Age of Worms, DMed by TheDon

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Age of Worms, DMed by TheDon

Postby Thedon on Mon Jan 28, 2008 4:11 am

Twig Light Foot, Halfling Rogue...silent yet deadly..
Zoolen Human Fighter two weapon master of the short sword
Magnus Sturmherz Human Claric/Radient Child of Paior
Durn Dwarven chosen Cleric of Lordorn
Finious, the wise cracking Gnome Illisonist
These brave adventures went out and face the deadly traps of the Whispering Cearn..Chapter 1 begins.

Through various mean our younge noble..well mostly noble adventures set out to find 3 missing adventures
(which thye have yet to find), clues have lead them to a place ony know as The Whispering Cearn. They solved
many puzzles, braved traps, fought various monsters that seem to call dungeons home (i for one would have left a long time ago)
They found the body of young boy at a bottom of a deadly trap..which the halfing nearly meet his dimise from. Aulster Land's ghost had been living in said Dungeon since then, up until our brave and mostly noble party members

From the Cearn they came out victorious, with a treasure..a seemily ordinary amulet with unknow powers. From the cearn they travel to the farm stead of Aulster's family now long since dead. There they arrived to find their graves robbed and the home long since destroyed by time. Inside the home they fought and killed an owlbear mother, cowering in the corner was little hootie who Bonded with the Half Orc Ranger Named Krusk which the party had meet inside the cearn.
From there they went back to town to find out who robbed the graves, the only lead they had was the severd arm of a halfling with a strange tattoo.
The Party found themselves in a fine (ok not so fine, really a dive) Bar called The Feral Dog. After jogging the memory of the bartender...each party member down 2 gold peices down each (bartender normaly was easily bought by 2 Silver Pieces).

After questoning people and more bribes they found out that a person with the tattoo knew who took the bodies. later that evening at around 8pm the man in question arrived..
Krusk being the bright one of the group...started to question the man. The man being of just and rightous.personality was brutely question by Krusk. Krusk beat the man with the severed arm.
Just then the Valorious Pallidan of Hieronous who goes by the name of Samual Masterson, his friends Lillian Shmidt Healer of Pelor and Terrick Human Cleric of Pelor yet not as uptight and more willing to take part in the lesser elements of the world.
Samual being younge and headstrong, got the answers he needed. he dropped the man in question (who later will return and seek revane on them..yay playing possem) flat on his ass and left at once to deal with the real power behind the theiving of the graves. They soon found themselves standing before a building that once held a church in years gone by, but now the resident uses it for...less then lawful uses.
The party Charged the Tower and found thier way inside, all but Terrick, he optied to stay outside and failed to noticed a flying creature leave the top of the tower, seeing as the other adventures made no attempt at being silent as they entered the tower.

Terrick being of sound body and mind decided to use his grappling hook and rope to his advantage, he tossed the hook through what appeared to be an open window with a shattering effect he gained enterance to the second floor.
Floor below the party lead by the Ranger and Pallidan search for the vile Necro. They took care of the room full defensless undead enjoying a fine meal of roasted pig.
Terrick went a head with out the party to the next level of the Tower. There he meet face to face with the Necro. He found himself unable to move, moments later he saw the ground coming at him at a very fast rate. Unable to scream or cry out, he fell silently. The party a floor below saw his body fall to the ground and land with oddly silent crunch.
After being revived he told the party of the Necro at the top of the tower.
Mean while Twig and Krusk also dared the Necro, unwitingly they open the door and ran for thier lives, thier minds effect by the effects of fear, Krusk hide under some blanks, he didn't dare the might have a undead in it, Twig himself ran a fast his little legs would take him.

After a headed battle with said necro's undead, Durn just missed the escaping Necro, Sam taking a leap of faith also jump for the necro, he did not miss, he and the necro landed on our poor dwarf. After another session of questioning they had thier next clue, a worm in a jar and a place.

Twig coming for elements of Diamond Lake had enough connections to set up a meeting and also confirmed the name of the mine. Dourstone mine and the name Ebon Triad. unknown to twig, his connection works for the Triad. Twigs Connetion Smelnek had set them up as guards for the next shipment of food and supplies for the mine in two days.
As they returned to the Inn they were staying at, they found that Hootie had been kidnapped all that was left was a a single Feather and a note saying "Stay Away". Was the note left By the Triad or some other group or person who plays a bigger part in all of this. The party has yet to figure that out, going on that miners had stolen hootie which they got from the Inn-keeper and 2 gold short yet again.
Magnus being the leader of the group sent out Twig, Terrick and Krusk out to find another enterane or some other info they could use to get into the mine. Tehy had only one enterance to the mine.
They found only 3 guards, after taking care of 2 of the guards, Twig was told to take care of the guard and when asked about he it he replied "Non-leathal damage i was suppose to use that??" Magnus could only shake his head, the third had yet to return from his patrol.
The party went in deciding to deal with the 3rd guard when they come out. Krusk, Terrick, Durn, Magnus and Twig entered an elevator and went deeper into the mine. The doors open and before them stood......

Well i guess dear readers you will have to keep in touch find out more won't you. ha ha ha ha ha..
I can't wait to see what happen next and the other party now must deal with a band of Raiers who broke into a mine, killing one guard and the other is uncounted for...
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