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Postby Thomas Mauer on Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:59 am

If you don't have the link to the strip handy, here it is:


WHACKED! follows the high school adventures of Harry Palmer and Ronald Spitz who, admittedly, aren't part of the in-crowd. The poor guys are actually beset with all kinds of hardship but that hasn't gotten them down (and from the look at future strips, that's not going to happen, either).

The strip runs three times a week as can be seen on that nifty calendar. It's been fast paced so far presenting a mix of slapstick humor and tragedy which lots of people can relate to when thinking about their high school days.

WHACKED! is the creation of writer Dwight MacPherson who's written such books as Dead Men Tell No Tales at Arcana, Jim Reaper and Lil Hellions at Silent Devil, and a huge number of comic short stories and now also webcomics. Dwight's keeping so busy with the writing, I have no clue how he also manages to be in touch with dozens if not hundreds of people all the time.

Tono Ontiveros draws the strip. He hails from Mexico and fits in new WHACKED! strips whenever work allows him to.

Zac Atkinson, our colorist, has a day job lots of you are dreaming about having one day: He colors books for DC Comics including Teen Titans GO!

And I'm your host, the letter monkey. Click on the link in my sig and you can check out what I've been doing in the comics world and what's on my plate these days.
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Postby Dwight L. MacPherson on Sat Jan 13, 2007 7:00 am

Thank you for setting this up, brother!

I'd like to thank everyone who reads WHACKED!

And I'd also like to say that there are many surprises ahead, so please stick with us. :)
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