A small update on the current situation

Postby Calliope on Thu Jul 26, 2001 12:20 am

Well, I just got back from Illinois a few days ago, and in less than a week I'll be flying out again to visit my boyfriend for a week. And meet his parents. (Should I be scared?)
(Note to Samalander: This is a poing-free zone. That is, you may poing freely here.)<P>Now, for the not-so-good news. Some may even go as far to call it bad news. (Oh who am I trying to kid, it's bad.)<P>The main reason for my trip up to Illinois was to spend time with my relatives, particularly my grandmother, and to help out around Grandma's house. That is because she is going blind very quickly. One eye was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration (the kind with the blood vessels bursting) and is already useless. The other is more difficult to pinpoint, as no one wants to give me the straight facts (>_<). From what I understand, that eye is affected by dry macular degeneration (the retina is detatching from the eye), which is SUPPOSED to be a slower process, but for some reason it's not. She can no longer read. My aunt also says she can't see more than shapes, which I don't know for sure, but wouldn't be surprised. I'm having to rely on everyone else's knowledge, and they're relying on everyone else's knowledge, and NO ONE knows anything straight from Grandma regarding how bad it really is, aside from no longer reading. ARGH.<P>And of course there's school starting in two and a half weeks...and of course, New Year's plans already in the works. More than that I cannot (and shouldn't, anyway) say...^_^, other than that is one happy thing in the midst of all this mayhem.
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Postby Samalander on Thu Jul 26, 2001 12:36 am

Poing free zone? WEEE!! *poings so rapidly he becomes a blur*<P>And you shouldn't be scared of my parents...erm...<P>*hugs* Really wish I could have seen your grandma before she lost this much sight.<P>And about the new years plans...*whistles innocently*
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Postby Cannonshop on Mon Jul 30, 2001 5:35 am

Bad before good:
Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. <P>Now the good.
You should not fear his parents for one reason: It's good luck if the future in-laws don't get along. Moderate luck if they do, but a genuine curse if you get along with the parents better than the, ahhhh... Significant Other. Don't ask me why, but it's something I've observed in nearly everyone I know. (Consider that most of my friends and co-workers are divorced...)<P>Now for the wild-assed guess:
"You're planning a Wedding-like activity of some sort, aren't you!!!!"
Congrats. <P>------------------
Next time... less C4.
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