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Postby Kurrel on Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:57 pm

Just a note, when I say more social...

It does not necessarily mean more courtier intrigues. I mean more character development, the characters evolving through their actions and the consequences. It's not D&D where the story is a loose structure to explain why you're going out and killing things.

You can play the complete yoyo without an ounce of social finesse and get by. You'll maybe meet a pretty courtier and start learning to impress her, or a stern and taciturn crab who thinks all courtiers are too posh and takes you drinking. :twisted:

Also, I have details about one character, and can start with him and let you all start joining in as it goes. Feel free to poke me for help, submit characters for perusal, etc, etc, etc.

All Smiles.
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