The Exciting Adventures of Osprey!.. and that other guy

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The Exciting Adventures of Osprey!.. and that other guy

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We all know Hannah has issues with getting branded as a sidekick, and looking back at the series she’s got a point. Lightbringer got thrashed by the Werres revenge squad and was only able to take them down with help from Legato Sin. Hannah on the other hand took them down with barely any effort and sent them running away like pansies. And she killed the immortal fire monster.

Not only does she seem to have Carter beat in the abilities department but she seems to have a broader field of experience. Carter’s abilities are pretty impressive but Hannah’s not only freakishly strong but smart enough to reverse engineer Power Glove’s technology, which would certainly be more useful for adapting to the various types of villains we saw in the trial arc (magic, technology, ectc) than Carter whose stuck with a rigid set of abilities and doesn’t really have any other skills so to speak.

With all this in mind I can’t help but wonder how much longer she’ll be content to play second fiddle to a guy who seems to be a notch below her in every level. The one thing he seems to have ove her is maturity. Carter usually plans his strategies well in advance, while Hannah goes with her gut and makes some very suspect choices (like her experiment in the first issue, it doesn’t matter if your Bruce fecking Lee taking on Woody Allen if the other guy has a gun or a knife). But you could still argue this isn’t rock tight. Carter’s pig headedness with Code Poet was pretty churlish and Hannah even called him out on it. And considering she’s only just an adult her immaturity will probably fade before long. Even her age isn’t that big an issue. According to her bio she was living it rough most of her life and she was scrapping with crooks before Carter became a superhero.

You have to wonder just how stable her partnership with Carter is. She’s not one for taking orders (and frankly I think she’s quite right not to) and she seems pretty pissed about Carter pulling a Rorschach. Honestly I could easily see her not only going her own way if thing between her and Carter but it could escalate into a small scale version of Civil War (hopefully one that doesn’t suck).

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