Cool new arcade games, monkeys in the mall, etc.

Postby Klonoa on Tue Jul 31, 2001 4:33 am

You know, arcades today just plain suck, so when a cool arcade game comes out every once in a blue moon, I like to talk about them. I went to Gameworks arcade at the mall this past weekend so I thought I'd tell you all about a couple of cool new games they had.<P>The first neat one I played was a Konami game called Police 911. It's like any other light gun game but with one key difference. In games like Time Crisis you have a button that you push to duck and reload, but in Police 911, you actually have to duck yourself to reload and avoid bullets. Similar to games like Dance Dance Revolution and Samba de Amigo, Police 911 has a floor mat that you place your feet on and there's motion sensors that can tell when you're standing or ducking. I had a little trouble with this game because I wasn't sure when I was supposed to duck. So I didn't do too well. It was still neat, though. Interestingly enough, Konami (who loves me) has announced a home version of Police 911 for the PS2. I wonder if it'll come with a floor mat and be GunCon 2 compatible? It's weird to be sure, but Konami has been announcing some weird home releases for the US lately, like Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix and a 3-D Frogger game that's not really Frogger at all
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Postby RainyDayMan on Wed Aug 01, 2001 2:32 am

The soon to be cyberzone in town east will be very nice, ddr 5th mix... snk vs capcom 2, virtua fighter 4, tekken 4, and 2 other fighting games.. at least. Plus some other cool stuff.
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Postby MukiSama on Wed Aug 01, 2001 6:49 am

What bothers me about Smashing Drive isn't the Crazy-Taxi-like look. It's, quite frankly, the fact that it uses the same hardware. Mind you, not the Naomi board, but a Power VR2-based arcade board. Anyone who knows anything about Naomi sees the problem with that. =3<P>Now, onto niffy arcades. Okay, I know everyone and their dog has seen DDR, but there's a 3rd Mix machine (NOT to be confused with USA Mix) five minutes away from me now! And a 5th Mix at a somewhat far-off NICKEL ARCADE! WOOO! Oh, and da comic be rockin'... don't finish it up until you sure you got all da big bang splammy you wanted in there, Yamcha! =3
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