It's "Game Over" for me.

Postby Klonoa on Tue Aug 21, 2001 10:34 am

Bad news. The section of the newspaper that publishes my game reviews is going under. Well, it's not going away, it's just merging with the business section. But at two pages, the game reviews seem doomed for failure in the business section, so I forsee my time there (5 years total) will end soon. <P>It couldn't have come at a worse time, either. With my limited Internet access situation right now, it makes it hard for me to search for a new respectable outlet to have my game reviews published. I just hope that I can find an outlet by next year when E3 rolls around. I'd like to attend it again.<P>Speaking of E3, next year it'll be during the week (usually it rolls into the weekend). And it'll be right before Memorial Day weekend. Maybe I can stay through the weekend and see some of the LA sights, like Universal Studios or something.<P>That is, IF I can find a publishing outlet by then.<P>Damn.<P> <IMG SRC=""><P>--Klonoa
(Watch Rush Hour, you can see what the LA convention center looks like.)
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Postby Yamcha Hibiki on Wed Aug 22, 2001 2:33 am

Suck, suck, suck, and suck! I hope something comes along your way, Cary, since I know how much you enjoy your work.
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