"Sometimes, the Law fails!"

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"Sometimes, the Law fails!"

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Let me see if I understand correctly:
*Slavers (or Slavers-related group) use numerous captives for unethical experiments designed to create superpowers
*The FBI discovers the operation, but decides not to disrupt it before having enough evidence to convict (since otherwise, the culprits could start all over again)
*Fire kills most captives.

Hm. That's actually an interesting "what's the right thing to do?" scenario. Jump in and rescue the current prisoners, but risk the same thing happening again soon? Or risk leaving them to their fate, if it gives you better odds of ending the problem forever?

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Post by Linkara »

Slavers-related group. A paramilitary group that had business dealings with them and didn't find it unethical to perform experiments on humans. Back in Issue 3, when the FBI approached Lightbringer with being their agent in finding evidence against the Slavers, they knew about a lot of their operations going on but didn't have any evidence against them.

One such incident was their knowledge of the experiments. Lightbringer thinks they held off on rescuing the people because they cared more about the experiments themselves than the people involved in it. The Code Poet says they held off because they lacked evidence needed to arrest anyone there and, as you say, the culprits would be out of jail in a day and start all over again. A fire at their base kills all the remaining captives (a good chunk of the captives were murdered by the experiments themselves) except for Lady Analemma, who manages to escape. The FBI never find her body and they do manage to recover some of the records on it, including the fact that the tests were mostly successful on Lady Analemma (the time-stretching powers weren't what they were going for, but they settled for it). In the interests of full disclosure, the FBI releases information on all known victims of the Slavers dead or alive.

Indeed, I was hoping for creating a better moral dilemma this time than the last time. ^^;

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