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Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Mercury Hat »

Being an art community, Comic Genesis often has artists or writers who have the free time to take on an additional project. Therefore, this thread is for people who are looking for someone with whom they can work on a comic.

Note that posting an ad in this thread is not a guarantee that you will receive a reply. Only a small percentage of users here are free to work on a collaboration project and it is notoriously more difficult for a writer to find an artist than the other way around.

Guidelines for writers searching for artists:
  • Summary of your comic idea.
    • Nothing more than a paragraph or two description as well as the genre, this is just to grab a potential artist's attention.
  • A link to your writing sample
    • Ideally an excerpt of the comic you wish to do. Nobody is going to want to draw for someone if they don't know how they write.
  • Contact information.
    • Do you want them to PM you through the forum, e-mail you, or IM you for further information?
    You may also wish to include:
  • Expectation of the artist.
    • Are you going to give them some rough storyboard to draw the page? Detailed character descriptions? Or are you going to let them interpret the script how they want?
  • Preferred drawing style.
    • Do you want it in manga style, cartoony, western, realistic? It might be a good idea to state your preference.
Guidelines for artists searching for writers:
  • Type of comic you'd prefer to do.
    • Do you want to work on a humor comic or a more serious one?
  • One sample picture with a link to a gallery of the rest of your drawings.
    • The sample picture should not be too large and should be a good representation of your work. No doodles or anything like that, remember you're trying to attract a writer.
  • Contact information.
    • Same as above; e-mail, PM, or IM information.
    You may also wish to include:
  • Time it takes for you to draw one full comic page.
    • Your writer should know in advance what kind of update schedule you can keep up with.
  • Preferred method of drawing comics.
    • Do you like to color things thoroughly, crosshatch them, ink wash, or other? This could have an effect on the type of writer you will attract, depending on the look they want for their comic.
If you do not adhere to the guidelines, your ad will be deleted. No exceptions. Any threads made requesting an artist/writer will be locked with a link to this thread and then trashed.

If you are interested in responding to an ad, do so through the contact information provided. Do not post a response in this thread or it will be deleted.
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Post by Netpoet »

Welp, after a few months of searching, I guess I finally have to admit that everyone I can currently think of is already working on their own projects. Which, of course, is FULLY understandable.

Anyhoo, Superfreaks is currently looking for a new artist. I am open to it being of ANY stylization and form, black and white or color, though I do reserve the right to decline if I think we won't mesh very well. Very little of Superfreaks was produced beyond the initial opening, which can be found here:

Please contact me via email at or via PM here in this forum if you're interested.


Edit: guess I should mention what it's about, huh... long story short, Superfreaks is about people with gifted abilities that are working for a very select branch of the US Government. There will be violent scenes, swearing, and whatnot, so please... if you don't like drawing that sort of thing, don't apply.
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Post by Rock_dash »

Good thread, Merc. I'll give it a shot.

My comic is Ready or Not (]). I've also written for

RoN is about a group of college age friends who get dragged into the mystery of what sent normally peaceful lycanthropes into a killing rage 30 years ago.

You can contact me through the forums, or email (

Generally, I like anime manga style art, but I'm not picky :)

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Post by LibertyCabbage »

i'm looking for fill-in artists for my latest collaboration project ... any talented artist who could do a page now and then, possibly on short notice. for all your info needs.

i'm also probably up for writing if an artist is lfw ... clicky my banner for my stuffs =o
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Post by Blackaby »

Looking for an artist for a newspaper-style strip comic. Original art style, no manga, flat colour. Prefer flash-puppets. Artist must be okay to play in print & webcomicry. Contact me via PM on the forums or through the Blackaby forum.
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Post by Blackaby »

Got someone for that. :D

Now looking for artist for graphic novel. No comicing. Collages, etc, sketches, exciting artist shite. Set in apocalyptic stuff. :D

PM or email. Thanks kids.
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Post by Blackaby »

Got someone for that too.

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Post by PC2 »

Hi there,

I'm working on an action/adventure series entitled "Dimension Heroes", in which five teenagers are recruited as "Dimensional Guardians" to stop a bunch of monsters from crossing over to their world from a parallel dimension. At first it was going to be in book format with 2 or three illustrations per "episode", but I recently decided that I think I would prefer it in manga form. Thus, I'm looking for a dedicated artist specializing in the anime/manga style to do the art for my series. Here's some additional info:
Episode 1- Call to Adventure

If you are interested in having a part in this, please feel free to email me at This is a strictly non-profit, just-for-fun project, and I hope those interested would have a fun time working on it with me.

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Post by Garlisk »

Hey there! I'm a WRITER/Artist looking for an ARTIST/Writer for a JUST FOR FUN project. Its been my dream to make a webcomic, and I'm hoping someone out there can help me make it real.

The Idea: A dark, moody cityscape, strange clockworks, Wizards, plots against anything and everything, and one person stuck in the middle. One of the ideas I have going is that Wizards aren't magicians as we think of them classicly, but modern doctors/mad scientists/mechanical technicians all rolled into one, and put back in the middle ages, on the premise that Magic is just technology that isn't understood. Take a look at one of the drawings (linked below) for a bit more of a description of my world.

Here are a couple concepts I did for it, the the witch is a bit more directly magical than I'd like (I'd prefer more of a mystic/alchemist type thing). ... r.jpg.html ... 2.jpg.html

Expectations of the Artist:

#1- Basically, I'm looking for someone who can draw a world like I described above. I don't need pro (Anti-Hero for Hire style is fine, even though, technically, its not that well drawn), but you need to be able to get the FEEL across (something I can't seem to do myself, which is why I'm here). I am an artist myself, so I can help with character concepts and the like, but the comic is up to you.
#2- Also, the artist needs to have some idea of comic writing. Being new to this, I'm just writing up a lot of general information, background, and storylines. I'll need the artist to help me take that, and turn it into comic format.
#3- I'd prefer 18+, though it doesn't really matter if you're mature enough to deal with. Like I said, this is a just-for-fun project, and thats what I want to have with it.

Ok, I don't really have anywhere to host my writing, but if you're interested AT ALL, email me at, and I will email you more info. If after that you're still interested, we'll take it from there.

Once again,

Thank you!

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Post by LibertyCabbage »

just a shoutout in general for any artists who might be interested in working with me on deep in the future if any of the current artists have to leave sometime. PM me if you find this prospect alluring.
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Looking for an artist

Post by Unclemilo »

Hello there,

My name is Jonathan Osborne (helloooo Jonathan) and like many others, I am looking for an artist for a comic book project I have been working on for such a long time that it would simply break my heart if it doesn't get out there...

I have had three artists show interest, make promises and then just vanish into the mist....

I originally had a 16 issue story arc... but friends who had read it asked me to write more... and now I have 29 issues more

They're all here gathering dust on my computer (wait... how is that possible)

I'm looking for an artist who is good with expressions... and maybe has a style a bit like Stephen E. Gordon.

We're neophites at all of this, but we would be paying money and we'll try to pay more as we move on.

Please e-mail me at if you're interested.

Thank you for your time,

Jonathan Osborne
aka Uncle Milo
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Post by Error of Logic »

Comic writers seeking comic artists.

Summary: various plotlines, initially to be handled separately, then to slowly converge as connections become more evident. Sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and horror all will have their place in this webcomic. I'd prefer to keep the exact plotlines secret for now -- only serious applicants are going to be given in-depth information, so we can keep things surprising.

Writing sample: This was written by a member of our team. It's pretty long and you'd have to know the webcomic it was based on ... Does it help he's been published once and expects to be published again before next year?

Contact information: Please apply here. We'll then get back to you. Please, no spamming or jokes ... only serious applications.

We have fairly detailed character descriptions and some sketches already done. We will provide scripts with most of the story detail worked out; the artist can probably interpret a little as is necessary. This is a matter open to discussion between artist and authors.
We'd prefer manga-style drawing, but if your art is just plain good, feel free to apply. Quality trumps preference.

Incentive ... The main incentive is to have fun with this thing and maybe create a following. If we ever somehow manage to make money out of this, all contributors would be entitled to a fair share, to be negotiated.
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Re: Artist/Writer Classified Ads

Post by Mix-o-freak »

Hello there, as you can see, I am mix-o-freak, and this
is the comic I am needing an artist for:

--Bloodstone Manor--
This is the story of the residents of 1287 Oakland Lane,
otherwise known as The Bloodstone Manor, a former
mansion turned into a residential building. The story begins
with Anthony "Tony" Braut being told by his parents that he
needs to get a job and move out. He dropped out of school
his junior year and is now nineteen. He searches through
the local paper's want ads and finally comes across an ad
the piques his interest: "The Bloodstone Housing Tenure is
looking for a caretaker. Pay negotiable. Room on grounds
included in contract. No appointment necessary. Visit 1287
Oakland Lane on Saturdays between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM
for interviews". Tony got the job and is trying to adjust to life
in the manor and the tenants it has. Among those are a
vampire, three aliens, two extra-dimensional beings, a werewolf,
a paranormal investigator, the landlord who is about his age,
a mermaid, several government experiments, a fairy, an elf,
a magician, ghosts, and several oddities. For Tony, life has
gotten a whole weirder.

I have been writing script for this comic for a few years. As it
is now, I believe I have enough script for a thrice a week comic
to run for three years without my writing anything new. I have
been an amateur author for about four years, and have received
a little monetary gain for some of my smaller works, but I have
always wanted to try to get some of my comics published, either
online or, preferably, in print. I do not have the artistic skills to
make my comic become even close to finished, and hence I am
Searching for an artist to draw the comic with/for me. This is a
humor/horror comic primarily. There are several elements and
story arcs that will focus more on different genres, but in general,
this is the genre of the comic.

By the way, as you probably guessed, this is not a guaranteed
paying job. This may be a paying job, depending on if the comic
ever gets far enough along with the artist to create a collection
to sell. If it does it might be sold online @ or another
online distributor and the profits will be split 40 % to author (me),
and 60 % to the artist.

The sample below shows why I need a artist better than myself to
help me create the comic. I spent over four and a half hours on
this alone, and I can barely do much better than this even with
more time:


That being said, this comic is indeed how I would basically like for
the first comic to look, but as you can see, my art skills are lacking.
If anyone is interested in working on this project, please draw a
better version of this first comic. After I see mine done it better
than it is we can talk about what other things will be in the comic
that will need drawing.

Please either PM me here, email me, or post your version in this
topic here, or PM me on the same forum: ... =2980#2980

I'm not looking for Picaso or Frank Miller work here. I am,
however, not looking for Shirtguy Dom days either. What I
would like artistically is a balance between detail and simplicity.
Although I like manga, I do not want manga style art to
overwhelm this comic. I would prefer if the artist could color
the comic as well, but I would be willing to try and color their
work if necessary. I can do some color work, but I can't draw
very well. I would prefer to work with an artist whose work
looks like some of the work done by these artists:

Dependant on how much information the artist needs to draw a
comic I will provide more information. As it is, I would like to
find an artist that I can simply send the basics of the script and
character description, but I do have more detailed work if
necessary. For example, here is the script of the above comic:

01: 2 + 2 = ?
Panel 1: Tony is laying on the couch looking at the TV. His head is
on the left side of the couch and his feet are on the right.
His right arm is on his chest and his left is pointing the
remote at the TV. He looks like a freeloading twenty year
old. His father, a businessman, is standing on the left side
of the couch looking down at Tony. He is wearing a nice
shirt and pants, but not his work clothes. His mother, a
florist, is on the right side of the couch and is wearing her
work clothes. His mother speaks and says, “Tony, normally
when a baby bird gets big enough, its mother will push it
out of the nest to teach it how to fly.” Tony does not say
anything, but rather changes the TV channel (changing
channel sound only since the TV screen is facing away from
the viewers). Part of the TV show is heard near the bottom
of the panel. In the bottom near the TV should be the
words and noises on the TV.
Panel 2: The only sounds are the TV channel being changed and the
sound of the TV show. No one has moved.
Panel 3: Tony speaks, “And the point to that was?” His father replies
(should be under Tony’s speech balloon), “Tony, get a job
and move out.” Again, the TV channel is heard and


I've found an artist for that comic, but do have several other
comics that an interested artist might be able to work with me
on. if interested, please pm or email me.


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Writer with many ideas; pick one...

Post by ShadowKatmandu »

I am a prolific writer who is looking for an artist to bring at least one of his ideas to life. You can check out some of my writing at my website under "Kat Words" or at my FanStory Portfolio. (The FanStory portfolio is pretty big if you tell it to show all; the default view of "recent" stuff is kind of a short list.)

I want an artist or can either do high quality color panels at least 3 times a week or provide me with line art that I can color in myself. I will do the lettering; I just need the artwork. In addition to the storylines above, I have several ideas I have specifically wanted to make a webcomic from that (1) I did not write / post any story for (yet) and (b) simply don't quite have the time or artistic talent for myself. There's a few stories, particularly on FanStory, which I would like to see illustrated as a "sideline" / graphic novel. I will provide an outline / script for the artist to follow, as well as a regular prose version of the story.

If this interests you, send me an email. I will send back the ideas I am most interested in developing as an ongoing webcomic. I am pretty flexible on which one actually gets done, should I find an artist. :)



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Post by TTE »

EDITED - Don't need anymore.
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Post by Shitsugen »

To any artist interested. I have been busy working on a webcomic with a friend of mine but we have had some artistic differences. He as Christian thinks it's wrong to draw Dragons and Imaginary creatures like elves or beastman and I as Christian simply don't care...

Now I have no one to draw the comics...And since I don't want my dream of starting a webcomic to die I am now looking for a new artist who feels like drawing a webcomic(Maybe hone your skills by drawing it or a dream you had for a while now)...If anyone is interested please Email me at

The comic is an RPG type of comic and I prefer a manga style it has three primary races(just plain old boring humans, Beast men - humans with different animal traits and Dragons - which look like giant lizards). I did a comic before this ( But that didn't come out the way I wanted it so I decided to start a new one. I am open to an other style of drawing but I would like to see some art first.

Nearly all the main characters have been drawn and will be sent to you to make the neccassary revisions to them.

I expect the artist to make the deadlines on time and to listen to objections(just like I will listen to you if there is anything wrong storywise) I will set you up with a script what exactly says what I expect from you and what the story is about.

I hope I will find someone who feels like drawing and I hope that we can have a long and bountiful partnership.

Read Shitsugen!!!


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Post by StrangeWulf13 »

Writer seeking artist (sensing a theme here, admins?) for work on a story idea or two that would do well as comics, rather than plain prose. As always, serious inquiries only.

Details on the two comics are given below.

Idea One
Summary: college student loses his family to a bunch of punks who get off easy, so he enacts a long forgotten ritual to gain the power to get his revenge... only to discover the fine print has him tied up in knots

Expectation of the artist: Scripts will be given detailing number and position of panels, as well as what is going on in each one (i.e. I can imagine things perfectly in my head, but cannot get my hand to translate it properly). Willing to talk over ideas, as this comic will belong to both of us, and I enjoy talking about story ideas. Monthly installments are preferred unless you can draw faster. Nothing faster than I can write, hopefully. :roll:

Preferred drawing style: Western style preferred, though quality of art will be a factor. Manga style is to be avoided, especially if it includes the usual surrealistic expressions commonly found in that style. Realism is what I'm striving for. Also, ability to draw a variety of creatures is required, as human, anthros (i.e. "furries), werebeasts, and other mystical and supernatural beings will make an appearance. The main character is a jackal anthro, so being able to draw kick-@$$ furry art is a definite plus.

Idea Two
Summary: a human detective and his kitsune partner must solve crimes that cannot be explained by ordinary means (think CSI meets X-Files, but with less aliens and no government conspiracy)

Expectation of the artist: Pretty much the same as for Idea One. Plot ideas welcome.

Preferred drawing style: Same as Idea One, as the detectives will encounter a variety of characters, both mundane and magical (some dangerously so).

(Small note: although these ideas take place in similar but different realities, the main character from Idea One could make an occasional appearance in Idea Two, if only to make things interesting and confuse the heck out of the readers :twisted: )

Writing Link
Here is a link to my writing. There aren't any scripts in the portfolio, though I suppose I could add a couple examples. However, the stories within should give you an idea of my writing style, as well as my skill. And one of them deals with the main character from Idea One (though it is a bit of a spoiler as to what happens to him in the end).

Contact Info
You may contact me by any of the three ways above. I'm not sure if my email is in my profile; I keep forgetting. Also, I don't go on AIM anymore, so try not to contact me that way. Probably your best bet is a PM since I don't get many of them. Email is second best, but try to make the subject line unique in case it lands in my bulk folder! Don't want your email tossed out with the spam, do you?

If interested, please contact me ASAP. I'd really like to get started, and I'm happy to share credit with an awesome artist.

(Small note: I am a conservative Christian and a bit stubborn, so keep that in mind when contacting me. I'll work best with an artist who doesn't think Bush = Hitler, and is a bit more of a rightwinger. And please, nothing pornographic, okay? I want plot, not sex!)
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Author and Webcomics Artist Seeks Long-Term Artst

Post by DXavierMartinez »

Hello all potential peoples. I am the artist / co-writer for the webcomic Tossers, and I am beyond that the author of an increasingly popular series of intellectual pulp action/comedy stories about a pair of assassins. I am looking to take the adventures of my assassins into the world of serious, comic-book style comics with simultaneous web presence. I am an artist myself, but my specialty is in design and not in the least in penciling, so for a project like this I thought I would try to find a collaborating artist.

A sample of the script work, complete with character descriptions for the main characters, can be found here:

Anyone interested who has the time and wishes to further investigate the style and nature of the stories can read them online at

I would like to start with a revised version of an existing story, to get the feel down and to establish a comfortable relationship with my artist, but I would then like to work together with the artist to create new stories. I am more than willing to help with storyboards and final layout, but am also looking for an artist with their own vision they want to convey.

My favorite comic book artist is Ashley Wood, and my favorite published series are Transmetropolitan and Sam and Twitch, if that means anything to any potentials out there.

Email, PM, or IM. Whatever works best for you.

Thanks, everyone, for your time.

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Post by Wishmaster »

I read this thread out of a combination of morbid curiosity and mild boredom. Anyone else find it amusing that only blackaby has snagged some artists with this thread? :P

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Post by Linkara »

Well, it's perfectly possible more artists have been snagged but they were done through e-mail/private messages. I wonder if at some point I should get a better artist for Lightbringer... albeit its poorly-drawn, no-shade quality allows me to get stuff done faster. ^_~

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