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hi! Please visit<P><A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>It's the Wind</A><P>Later today i'll be working on Prototype 2 of It's the Wind with a friend of mine (Flora). We are going to work on the storyline together from now on and introduce new characters.... (i can see more happy faces) <P>yup! so come often...we're updating weekly, and occasionally putting in some poems (from flora) and drawings (from Jane) for viewer satisfaction... (or maybe not...)<P>Those special entries will be in full colors while the regular stories are done in pencil and inked. ^_^ <P>and please advertise this site^_^. We hope to keep a consistant schedule (updates done during weekends mostly) and more appealing work. <P>So great THANKIES!!! in advance!!!<P>~jane and flora
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