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Discussion of the Lightbringer comic, the Lightbringer universe (includes Angel Armor books), comics in general (webcomics or printed), superheroes, philosophy, and general chat between members.
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Rules of the Forum

Post by Linkara »

All right, just going to lay down some ground rules here.

1. No flaming, no angry arguments. This forum is for fun and enjoyment, not to get pissed off. If you've got a problem with another forum member, take it someplace else.
2. While discussions of adult topics is permitted, no posting adult images. Links to adult sites are permitted as long as you place a warning stating that it is an adult website.
3. Spamming is right out, of course.
4. Since Lightbringer takes place in the same universe as Angel Armor, discussions of my books are considered on-topic and may be discussed here (like any of you have really bought the books, anyway. ^_~)
5. Philosophical discussions, even ones running contrary to Lightbringer, are perfectly free to discuss... just bear in mind some people might not agree with you on them. ^_~
6. Political discussions are also valid, but as in rule 5, bear in mind people may not hold the same opinion as you.
7. Since Lightbringer is also an examination of superheroes and comic books, feel free to post reflections/promotions/opinions on comic books, be they superhero or not.

Rules will be added/changed as I see fit. Have a good time!

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