ottawa animation 06

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ottawa animation 06

Postby Packrat on Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:45 am

man, this is going to sound like a plug...

OTTAWA ANiMaTION FEST. world's no2 animation fest, sept 20-24th?

30th anniversery. I USED to volenteer for this... (beats the $250.00 entrance fee. also a handy way to meet wanna-be students looking for contacts)

Personally, i RUINED the 'make a cartoon' event one year by, while
attempting to get my 15 frame a sec /5 sec assignment done

(you draw it while sitting in the mall too. On onion skin)

by recruiting anyone stupid enough to ask questions to do their own.

(mine was typicial. To music, a space suit walks up to an emergency phone. it rings and he gets a free, instant emergency)

why do i think that that 'spitfire shooting up new york' that I suggested one person do '(I can't draw. (his wife could) so? try this. AND it ends up in there)

was gossiped off by a disney person?

I also suggested i write an animation coloumn to the ed of AWN once

(female. The store on the web-site has never worked very well for me. You're in san-fran, mention it, please.)

which oddly enough, the organizer of the fest got and still does.

lots of recruiters, producers of various kids shows and gaming outfits there. Can be a good time.

WARNING! just be careful, good ideas are REAL scarce. Shoomers tend to win. (you don't wanna hear the rocket stories.)

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Postby Rkolter on Mon Sep 04, 2006 10:45 am

You're right, it sounds like a plug.

I will move this to the Community Get-Together's forum.
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conventions +fests

Postby Packrat on Tue Sep 05, 2006 7:56 am

the plug was moved. Oh-boy, oh-boy ohboy. Thanks heaps!

This topic moved from 'off topic' to 'help' to 'gettogethers'... weird movements, but that's the way it goes here.

pure gossip from now on, people.

The con season has just passed, with the usual resulting shuffles
in editors, staff, web-sites... industry,ad people and the web.

last year, after the TV people hit, the recruiting for shows started.
sing a sad song for MTV here.

not that anybody here is likely to get a call from kojo studios in europe, but i have noticed a clustering effect.

One prize-winner opens up a studio and the flakey types (ad agengies?) move right in next door (presumeably to steal staff?)

happened in van (on 14th, the old cartoon strecth in the media miles) with rocket and reboot. happened to a few people stateside i can think of too.

personally, i haven't seen anything but eds trotting favorites around for a while now... (the people i bump into); along with a few modellers. + characters types from the schools.

so welcome to the personality cult era, when you have to bring your market with you, as well as talent and proven production.

HA! sounds like feudal loyality to me (there can only be one. No god before me. etc) not tribalism, not technocrats

ANYWAY, any new clusters opening up that you've heard of? Ignoring nickalodeon, etc.

newbies. Kids with a special effect to promote, like matrix. stylists. gimmicks.


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Postby Dr Legostar on Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:32 am

we saw commericals for this while at the CN expo.. not at the actual expo, mind you, just at dawg's house.
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