Mister Threat

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Sun tzu
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Mister Threat

Post by Sun tzu »

One of the funniest strips so far. Not sure what was better - Carter mocking Threat, or the "I swear, if you're here to commit evil acts for the greater good..." line. :lol: Glad to see Carter has, at least, noticed the trend.
Something's bugging me, though...Threat's shot took Lightbringer by complete surprise, right? So...why is he still alive? I don't remember him having auto-shields (then again, coming from Evil Inc., I wouldn't put it past Threat to start with a weak shot to get his enemy's attention because killing him outright would be too anti-climatic...)

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Post by Linkara »

Mister Threat's energy beams are actually percussive blasts, so if he fired hard enough he could probably do damage to Lightbringer, otherwise yeah, I consider him old-school villainy who wants to get in a good monologue and let his enemy know who will defeat him.

Of course, because of Lightbringer's taunting, he's going to skip the monologue and just go right with the killing. :twisted:

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Post by Hogan »

I would like to add that this is one of the best beginning of a superhero/villain battle I've seen so far... the details and dialogue fits so perfect in with the elements, and the old-school villany of Mr. Threat is put off the tracks by a welldone taunting... :lol:

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