Play any MMORPGs?

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Play any MMORPGs?

Postby SergeXIII on Sun Jun 03, 2007 7:13 pm

Myself, I only play Guild Wars. It has no monthly fees, and opperates in a way that gets past my College Fire Wall, so I can play it.

Here are my characters in alpha order:
Blue Phantom
I don't really like archers, so I recreate Blue Phantom, whom I've dedicated to this class, a whole lot. This time its a girl, and on Factions.
Ranger Lvl 4

Cogitoergo Sum
I just got Guild Wars Nightfall today, I havent even played as this guy yet so...
Actualy, I really wanted to name him Memento Mortia but that was already taken. Go figure.
Dervish Lvl 1

Ike D Eisenhower
I love this character. I use him to hinder enemies with drain spells and status effects and then pummel them with heavy fire magic. Ike is a house of pain.
Mesmer/Elementalist Lvl 13

Lazlo En Kuldes
Named after the Hero of Suikoden IV. I wasn't a big fan of Suikoden IV, although I think it gets harsher treatment than it deserves, but I thought its hero was pretty cool, and the way I use him is similar to Lazlo.
Assassin/Necromancer Lvl 15

Lenneth Irving
I just started her actualy. Not liking her too much, but... meh, whatever.
Ritualist/Elementalist Lvl 6

Om Mani Padme Hm
Time to fire up Google eh? Yeah, I actualy was planning on using this name on this guy for a while. Hes something like a paladin, so i think it fits. Once again, Just got Nightfall, havent used this dude yet.
Paragon Lvl 1

Safer Stephiroth
Hands down, this is my favorite character in Guild Wars. I love her name, she's kinda cute looking, and I love my strategy with her: Cast HP drain skills and then make the enemy bleed, then start bashing them with my super strength. Rawk. I actualy restarted her in Factions, because she is so awesome that I wouldn't mind starting her from scratch again.
Warrior/Mesmer Lvl 12

Serge Xiii
...and here is the first character I ever made in Guild Wars. His strategy pays homage to Kain: Beat the enemy senseless with impressive strength, and then drink their blood before they die. His Blood Magic stat is by far his highest stat, to the point where he can nearly kill an enemy with a low level blood spell. Neat and all, but he lacks the style Stephiroth is packing.
Necromancer/Warriror Lvl 16

Okay, thats all for me. Anyone else?
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