The Crossover Explanation

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The Crossover Explanation

Postby The Mortician on Thu May 03, 2007 1:00 pm

The EOU, The Squirrel Wars, and now Jenny Everywhere...

Crossovers, what a bore. Actually, I'm being rather tame about it. I'm not actually letting it be a apart of the main story, but an influence in the background. It is not a worry, but there will be some confusion along the way until the main story catches up. Allow me to explain.

Having a crossover opens the potential to say that the story, the world takes place in, is but a small drop in the bucket and that other worlds exist around it with many confusing new rules and systems. Sort of like Pandora opening the box. Terrible things are bound to happen.

I wanted to keep it short, sweet, and simple. I know its complex and confusing... There are characters there that no one who reads project ADAM would even bother to know or care about... I'm sorry. Even if you don't get to 100% know the characters... the understanding here is what their doing specifically.

I was writing the stories going about a space probe descended to this place. Starts off as that. Some strange device from beyond the stars falls to the planet.

Econ and Namu notice nothing more than a shooting star.

However, if you click the link at the bottom of page it will lead you to a seperate story. Almost unnoticeable if you were reading straight through.

Its the way I want it to be read. This crossover is nothing more than a side story to the universe itself. The characters aren't going to get a heads up about their 'outside world'.


See? Just a simple device. Nothing to worry about.
It was sent by the EOU:

Now, in PART 2 where it seems confusing.

Suddenly out of the blue two squirrel Valkyries just randomly appear out of now where. Its actually a bigger part of the plot going on with the crossover wars.

I might have to go back and draw a page in showing them appear in this dimension suddenly, thinking back on it.

But for the next few pages of that part. Two squirrel characters are mindlessly trapped in project ADAM. Thanks to the device from part 1.
They leave just like that. Disabling the device.

PART 3: Jhenni Everiwhere

Jenny Everywhere is an open source character written to be a multidimensional super hero of sorts. The base of the character is simple: Goggles, black short hair, and a scarf. Her powers are shifting and being a super hero.

This part coming up won't make sense right away but its an actual crossover with someone else writing another Jenny Everywhere story at the same time. The characters interacting are two separate people with two separate problems going on that won't make full sense until you read "Jenny Everywhere: Crossing Over Worlds".

Up until then, there will be a final part before Project ADAM is closed off forever. Meaning no more crossovers at all. Until then, enjoy the previews for the chapters ahead. You'll notice that the chapters are listed at the bottom...

Any Questions?
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