When did Hemlock started using cards?

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When did Hemlock started using cards?

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in this "preview"(page bottom) http://legendary.comicgenesis.com/d/20060904.html , one of your earliest comics, hemlock dont seem to be using any tipe of cards, she seems like a normal caster.

when did she started using cards? =p

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Well, cards were always one of the options, but at the time I made that, I only had a vague idea of, "I want her to have one of those weapons that shouldn't be a weapon." At various times, that included cards, a book, an umbrella, and a boomerang. When I made that, I didn't want to pin her down with anything in case I changed my mind.

I'm pretty sure it was Baten Kaitos that ultimately made me decide on a deck of cards.
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True, but an umbrella would have just been pure awesome.

Cards are funnier, though. As proven by Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.
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There should be more female characters with bottles of mace as their weapons. *nod*

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And more male characters with bottles of Axe as their weapon!