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Here's some announcements from me. None are too important, but I'm sure you'll read them anyway because you're bored. Why else would you be here, right?<P>First of all, today, June 19th, is Garfield's birthday! 23 years of Garfield. Happy birthday! <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <P>I got some games to review today. Turns out I'll get to review Konami Krazy Racers after all. Yay! That'll get a good review of course, it's great (and so is Super Dodge Ball). I also get to review Pinobee: Wings of Adventure but I have no idea what that game is except it's a GBA game. I also have to review the PlayStation Atlantis game. Why? I don't know. You know, I thought Shrek was overmarketed, but no, Atlantis has it beat! There's already PC, GBC, and PSX Atlantis games, with a GBA one along the way. Then you have Atlantis pudding, with dumb names like Butterscotch Adventure, and the pudding is a unappetizing toilet bowl cleaner blue. And then there's Atlantis cereal, and all it is is Cheerios mixed with Cocoa Puffs. When you have little brothers, you get to know about all this kid stuff. But the thing I hate about the Atlantis game I have to review is that they want the review done pronto since the movie just came out. And that puts a big cramp on me because...<P>I'll be going out of town soon. Going to visit relatives in Alabama. I'll be gone all weekend and most of next week, so don't worry if you don't hear from me on this message board for a while.<P>And that's all.<P>--Klonoa
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