to PS
+1 to PP
+2 to PE
+2 to S.D.C.

Couple sets of Clothing
Urban Warrior Armor (Light MDC)
Sleep Bag
Utility/ammo belt
Canteen (2)
Tinted Goggles
Air Filter
Food Rations (7 Days worth)
Quiver (24 Arrow)
24 Throwing Knives
Compound Bow
Vibro-Sword (Lg/one-handed)
CFT "Rangemaseter"
Speedster Hovercycle (Electric)

Credits 4d6=17x100=1700
Black Market Items 4d4=10x1000=10,000

Fae'lin lead a happy and loving life in a nature loving village with her loving and caring family, that is until her power started to manifest. Out of fear of the uncontrollable nature a Burster can produce, she was cast out, for the safety of the village. Just by chance/luck it didn't take long for someone who recognized the power of a Burster in her and brought her to another Burster for her to train under and learn to control her abilities for the purpose of helping others in need. Soon after she finished her training, she left to see the world, to help were she could and try to make the world just that much better, for she felt that she had to pay back those that had helped her along the way. She has little care for those that would take advantage of those that are weaker then them, because of this she has little to no regaurd for the Coalition States and those that are slaves to them. First stop WyNekota, to look for a group of travelers that are looking for help. And having been told that most people looking for adventurers look in areas such as bars, she sits patiently in one near an airport, for just the right group of people.
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Postby Tom the Fanboy on Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:32 pm

Well I think that's all the players.

To review,

CyberDemon - Minotaur Cyborg - xaq
Fae'lin - Elven Burster - chibiyuri
Dark Energy - Superhuman D-Bee - Punstarr
Rex - Alsatian Dogboy - Thunderhowl

and finally
Pedro - Human Priest - Me, the GM!

For those of you who haven't gotten your equipment yet, I'd prefer if you guys chose non-Coalition equipment for the most part. The Dogboy has what he ran away with and theoretically some of you could have gotten stuff from the black Market but CS gear is usually harder to find/more expensive.

Now we get to figure out how you guys met and how long you've known each other and....why you're in the walled frontier city of WyNekota.
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Postby Xaq on Wed Nov 14, 2007 7:08 pm

FirstAidKit had said he was going to play, but never posted in here.

I've written up my background (check the edit on my character post, above), which places Karsh in the neighbourhood... anyone want to come up with some ideas as to how we meet each other?

Thunderhowl, wanna play out a "Rex and Karsh meet" scene? Or just write a story about it? :-)

EDIT: Alina's potential character (notes for character creation):

Mind Melter (Human)

Automatic - Alter Aura, See Aura, Mind Block, Sixth Sense
Healing - Bio-Regeneration, Detect Psionics, Meditation
Sensitive - Speed Reading, Total Recall, Mask ISP/Psionics
Physical - Ectoplasm, Ectoplasmic Disguise, Deaden Senses
Super - Empathic Transmission, Hypnotic Suggestion, Mind Bond
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Postby Alina P on Thu Nov 15, 2007 7:39 pm

Stats for Jane Morinn, Mind Melter

Bonus rolls

IQ = 19
ME = 23
MA = 14
PS = 9
PP = 11
PE = 11
PB = 12
Spd = 5

Other rolls
ISP roll
Starting $

Gives her an ISP of 183

Code: Select all

IQ  19 * Name: Jane Morinn      * Appearance: An average looking young
MA  14 * RCC: Mind Melter        caucasian  woman. Unremarkable in the extreme.
ME  23 * Alignment: Scrupulous  * Disposition: Quiet, confident, very hard
PS  09 * Race: Human              to read, slightly sardonic at times
PP  11 * Level: 1               * Height: 5'7"   * Eyes: Brown  * Age: 29
PE  12 * Exp.:                  * Weight: 140lbs * Hair: Brown  * Skin: Pale
PB  12 *
Spd 15 * Run at 5 m/s Run at 11 mph, 75 m/melee

ISP: 183   PPE: 4
SDC: 26      HP: 16

****** Saving Throws ********************** Racial abilities ****************
Save vs Toxins       :        ***** Speak Native Language: American - 98%
Save vs Magic        :        ***** +3 to init, +3 to perception
Save vs Lethal       :        ***** +1 to strike, +2 to pull punch
Save vs NonLethal    :        ***** +2 to disarm, +4 to save vs. possession
Save vs Insanity     :+4      ***** +2 to save vs mind control
Save vs Possession   :+8      ***** +3 to save vs magic illusion
Save vs Psionic      :+4      ***** +1 save vs Horror Factor
Save vs Horror       :+1      ***** 10 or greater to save vs. psionics

****** OCC skills ****************** OCC Special Abilities ******************
Language: TechnoCan  : %85   +3%       * Alter Aura
Language: Spanish    : %85   +3%       * Mind Block
Math (Basic)         : 65%   +5%       * See Aura               
Streetwise           : 45%   +4%       * Sixth Sense
Land Navigation      : 46%   +4%       * Meditation
Pilot: Hovercycle    : 80%%  +4%       * Detect Psionics
Pilot: Automobile    : 80%   +4%       * Bio-Regeneration (self)
Athletics(General)                     * Speed Reading
WP: Energy Pistol                      * Total Recall
Hand to Hand: Basic                    * Mask ISP & Psionics
                                       * Ectoplasm
                                       * Ectoplasmic Disguise
                                       * Deaden Senses
                                       * Empathic Transmission
                                       * Hypnotic Suggestion
                                       * Mind Bond

** OCC Related Skills ***** Secondary Skills *********
Disguise         :35%      +5%    ** History-PreRifts        :42%/34%   +4%
Impersonation    :55%/41%  +4%    ** Lore: Psychics&Psionics :30%       +5%
Imitate Voice    :49%/43%  +4%    ** Research                :45%       +5%
seduction        :35%      +3%    ** Literacy                :45%       +5%
Prowl            :32%      +5%    ** Swimming                :55%       +5%
History-PostApoc :55%/50%  +5%    ** Running

-WP-  Strike  Parry  Dodge  Damage **** Hand to Hand Combat: Basic
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Strike+1 * APM: 4
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Parry +1 * Init +3
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Dodge +1 * Roll +3
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Pull Punch +4
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Punch Damage:_____ Kick Damage:______
name___+--___+--___+--___ +--___   **** Special Bonuses: +2 to disarm


3 extra E-Clips for pistol
3 sets of traveling clothes
Several sets of high-quality disguises
Portable disguise kit (makeup, fake blood, etc.)
Camouflage paint kit (for hovercycle)
One man tent
Sleeping bag
Utility belt
Air filter
Utility knife
1 week of rations
Portable computer & reference library
Her father's journal
Notebook and pens

1400 in credits, 6000 black market

Armor: The Bandito
M.D.C - Helmet - 30, Main Body: 38, Arms: 18 each, Legs: 24 each
Mobility: No penalties

Wilk's 227 Laser Pistol
Damage: 2D6 per blast (up to 2 blasts per shot)
Rate of Fire: Standard
Range: 900 feet (274.3m)
Payload: 24 shots (long E-Clip)
Bonus: +2 bonus to strike when aimed

Damage: 2D6 per bolt
Range: 150 feet, double at ley lines
Bonus: +1 to strike
Charge: 6 bolts
Charge Cost: 6 I.S.P

Speedster Hovercycle
Max Speed: 220mph (325 km)
Engine: Nuclear
Max range: 800 miles
MDC: Main Body : 85, hover jets(3): 30 each
Weapons: Laser: 1d6 MD, range 1200 feet, payload 20 shots
Currently painted: Plain gray
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Postby Thedon on Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:59 pm

ok after giving much tought.
and suggestions from the gm.
i"m going with

Human Saddle Tramp
from the new west book.
I was flip floping over saddle trap or gambler.

Nothing powerful or twinky.

Name: Daniel Poe (so poor can't afford to spell it right *slaps knee* i slay me some days)

Bonus Rolls:

IQ: 23
ME: 15
MA: 20 + 3 = 23 from saddle tramp bouns
PS: 11
PP: 12
PE: 17
PB: 22
SPD: 10
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Postby Tom the Fanboy on Fri Dec 07, 2007 8:56 am

OK, I said I'd only wait so long, so instead of waiting for First Aid Kit, I'm going to get this things started.

Let's get started with some simple questions and answers while everyone gets their characters polished up over the holidays.

The game is starting out at WyNeKota. A walled city in the prairie East of the Rocky mountains. A few hundred miles south of the nearest Native preserve and in an overlapping of Psi-Stalker and Simvan nomad ranges, this town was built around an airport from before the apocalypse. The name comes from the old American Empire names for the region, this is where three baronies once met, the airstrip built as a monument to their alliance. Keeping the spirit alive the city tries to stay allied with the roving tribes of Simvan, psi-stalkers and Natives who rome the surrounding country. Somewhat of a trading hub, WyNeKota is used by many folks as their only source for modern technology from back east. Magic is not strong in the city but neither is it forbidden. Several mages ply their abilities and have set up offices or shops in town, ant the airfield even boasts a garage of Technowizards (who share a friendly rivalry with the older Operator's shop across the runway). People from back East will be glad to know that if the Coalition knows of WyNeKota, they've never visited.

Why is your character in town and how long have you been there?

Note: I don't actually expect you guys to have much time for online gaming until January so we'll be going at a slow pace.
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Postby Thunderhowl on Fri Dec 07, 2007 9:24 am

Rex is obviously not from the area, and has travelled here in the employ of various merc companies. That's where he met Karsh. Rex is still quite shy and jumpy in town because of the mages and Technowizards, but he's friendly around the normal humans.
xaq and I will hammer out more details next week, when I travel to Edmonton on vacation, and we hang out.

I would imagine they've only been in town a few months, having just arrived with a merchant caravan or something.
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Postby Punstarr on Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:26 pm

The "Dee-Bee" known as Dark Energy was born in Seattle in 1978. His birth name was Vincent Oberg. He grew up one of 3 brothers in the culturally rich district of Ballard, his family of a heavy Scandinavian descent... his parents weren't rich, but not in abject poverty either. He had some nice things growing up, but was not even close to being spoiled. He and his brothers graduated high school within the same 4 years, and Vincent's goal was to become a police officer. However, as so often is the case in stories such as this, things didn't quite work out as planned.

Vincent knew that his odds of being accepted to the police academy would improve exponentially if he went into the military as an MP. He joined the Army at 18 with an MP MOS, training for his Basic at Fort Benning, Georgia. He served a relatively boring term in Saudi Arabia for the next 4 years, where he discovered he had a natural talent for cooking. He learned to speak Arabic and the Army kept him in good shape. Finally his four years ended and he got out with aspirations of being an officer of the law.

Vincent planned to train at the academy after taking the summer off... he and his girlfriend had gone to a Seahawks game and were driving home one night in her car when a weaselly man stopped them at gunpoint and told them to get out of the car. Vincent got out and tried to wrestle the gun away from the man, while telling his girlfriend to take off and go for help. As she drove off in a panic, the man pistol whipped Vincent on the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. Little did Vincent know, the man was connected and was quite desperate. Sam Geral had gotten himself in over his head with the local mafia, and was marked for death if he didn't do a job... go out and grab a healthy "volunteer" within one hour and bring him back to their pharmacuetical research facility. Thus was Vincent brought before these shady "doctors" and Sam Geral was subsequently murdered for his efforts.

When Vincent awoke, he was strapped to a table with an IV in his arm. He was told that he was the test subject of a new kind of poison, meant to kill a healthy man within seconds and leave no trace of any foreign substance for an autopsy to find. Despite his shouts of protest, he was injected with the poison as his murderers watched in rapt fascination. Vincent did not die, however... in fact, the poison would indeed have killed a normal man, but instead, the trauma triggered latent genes, and his powers erupted in a spectacular fashion. His body undulated with energy, and he exploded, killing everyone but himself in the room. Nearby equipment detonated in the explosion, and the facility was set ablaze. Vincent managed to escape, but not without severe burns all over his body. He made it to the street and collapsed in a smoldering heap.

Fortunately, someone saw him and called 911... and thus he was taken to a burn ward where he received multiple skin grafts. Over the next 6 months he slowly recovered, and his powers developed. When he was released, he was still badly scarred, especially on his face. He became a recluse after this, shutting everyone in his life out. He drove his family away. He drove his girlfriend away and he became miserably lonely. For the next two years he lived in poverty, isolated from people... during this time he learned he could fire powerful blasts of energy from his hands, as well as fly and heal from any injury except his original burns. Ironic. It was only after these two years of wallowing in self pity that a mysterious man appeared to him... telling him that he could be so much more. That his abilities were truly a gift. It took weeks to convince him to try, but finally he agreed to come out of his shell. The man brought him a leather uniform which he said would help to disguise him and cover most of his scars. Vincent was astounded... him? A super hero? The man simply shook his head and said "No... not here. You are needed elsewhere. Come. You are Vincent Oberg no more. You will now be known as Dark Energy". With that, the man waved his hand and spoke an incantation... and what appeared to be runes or sigils of some sort glowed beneath his clothing as a portal appeared. Before Dark Energy had a chance to object, he found himself yanked through the portal by an invisible force. His whole world turned upside down as he was wrenched through time and space.

He began to wonder if he had gone mad, when suddenly he awoke in a forest. He didn't have long to ponder where he was when a pair of Tyrannosaurs attacked him. ignoring the fact that these things are supposed to be extinct, he blasted them both, stunning them long enough to fly away. He flew for hours, finally coming to rest in a small village. It was there that he met a woman by the name of Erin Tarn and her entourage. She was friendly and forthcoming... and revealed to him much of this world. She seemed quite intrigued of his tales of his "Pre-Rifts" home world... he told her all that he could remember, and was grateful for the information she gave in return. He knows Lazlo to be a safe place and he knows to be wary of monsters and of the Coalition. She gave to him some basic supplies for wilderness survival, including a backpack to keep it all in. After several days, she and her group went on their way... and he went elsewhere. He has been wandering this world for 3 months now, but is still unsure of his powers and capability against the demons and tech which would seek to destroy him. Thus he has for the most part avoided encounters rather than fighting them (explaining why he is still 1st level). Now he happens upon this community of WyNeKota... stepping into town, the masked man's uniform seems less reminiscent of a super hero's costume and more like the uniforms from the X-Men movies (to give you an idea out of character what it looks like).
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Postby Tom the Fanboy on Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:37 pm

Punstarr, is your costume equipped with a mask?
Or are showing off your PB 7?
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Postby Punstarr on Fri Dec 07, 2007 4:46 pm

It's equipped with a mask that covers the top part of his face, from the nose up... kinda like Captain America's mask. The bottom part of his face is still scarred though. He'd be uglier if you could see his whole face, but it's obvious his whole face is scarred.
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