Chapter iii: Family Business

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Chapter iii: Family Business

Postby Spqrblues on Wed Mar 28, 2007 7:27 am

For questions about and discussion of the third chapter.

Dramatis Personae
  • Felix (Marcus Antonius Felix): Ex-legionary soldier suffering from an unsatisfactory job and too many people making plans for him.
  • Mus (Alexander): Son of a wealthy fish-pickle sauce distributor. Making plans for Felix.
  • Elisa and Aster: Mus' ambitious sisters. Elisa would like a little freedom. Aster would like to grow up to be Hercules.
  • Vitalis: Barkeep and homeowner. Also ambitious. Can't decide whether she'd rather marry Felix off to her daughter or keep him for herself.
  • Petronia Iusta: Ingenue, daughter of Vitalis and Petronius Stephanus. Hopes to have a torrid romance some day.
  • Seianti: Best friend of Petronia Iusta. Etruscan. Periodically refuses to speak Latin out of cultural pride.
  • Calatoria Themis: Stepmother of Petronia Iusta and priestess of Isis and easily irritated, especially by no-account men.
  • Calatorius Speudon: No-account cousin of Calatoria.
  • Spendusa: Overworked kitchen servant, bequeathed to Iusta.
  • Menander: Underworked house servant, purchased by Mus.
  • Caius: Petronius Stephanus' secretary, accountant, and right-hand man. Needs more sleep.
  • Helvius: Physician and Petronia's tutor. Likes horror stories.
  • Ati Nacna: Seianti's weird old auntie in the hills.
  • the Blues: A police force established by the city's wealthiest family. Mostly protects the city's wealthiest family. Occasionally hired out for nefarious moonlighting.
  • the Bear: Still in the story, but this time with company.
  • Domitian: Not easily gotten rid of.
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