Filler Issues?

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Filler Issues?

Post by Phantom64 »

Sorry if my e-mail didn't get through to you Lewis, damn windows mail doesn't support hotmail. >.>

but I had a thought, would you be open to having people make "filler issues" of Lightbringer? I'm nowhere near Chad's skills at this point(but I'm decent enough) and I have my own webcomic hero in the works, but I'd love to keep the Lightbringer fandom stimulated. I'd hate to see it end and I'd love to make a issue of Lightbringer while you look for a permanent replacement, what do you think? If you want some examples of my artwork I'd love to send some to you...pending you have something Hotmail-relatable. ^^;;

And I can't be the only Lightbringer fan with some art skills, anybody else want to join me in keeping Lightbringer afloat? (if Lewis permits it)

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Re: Filler Issues?

Post by billc83 »

It's interesting you brought this up. I was thinking about e-mailing Linkara about this very same issue.

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. I do, however, like to write. I've even written a few comic book scripts which are currently being held back because of my lack of artistry. My dreams exceed my capabilities.

BTW, I know this is my first post here. I've been a fan of AT4W for a long time, but rarely post any replies to the videos. Guess it's good to know there's fans of Lightbringer outside of those who respond on the forum.

Phantom, if you'd be interested in trading e-mails, I'd love to see your artwork. I would gladly send you some of my work for evalutation. My e-mail address is billc83 (AT)

Of course, it's really just fanfiction unless we get the blessing of the man himself, but we can always dream, right?

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