Number 20

A main course would be the conversation of the comic in question, its interpretations and its future, with a delightful side dish of general chattery with some like minded people, I dare to hope.
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Number 20

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Just a few notes I'd like to make about the comic numbet 20.
First of, for it being the round numbet it is, I wanted to do something special. After some time I came up with this paticular design that may be a bit unconventional. However, it being the way it is, I am a bit curous about how people inturpit it. So, tell me. How did you see it?

Secondly, starting from the 20th comic, I decided to publis my works under Creative Commons. What does that mean? If you think you can modify any of my comics to something better (or even something worse), you are free to do so without even having to consult me. All you need to do is to credit me for making the original and not publishing the deriving work for profit.
You may also residtribute the original under the same conditions, if you want to, but I regard as less important aspect of the CC than the one mentioned earlier.

Also, while putting the comic together, I figured I might as well publish the images I used to make the comics under the same lisence. They can be found at my Deviant Art site at:
That means that if you feel inspired to remake the comic in any way, you now have just about every possible material available to do so.
Go on. Let you imagination fly. I ain't too picky on the results 8-)

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