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PostPosted: Sun Apr 01, 2007 3:58 pm
by Renard
Welcome! We're glad you wanted to make your way into our quiet little corner of the court.

Nominally, this forum is for the discussion of the online webcomic Fortune's Fools, but off-topic discussion is also welcome. Though I don't really foresee us having any problems with that fact, we do have only a few ground requests (that may expand as experience dictates):

Request 1: Any off-topic discussion that starts to derail a thread should be made into a separate thread. This is especially true if a discussion on an element of the comic becomes infiltrated by a seeping argument into modern political situations.

Request 2: Please be civil. In any forum there is bound to be some disagreement. Civility goes a long way. Attack the arguments, not the person.

First one!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:07 am
by Aretin
Hello good peopel from Fortune's Fools!

I'm really honored, to be your first guest here and would like to take the cance and tell all the readers here (that will surely come), how much I love your comis, both the fantastic art and the thrilling story!

I'm really looking forward to discuss the outcome of the clifhanger here... *grin*

Best regards

PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 8:34 am
by Renard
Welcome Aretin, glad that you could make it.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 1:06 am
by Aretin
Thank you!

Well, let's say, I couldn't resist to torture all of you with my genuine bad english... :twisted:

How are you two doing?

PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:50 pm
by Renard
Aretin wrote:How are you two doing?

Busy actually. I haven't spoken with Ms. Mel in a couple of days. I imagine her state remains unchanged. I'm locked down for end of academic year exams, but the hope of freedom remains strong. It's out there... waiting.

Otherwise, I'm doing fine.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 1:18 am
by Aretin
Well, again, best wishes from here and I hope, that the tension will ease for both of you.

Not much going on here, eh?

Well, how about some new topic to fill all that empty space here... :D

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2007 4:54 pm
by Renard
I think interest in a forum is fairly low until we are actually moving forward with the story again. :wink: We will probably replace the cbox with just this forum, however. It will be one less thing for main page to load. I'll be playing with all that in a few days once I am out of the exam abyss, not likely before.

Hail, fellow! Well met!

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2007 2:02 pm
by Itwast
Just thought I'd offer my "first hello" to the Forum. I can hardly wait to see what transpires when the Fools return.

A thought for a poll as well: What do readers want FF to be? A sexy soap, a straight narrative-thank you, a swashbuckling series of fabulous adventures, a fool's ship of indiscretions, a tale that can be told in polite company, a shocking saga of the unexpected, a melodrama of more misfortune than fortune, a maudlin exercise in existential futility? What what what? What do the readers desire and, be that what it may be, what is the likelihood that should transpire?

I thank you old chaps for listening and indulging the quirks of the quiddities this quid nunc dared to query.

PostPosted: Tue May 22, 2007 12:29 pm
by Renard
Welcome itwast!

That IS an interesting poll. Of course, we wouldn't be changing the style of the comic on the basis of the poll. So maybe the question would be something more a long the lines of "if you had to choose".

So, itwast, since it's your question it implies you've had a thought about the answer, doesn't it? What direction do you lean towards?


What is will be

PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2007 3:37 am
by Itwast
I guess I must remind myself I am thought bound in a predeterministic universe. Will I adjust my thoughts accordingly? Perhaps I have no choice.

I will return at a later moment with a musing in time allowing.


PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2007 11:27 am
by Itwast
I probably should take my response to another thread as opposed to the "Welcome" one. Well, after a few strange moments and a few strange days of thoughting, I would say "all of the above" as to the direction I'd like to see Fools take.

However, I am intrigued by unexpected paths. E.g. Celeste marries Rubby Ducky who was actually a victim of an evil sorceress's spell and Jean Jean awakes one morning either transformed into a giant cockroach or a Hulking Hercluean Avenger and Upholder of the Morals of his appointed dictum.

Most of all, I want the Fools to go "where fools fear to tread." I hope this makes sense to someone other than myself for whom it makes little or no sense at all.