Theories and questions on Crossoverkill

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Theories and questions on Crossoverkill

Postby Phantom64 on Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:52 am

Well a new webcomic crossover event is in the works, so far everyone's favorite snarker Mindmistress, a new guy called Energize(need to look him up), and the transgendered magical girl Yuuki are on this roster, with them revealing the next 4 every Tuesday. I know they won't spoil who's on the group, but I want to ask a few possbile questions.

Specifically if Lightbringer will be one of the returning heroes or if Lewis will be helping out with Crossoverkill. I remember on his video Q&A he was bummed that he didn't get to contribute to it aside from letting them use Lightbringer.

Another question is what other heroes do you hope return? I know not all of them can return (need to give the others a shot)

For me I hope either Dasien, Green Avenger, or Ultra come back in Crossoverkill.

Dasien because she was a hilarous superheroine, Green Avenger because I think she deserves another shot after spending most of Crossoverlord as The Smiling Man's brainwashed goon, and Ultra because I love Point Guardian and like to see him bumped up from minor character to main roster you know?

Sadly I don't think Mechanical Girl Lisa A.N.T. will be returning. it's been 2 years since its creator even updated it so I don't think it will ever get finished, let alone join the fight again. :(

So what about you? Any heroes you want to guess could be on the roster?
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Re: Theories and questions on Crossoverkill

Postby Linkara on Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:41 am

Sadly Lightbringer will not be participating - really it's just a matter of not enough time to work on it.

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