The Unhappy Thread

A place for myself to post the comics storyline in prose form, plus a current comic discussion and most likely some random threads.
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Re: The Unhappy Thread

Post by Garneta »

I've been kinda sickish the last couple days too...a combination of that and my already being stressed caused me to kinda go off a couple times tonight about meaningless stuff that shouldn'tve bothered me in the first place, and now I feel bad about that. Don't want everyone to think that I really am like that...I know that eventually I'll stop feeling like this, but by this point I'm getting impatient. xP
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Re: The Unhappy Thread

Post by Ciararavenblaze »

it disturbs me that what I expel from my body is as green as it is... o_o

(*hands Kat a big mug of hot tea and a big bowl of hot soup*)



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