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Re: the latest rant

Postby Fourth Floor on Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:43 pm

I hope I haven't poked the bear this time. The last thing I want is those crazy Misfile fans coming after me again. Not that all Misfile fans are crazy - but the crazy ones are a nightmare. I'm just making it worse, aren't I?

Speaking of which - maybe this is why I never get any hatemail criticising the comic. They know that's precisely what I want them to do! Still, I've got to eat up criticism - the alternative is, as I said in the news post, being Tim Buckley. Not only does he delete all criticism for his forum and ban those who dare question his will, but just take a look at this: That's the discussion section for Ctrl+Alt+Del's Wikipedia page. Check out section 7 of the discussion entitled 'Critcism'. I've read through it and I am 98% certain that the contributor known as Thrindel is Tim Buckley. Not only does the phraseology and sentence structure sound just like Buckley, but most of his comments are CAD-style walls of texts! What's he doing there? Deleting all suggestion that Ctrl+Alt+Del, the internet's most hated webcomic, has been criticised by anyone. Thrindel's objections break down into four arguments, each shakier than the last:

1. Yahtzee's criticism of Ctrl+Alt+Del could have been about anyone's webcomic - since CAD is only directly alluded to twice. (It's like I said, Stage One: Denial)
2. Critiques that appear in other webcomics aren't notable and therefore shouldn't be included (which is rather circuitous, since many of those sources are notable enough to warrant their own Wikipedia pages and Ctrl+Alt+Del is notable despite being 'just' a webcomic.)
3. The VG Cats parody, whilst perhaps notable, was not criticism because the guy who drew it totally said he was just kidding and, like, you can't prove he wasn't kidding. I mean, where are the notable sources proving he wasn't kidding? He was just kidding. He told Tim. Not that Thrindel is Tim.
4. Yahtzee is a video games critic and therefore doesn't count as a critic of comics about video games.

Thrindel, who you totally can't prove is really Tim Buckley, concludes based on this tenuous argument that there is no criticism of CAD that meets the Wikipedia notability standards (as perceived by him) and therefore no criticism of CAD exists. Basically, until Wolf Blitzer says Ctrl+Alt+Del sucks on CNN, it doesn't count. This is why you can't ignore criticism, it exists to puncture the thick bubble of delusion that surrounds any cartoonist's head over a long enough time frame. It's too late for Buckley. He's like Gollum - he had the Ring too long, he can't go back.
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