The Scripter's Conundrum

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The Scripter's Conundrum

Postby GabrielWingue on Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:48 am

Hi, My name is Gabe, and I suffer from Class 10 Liefeld's Disease... wait, that's not right. I don't have pointy toes and I do very much have eyes...

Okay, my actual problem is one that I find a lot of people who love/write/draw comics have. I am a crippled by a stunning inability to draw, I just can't... I know that there are lots of people who go "anyone can draw it just takes practice", and I will admit if I wore down a couple hundred pencils I'd probably be better at it... BUT, the point is, I am a great scripter/writer/person, my inability to draw has been balanced with a fantastic ability to script and/or write.

Just out of curiousity. Who suffers from this same problem? Or the inverse problem?

For anyone who's wondering where this is coming from... It's because I see Linkara often talk about the shortcomings of the art, or possible misunderstandings, etc. ... And the art is way better than anything I can draw (except logos which are strangely my specialty). But yeah...
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Re: The Scripter's Conundrum

Postby Core on Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:27 pm

I don't think I suffer from either, but what I do suffer from is something that everyone does, which is that I look back at my art and say "I can do better then that." John Romita Jr. even admits to doing the same in part of an interview for the first Spiderman movie as part of the special features.

Sometimes you don't have to be the greatest of artists to be in comics or a writer of comics. All you need is to find an artists that you mesh well with to get your artistic vision created. That can be a hard tasks, since sometimes an artists has their own ideas as to how things should go, and might make changes a writer doesn't like. Hopefully you will be able to fine an artist that you work well with and can bring your scripts and characters to life. Still, it doesn't hurt to keep at drawing on your own, making little scribbles of how you envision characters, settings, and objects, since that can help out in the creative process. I find myself doing that a lot in the scripts that I write out, making small sketches in the margins of things, such as emblems.

Just keep working and don't give up. ;)
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Re: The Scripter's Conundrum

Postby Gear001 on Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:55 am

I have a very similar problem. I can write beautifully, and I have been complimented on having exceptional dialogue when I write stories. I have many great ideas that may make it big, but my art isn´t very good. I do consider it better than the first few issues of LB, but that´s not very hard (No offense Linkara). I draw in a psudo-Anime style that sometimes makes it difficult to proportion things. Another problem is that I prefer to draw in pen, but I can only do idea sketches with that. :cry:
So buddy, you´re not alone. Maybe if I get better at drawing we can work on a project together. XD
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