Don't know what to say, exactly...

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Don't know what to say, exactly...

Post by Alschroeder »

I've really enjoyed Lightbringer....I like his character, his sticking to old-fashioned heroic principles, his struggle with the pacifism he was brought up with and the need for action, etc.

And I know it's folly to make someone work at something they no longer enjoy....

But if it's just the art....did you look into positioning software? Or go to other forums, like I dunno, deviantart or penciljack, and ask for artists?

You still have a lot of options. Ask around.

Can you stand one more bit of art criticism? Your art has improved quite a lot since you started...but I've mentioned this before, and it doesn't seem to be seeking in...

The head is roughly as wide as it is tall. A mistake many beginning artists have is to draw the more expressive features larger than the rest, because subconsciously it "doesn't matter". But if you take your hands and put one hand on the eyes and one on the back of the head, and then, trying to keep the hands in the same relative position, move the one which was on the back of the head to the top of the'll find your other hand, which was on your eyes, is now roughly where your chin is.

Your profiles don't reflect that. In the latest Lightbringer, you have two shots of LB and his alter ego. In both, the head is only half as thick as it is tall. (Which is better than it USED to be, when you first started out they were roughly a third as thick as they were tall. But hey, my early webcomics were awful in art too. We all improve.) Proportions are VERY important.

You're not alone. DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN talks about how a lot of people do that when they first start out drawing.

I hope you find an artist, or get inspired by your drawing class, or whatever. I've very much enjoyed LB and his cast of characters, and it would be a shame if it ended there. ---Al
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