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Post by Derenge »

I am looking for a writer who would be interested in working with me on a side project. Them bringing the ideas and me drawing them with only a little bit of writing input. I'm mainly looking to work on a comic that doesn't take the large investments of time that I'm used to. I want a project that I could do five or six strips of in a single eight hour sitting. The format I have in mind is a four panel deal arranged horizontally as this works well on the web. The level of detail will preferably be low and the comic will most of the time be in pure black and white with minimal tone or color work. Update schedule will be lose, no more than three a week at first.

I'd like sample scripts and general plot ideas to be lined up well ahead of time starting with about ten or so scripts. I am picky with who I would want to work with and about what I want to do.

Type of comic I'd prefer to do: I'm looking to do a mainly humor comic with an ongoing story allowing only occasional asides or one shot jokes. Beyond that genre doesn't matter, but ideas outside of the usual suspects(eg sci fi/fantasy) are always nice, but by no means required.

Samples of the sort of work I can do can be found on my website

Contact information: email me at should you have an idea you might be interested in working with me on.

EDIT: working on something now.
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Post by Oarfly »

Hey there! I've got this great idea for a webcomic but I'm sure I won't be able to spend time drawing it, what with my current webcomic I'd like to continue doing and all. Besides, I really think it'll work out better if a better artist than me is involved. Anyway, I think I've provided enough information below. If anything needs clearing up, ask.

Title: Foureyes (I'm probably going to change it. Sounds catchy but isn't very descriptive)

Format: Full page webcomic updated weekly or, if the artist prefers, several pages each month. Preferably full color. Unlike Annihilicious!, this one will follow a continuous plot divided in chapters.

Setting: An adventure fantasy webcomic with a bit of humor and buckets of bizarre. Set in a completely original fantasy world with no ripoffs, especially Tolkien ones. Except for the presence of elves, that is. But they don't show up that much because most of the time they're hunted for their precious juicy tender meat.

Plot: So there's this guy who wakes up in a room filled with various controls and devices. He has amnesia and has no idea who he is or how he got there...
...Oh wait. That's the main villain.

The main characters are two warrior brothers, twins, as of yet unnamed. One's a bit stronger and uses various close quarter weapons without preference, be it sword or axe, chair or another person. The other prefers lighter weapons like short swords, knives or crossbows. He's also good at tinkering and usually carries around several lockpicks. He probably would have made a pretty good rogue if he and his brother weren't conjoined at the back.

Over the course of the webcomic, you have the two wandering around looking for fame and fortune. That's basically what motivates them, they're not your typical heroes as they are less likely to help a group of oppressed farmers than to offer their sevices as mercenaries for the oppressors. Gradually things tie in with the amnesiac I mentioned earlier, and in the meanwhile, the main characters have different adventures, some of which I've already came up with but I really feel there's no need to detail on them here.

Financial stuff: Unfortunately, I can't offer any money to the artist, though no costs are involved for him/her. The comic is going to be hosted at a free server, and I can pay for a domain name myself. Since writing's not such a hard job for me, all/any ad and merchandising profits can go to the artist.

What I'm looking for in an artist: Realistic or cartoony, anything works unless it's too stylized. Also: should be able to draw good action scenes.
Sorry, but I won't accept manga artists.

You can see my current webcomic if you click on my sig. If you want in on this or have any questions, direct them to

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Post by FunnyPerson »

I need a small border/tile panel for my book cover. The artist did a fantastic job but the image wasn't the correct proportions.

I was thinking something that may look like the book has two leather buckles/straps around it at the top and bottom of the image (found here:, where the grey tiling is (which I found online, thus I cannot use I realize so I need to change it).

I am not looking for anything terribly fancy, but I will pay and you will get credits for it in the book itself when it is published.

Feel free to PM me here, bug me in chat or mail me at, thanks!

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Writer looking for an artist.

Post by Extra-ordinary »

I've recently started writing comic book scripts in my free time -- which is quite ample. At present, I can turn out a regular-length comic script in a day and a half. That said, there are only a few things I am currently working on.

If there are any artists out there with ideas who are looking for a writer, here is an interested party. There are a few things I will not write, however: Nothing with adult content (excessive language, nudity, etc.), and nothing of an Anti-God nature. I do not have a problem with violence if it fits with the story.

Any one have any ideas, drop me an e-mail, and I will get back to you right away. Thank you

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Writer looking to take on some work.

Post by Extra-ordinary »

Over the past couple of months, I have been creating comic book scripts. I have one in mind that might be good for this page. The title would be 'My Life Extra-Ordinary.' It is about a middle-aged comic book artist trying to break into the business -- mostly in the hopes of gaining fame -- and systematically doing everything a new writer/artists shouldn't.

This will be a family-friendly story, drawn in a cartoon manner and/or manga style preferably. I am also a firm believer that an artist can bring a better sense of VISUAL to a comic than a writer ever could; as such, I encourage fresh interpretations.

This story can be told either as a regular-length comic or more in the style of a newspaper strip, depending on who would be willing to work with me and what your time might allow.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me, and I can get you a writing sample. Thank you

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Post by Zero_Hawk »

I'm looking for a new artist to replace my previous artist on Steve and Mac. My friend works too much and simply does not have the time to draw it anymore.

For an example of what I write, you can visit the comic's site.

To reach me you can send me a PM or email me at

My only real expectation is that you be able to transform the characters into your own style without losing some of the specific character features, like Mac's hidden (or really lack of) eyes.
Steve and Mac forum
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Anthology book needs artists!

Post by TommyC »

I'm currently in the midst of trying to put an anthology book together and am looking for talented artists to draw 6 to 12 page stories. So if you're an artist looking to get a little work and exposure (not to mention money from profit sharing), feel free to contact me at

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Artist Looking

Post by Karinchan »

I'm a young talented manga-style artist looking for work. I'm looking for a writer with good ideas and a good plot to work with on a comic. I don't need to be paid, but please nothing too gothic, violent, anti-God, sexual, ideas please. I think I'm quite talented but what do you think?

Thanks a Lot,


<a href="" title="Drawing by mew_berry_san"><img src="" border="0"></a>

Links to my gallery: ... 5329595650
Sorry, there isn't many pics! I'll post other links too.

<a href="" title="Drawing by mew_berry_san"><img src="" border="0"></a>

<a href="" title="Drawing by mew_berry_san"><img src="" border="0"></a>

<a href="" title="Drawing by mew_berry_san"><img src="" border="0"></a>

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Post by Karinchan »

Contact me either on here, or send me a message asking for my email please!

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Post by Netpoet »

Welp, after a few months of searching, I guess I finally have to admit that everyone I can currently think of is already working on their own projects. Which, of course, is FULLY understandable. :D

Anyhoo, Superfreaks is currently looking for a new artist. I am open to it being of ANY stylization and form, black and white or color, though I do reserve the right to decline if I think we won't mesh very well. :) Very little of Superfreaks was produced beyond the initial opening, which can be found here:

Please contact me via email at or via PM here in this forum if you're interested.


Edit: guess I should mention what it's about, huh... long story short, Superfreaks is about people with gifted abilities that are working for a very select branch of the US Government. There will be violent scenes, swearing, and whatnot, so please... if you don't like drawing that sort of thing, don't apply.

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Oh yeah, the basics

Post by Karinchan »

I forgot to put this up:

Type of comic you'd prefer to do.
Any, preferably comedy/romance/fantasy

<a href="" title="Drawing by mew_berry_san"><img src="" border="0"></a

Contact information.
Please, just send me a Comic Genesis message

Time it takes for you to draw one full comic page.
An hour or so ~ depends on how many frames and how much detail.

Preferred method of drawing comics.
Black and white pencil, inking over and scanning in.

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Artist Needed for Film Noir Dracula Graphic Novel

Post by Adamthejohnson »

In the story, Dracula is a mob boss, Mina is a cocktail dress wearin' Femme Fatale, Jonathan is an underassistant, and Van Helsing is a gritty burnt out Detective searching for a murderer. Full of crime, gun-toting and of course, some hot teeth-on-neck action the Novel could REALLY be dynamite.

I REALLY want it to look like the movie Renaissance, stills here:


I haven't done more than basic outlining on this project, but I've previously written a film noir vampire feature - look for it as "The Crimson Kiss" and I just optioned my script "Pavlov's Dog" for Debou Productions.

I'm actively writing the Treatment.

I'll provide detailed character descriptions and outlines for specific sequences, as well as bits of dialogue. In essence, I Want the writer to interpret the story freely, as I feel an artist will do better work when he is more actively involved in the creative process.

You can contact me at for responses.

I hope to find someone equally as intrigued by this project as I am. I've long wanted to do a true Film Noir adaptation of Dracula - so much of both worlds is built on shadows and gritty characters with dark pasts.

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Bishonen Hunters

Post by AWQ17 »

Hi I'm a writer for a comic series called "Bishonen Hunters" Or just Bishie Hunters for short.

The comic revolves around three very typical fangirls Named Raihu Lion Rose and Angel Warrior Queen Image of Girls here being long time friends and longtime fans of Anime, Sci-fi, Most Videogames that come to mind, and the occasional book. As typical Fangirls will do, they tend to drool over the "Bishonen" (Japanese for Pretty Boys though in the series it classifies any male character the girls are fond of) in their favorite media. But considering the fact the girls are strong (and fairly rabid in their fangirling ways) they forum a mercenary band with one mission in mind : Capture Bishonen and sell them off for one night to the highest bidder! Thus was born the Bishonen Hunters!

Of course these girls will run into famous people and pests such as Xellos from the anime Series Slayers Some will eventually become their enemies, some their friends. they'll even get a rival with a male version of themselves called the Otaku Three. but it is always garunteed to be a fun hilarious exploration of what every Fangirl always wanted to do.

Required Art Skills: Anime, and to be able to draw many characters from multiple series

Desired Updating Schedule:
Once a Week at the least and able to keep a regular update schedule

Payment: None, this Comic is made for fun's sake, I can't afford to pay for an artist but I can offer an exchange of services, I will help you write a script for a comic that you want to do if you would draw for my own

If Interested Please Contact me on AIM at DarthAWQ or on Hotmail at or Email.

Thank you for your time

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You don't find unless you look...

Post by TopRamen »

Yet another writer looking for an Artist :)

I've got a short story- a realistic/horror type that I'm looking to translate into a short graphic novel. The style I feel would work best is very realistic and dark, black and white (similar to the art from The Crow G.N.)

Short Synopsis:
A gang of Eastern European crimminals/terrorists/hackers kidnap tourists, then force them into a sort of "reality TV" dungeon. They broadcast the lives of the victims 24/7 and each week will kill one of them unless they get enough "donations" via paypal.

Isn't virtue its own? J/k. But really, the point (for me) is to make a project to put into my portfolio. If the artist agrees, making it available free via a webcomic would not be out of the question.

For More Info and a sample chapter: (call me paranoid, but I don't want to just put it all out there)

e-mail me at Jeep DOT Wetstein AT gmail DOT com

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Modern Love - WRITER searching for ARTIST

Post by Moder »

I am the author of a "daily" comic called Modern Love. I am looking for artists interested In drawing some of my longer stories (long to me Is: more than 3 panels :D).

Check out my comic to have an idea about what (and how) I write about. E-mail me (link at my comic) and I'll send you some of my writings.

I have no graphic style in mind, although I have to feel like It matches the story. I can (and sometimes may want to) storyboard/sketch my ideas.

Contact me through the link on my comic's site! Thanks!

Edit: This Is a proposal of collaboration. No money involved.
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Collaborative manga style comic

Post by Defectron »

Summary: his is a collaborative manga based off of a story I wrote awhile back. It's a very out there comic that takes place on an alternate version of earth inside one of the stomachs of a giant cow that consumes worlds. The main character is a Magical Girl with the body of a snake named Hebiko sent on an unkinown mission by the MCU (Magical Communist Union). The genre for this is very unique, despite being a magical girl satire it also has alot of action and even horror elements in it. For a more in depth description go here:

Writing example: Here is the rough draft for the chapter 1 script ... howtopic=5

And here's the first storyline this concept is based on

That storyline is simply put there as another example of my writing style, as you can see from the first chapter script I am changing quite a few things in this version.

Contact info: Either send me a PM or sign up over here on the planning board

You can also contact me at but I would prefer you use one of the two above methods.

Artist expectations: There will be two types of artists needed for this, Primary and secondery artists. There's different expectations for the two of them. But right now I'm really looking for Primary artists for more details go here ... getnewpost

After the first primary artist is found I'll be pretty lenient about the times each page is supposed to be done by, once we get up to the ideal of around 3 primary artists I'd like to put out about 1 chapter every 1-2 months but I realize that might be a bit much for one primary artist to handle even with the help of the secondery artists so that time table won't be put into effect until cercumstances are ideal.

Preferred drawing style: Most of this should be done in the same style as these character designs ... getnewpost

Though there will be parts done in different styles, even if this isn't your style, there's a good chance there will be a part of this that does fit what you do. For more details on that last statement contact me if you have any questions.

Pay: Right now there is no pay but once the first graphic novel gets published pay will be divided up between us determined by how much is contributed by each person to the storyline. I promise this will be done in a fair way so don't worry.

EDIT: As of now all positions for this are filled except for possibly a backup background artist
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I am currently looking for an artist

Post by Lordofminds »

I am a writer who is currently in bad need of an artist.
I have a few complete scripts at hand and am working on a few more.
I have several ideas i am working on most of which are either science fiction or fantasy or some combination thereof.
I will give you a few basic outlines:

1. Rexxion: the story of Rex Paxton a man who finds out that he is the reincarnation of a two thousand year old wizard and that the wizards personality is still active inside his sub conscious. Rex is the victim of a crime which put him in a coma and he joins wills with Rexxion to create a new ethereal body.

2. The Interstellar War: This is an epic space opera centering around a large cast of well developed characters. The story takes place in a future where mankind has colonized the solar system and finally achieved a lasting piece amongst the human race when a sinister alien race, The Onarians invade on a mission to conquer. This story explores the effects of the war on the individuals as well as the concept of people becoming gods.

3. The Omega experiment: This story centers around a teenager who has become a mind controlled assassin, and i\his battle against the evil corporation which is at the center of the conspiracy.

As far as the artistic style goes I’m really flexible however in regards to the interstellar war i have very specific ideas about how certain things should look. 8-) (also i should note that this is nonpaying)

(also i should note i have an idea called Society of freaks which is not to be confused with something i just found out about called "superfreaks" i just dont want anyone to think that im trying to rip them off in any way because the name is actually ripping off something completely differant :lol: [im refurring to FREEX from the Ultraverse]) the story is completly original though.

anyone interested please contact me:

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Post by Spqrblues »

The publishing company where I work is looking for artists to illustrate graphic novels for kids, so I'm scouting around everywhere I've posted my own art (that would be: here, other webcomics hosting sites, online galleries, and so forth). Right now they are specifically looking for a manga artist or manga "fusion" (whatever you think that means) artist ready to step over into professional work. A lot of us here at CG are just starting out, but I know there are some people who read the forum who have reached a more polished stage and are thinking about professional (paid) opportunities.

We're not looking for original stories, but for artists interested in illustrating a 40 to 48 page script. If you're serious about being professional level, PM me a link through the forum to your comic or portfolio and I'll pass it along to the art department. No promises anyone at all will be contacted, and the work may go to someone who's already established--but every "established" artist has to get their first big gig somewhere, so maybe this one can work out for someone here.

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Post by Lerastes »

I'm a writer looking for an artist for a project I've been toying with lately. It's a sci-fi comic (I know, I know, another one to add to the mix) about human mutations and the toll they take on society. It's primarily serious with some humor and drama thrown in the mix. Here's a sample of the writing for the comic.

PANEL 1, full size
Far-out pan of Jonathan and Chris. Jonathan is kneeling on the ground over Chris. He's untouched while Chris is very beaten and battered. There's a large crowd of people forming a circle around them, all cheering and yelling.

PANEL 2, half-size
Close-up of Jonathan's face. He's grinning maliciously.
Jonathan: Man...

Panel 3, half-size
Closeup of Chris's face. His nose is bleeding, an eye is blackened, and his other is squinting.
Jonathan from off-panel: You mind-types sure are stupid.

Panel 4, full-size
Medium pan of Jonathan. He's turning around to leave.
Jonathan: When are you guys going to learn...

Panel 5, full-size
Medium pan of Chris. Both his eyes are closed; he is now unconscious.
Jonathan from off-panel: ...that you're just not as good as us?

As for what I'd expect from an artist, I'd expect about one comic-book style medium sized page a week (color is vastly preferred), similar to the pages of The artistic style I'd prefer would be also similar; a stylized, realistic style, possibly a bit anime-ish, is best. If you're interested, please contact me at

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Writer requiring artist.

Post by Skadder »


I am a writer of sci-fi fantasy and horror, although I originally trained as an artist and attended the London Cartoon school (not sure if it still exists). I am looking for an artist who can produce detailed, accurate panels. I guess I want anything from Manga-style to a life-like style, but preferably moody with good shadows. I have clear ideas of how I will want things, and will probably rough out the look of each page (very rough -- I was not a great artist). I am aware that the artist may well have their own ideas -- I am just saying that I have a visual sense, so it would be something we could thrash out together.

I have included an intro from something I have written. If you are interested we could work on a very short story first and see how it goes.

“W…will it hurt?” the girl said in a small voice that barely crossed the damp cell.
Joshua looked up from the flagstone he had been using to sharpen the knife. The mote of elf-light spun a few feet higher to give him a view of the girl’s face.
“I don’t know.”
He looked down, away from her large brown eyes.
“I suppose it will – for a moment,” he continued. He tested the edge of the blade with his thumb “ – but I’ll try to do it quickly.”
The blade was razor-sharp. He carefully put it behind his back on the cold floor.
“And you are sure I will be able to come back?”
“I have brought back others from the dead.” The lie seemed to close his throat. “As long as the body still has some of its own warmth left, it can be done.”
That, at least, that was true. He knew the ritual words. He had even seen Master Basias do it, but Joshua had only ever healed the nearly-dead before — never the dead.
There was no other way, and he knew it. The granite blocks the soldiers had used to wall them in would not budge, and he had used all his strength.
“When you pass on, you must call for Master Basias. Call loudly, and tell him where we are. Before your body grows cool, I shall heal your wound and revive you. It will be like waking from a moment of beautiful sleep.”
The small girl smiled bravely, but her body began to shake.
Joshua took a deep breath of the fetid air, and smiled as calmly as he could.
“Come sit by me.” He patted the ground next to him.


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