depth & breadth vs. fast & easy

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depth & breadth vs. fast & easy

Postby Syncline on Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:15 am

Has anyone else noticed that level of character and story development in AG far exceeds the actual strip count?

What I mean by this is that the comic seems scripted, thought out and plotted out far more than pretty much anything else I read online except perhaps schlock mercenary.
Taylor's doing Sci-Fi, so he has a whole universe to script and deal with, obviously there's a lot to do there; but Gothia's doing goth-romance fantasy, and typically this is an invitation to do a lot less heavy lifting in the scripting and planning department.
AG always feels like real people in carefully thought out, character backgrounds are layered and the whole thing feels and is deep. If you just look at the single-panel group portraits you can tell some thinking is going on outside the script.

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Postby Americangothic on Tue Jul 31, 2007 10:04 am

Hey! I'm glad you noticed that!

Lemme tell you one thing first off... this is the most dead forum in the world!

Secondly- yes, it is very heavily scripted. I wrote AGD as a romance novel and sent it off to be published-- so far, all I've gotten is one rejection letter. The other publishers have not replied back.

(That should all give you a hint as to how this will go-- boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy looses girl, then girl gets boy with a twist?? hahaha)

So I as I see it.. I have the next TWO YEARS of AGD scripted out at five updates per week. That's a lot of comic, but that's how I want to do it. I wanted to do something different in the world webcomics... a REAL graphic novel, not just some collection of barely related strips and story arcs.

When the first novel is done, I have no idea if I will go on and do the second novel that I have started writing in comic form. I'm hoping by that time I will have found a publisher and will be spending my summers traveling and writing romance novels in between bouts of my regular career.

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