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A bit about G'nerds2000...

PostPosted: Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:18 am
by SergeXIII
It actualy started before September 2005, way back in October 2000. Back then it was subpar and focused on inside jokes, not acceptable or entertaining, so I rebooted the series five years later into its modern version. If you haven't already go to to see my new comic, as I'm not quite done yet. In fact, I'm only begining.

Also, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Did you enjoy the run? Are you dissapointed that it ran its course? Have you muttered "good riddance"?

Re: A bit about G'nerds2000...

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:23 am
by Dragonkingdoms
I knew it was before 2005, because the RPGWorld fanart had to have come before then (I think it was 2003), because RPGWorld itself ended in 2005, a few side-stories notwithstanding. Also, I recall G'Nerds2000 becoming G'Nerds2001 at some point, likely at the beginning of 2001.

Don't be so hard on yourself for the early G'Nerds. You were only 14 when it started!