Postby Cannonshop on Mon Aug 27, 2001 3:26 am

Oh, wonderful stuff of coffee,
Tea, and Cola, the very stuff that makes existence possible, that's right, Caffeine.
It makes Prisca human when she wakes up, it's the powersource of the future!
Now, I don't really know what sort of stuff they serve in the pocket, but it ain't coffee.
At least, It has Caffeine!
<I><B> brought to you by the Interdimensional Caffeine Marketing board, who says "Let your twitches be your guide."</B></I>
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Postby Calliope on Mon Aug 27, 2001 5:00 am

And now, for the deft crowning ironic touch:<P>I don't drink caffeinated beverages. It makes my heart go goofy. <IMG SRC=""> And I've never had coffee either, and don't plan on it. But caffeine-free soda pop's good. Carbonation in general wakes me up. Though I still prefer juice in the morning. Ah well, just my two cents.<P>------------------
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