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Postby Green Wiggly on Tue Jun 19, 2001 1:18 am

Allright, here's what's on my desk at home::<P>A Rei Ayanami figure. (with the bandages on)<P>Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy story 2<P>A Vash the Stampede, the "shitty McFarlane version" as you put it Robbie. //^_^\()<P>A poseable Fei yen Kn from Virtual On<P>A Nuku Nuku figure<P>A Baneki neko<P>A Pokemon Zubat plush and a kitten Beanie Baby<P>The McFarlane Ryoko<P>Figures Squall and Selphie from FF8<P>It's pretty cluttered and I running out of room.<P>
Hail Il paratzo!
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