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So... what do you think?

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:40 pm
by SergeXIII
Hey everyone, I'm the current artist for Light Bringer.

If you are (for some reason) familiar with my work, you'll know that I don't often write stories with action, but instead stories favoring comedy or drama. That's why I joined Linkara on this project, to get some experience drawing super heroes under my belt. Therefore, I would like to hear what you think of the new look to Light Bringer. Am I drawing people too lean? Do my drawings lack movement? Is Light Bringer flying awkwardly? Let me know, I'll appreciate it.

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:11 pm
by Gear001
Wow... look at all of that spam.

And to answer your question, I quite enjoy your art. With all respect to CR, I find his stuff was a little on the flat side, to many completely solid colors. Yours adds some 'grit' in a positive way, it makes things feel more real and less detatched. Also, the style looks a little Manga-Animeish in nature, and I generally prefer that over DC/Marvel art styles. Keep up the good work my friend!

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:41 am
by Arillius
Alright so... ignoring the porn spam.... and guessing that you may still be reading this, not sure if the spam chased you away, I want to add my opinion into this. I want to start off by saying that so far I love your art and do have some praise to share after the... er... it would be rude to call them complaints, wouldn't it? So... criticism? I also want to give a quick wave to Linkara, if the porn spam hasn't chased him away, and say that I love the story from start to end, save a minor complaint I posted a while back, and love that it's continuing. Also that I'm a big fan of just about everything he does and wish I knew a way to say hello to him aside from a forum post in a forum I don't even know if he reads anymore.

First, let me go with what I don't like. And so far, that's really only a few things.

My biggest issue so far and the only real complaint I would have that I would say needs immediate looking into is that when LB flies I believe he bends light and changes it from a wave to semi solid particles to carry him. Only none of your images of him flying have any light being shown around his body as in previous renditions of LB. Perhaps a personal tough to make him more your own version, or maybe even a story detail where he's getting stronger and no longer needs to invest such power so overtly, but it hasn't been mentioned in the story yet and I would think such a thing, if a story detail, would be more gradual. So... make with the glowy please? XD

Second I don't like how you draw the people when you have their entire body in the image and while standing. Let me give two examples. The first is

This come, panel three. The two people to the right look a little odd, almost cut and apste, for some reason, though it doesn't help that they are at least a story tall when in comparison to what I'm guessing is a two story building. A little awkward.

Next is in this comic, where I have two points to note actually.

Both in the fourth panel. the first is that LB looks a little blockish and the second is whatever is happening to his mask. I don't know why, but instead of conforming to his face it looks a little off, and I mean that literally. You can actually see it sort of hanging off. Not sure if it's supposed to do that, but in the other images it does not appear too.

You manage to draw LB fine as a fully body when he was flying, so I don't think it's that big of an issue, just something that jarred me just a little when I looked at those images.

Then the next thing is that I do think LB looks a little lean, but I actually think that kind of makes sense. We're also coming off of the the almost buff version of him from the last artist so I can't say the change wasn't a little jarring when i did a catch up read. LB is a store manager. From what I can see so far, he relies on his powers in a fight. He wouldn't really be a very buff person. So it's not really a complaint so much as a nod to something I actually didn't like about the last artist's version.

Now, with the few criticisms I had out of the way, let me get to the stuff I like. The backgrounds are beautiful. The landscapes work amazingly well to set the scenes. Aside from that one time where the two story building seemed too small (Above note) the city looks like a city and sets the scope. I actually hope we get an image or two of LB flying over it just to see what you can do. Your expressions, one of the few complaints I had about the last artist, are amazing. The art isn't realistic in any sense, but you manage to convey grief, annoyance, anger, hatred, and even something as simple as the spark of an idea when they realize they have a clue perfectly. The the other artist was great with a great many things, but LB always seemed very... unemotional with him. He shot a light beam out of his hand with the previous artist and he seemed almost bored, though I think he might have been going for determined... maybe.... That never seemed right to me. Another thing and this ties in with the background, is your detail with the setting and background. Buildings. Pictures. People. Little things that add up even if our eyes skim over them that make it seem more alive. Something as simple as scattered notes and a glass of water on the attorneys table in the courtroom all helped set the scene in ways people don't fully recognize.

One thing I look forward to seeing is how you handle actions scenes. How you handle LB using his powers. I had already hoped to see it with the flying, but I already did enough complaining and I should be nice now. You are a great artist and I hope to see you continue with LB for a long while.

Oh, alright, one more complaint. Why is there porn spam on this forum? Are the spammers really that desperate?

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 8:41 pm
by SergeXIII
Thanks for the feedback guys. Something to keep in mind is that these first few pages of Light Bringer were all drawn in a time crunch as I was knocking them out in the middle of a 62 hour work week, an ordeal that has now ended so you should see less slip ups from here on in. I was particularly iterested in how my leaner drawing style would be interpreted by you guys, and Its good to know that it really works for Carter.

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:52 pm
by Phantom64
Before I give feedback, I have to say, I think Lewis needs to find a new message board site. Comic Genesis' is filled to the brim with porn spam and virus spam.

As for the art I do like it, though I have one complaint. You need to differentiate the character's body types more. Everyone is stick thin skinny so far. Personally I think Lightbringer is too skinny. I know he's not Superman ripped but from previous art styles he does have some meat on his bones.

That's just my opinion, overall you have a good style.

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:08 pm
by Caswin
For whatever it's worth, I may not be qualified to go into much detail about the artwork, but broadly speaking, I like what you've done with the place. What else did you say you've done?

On a particularly positive note, emotion, expressions and body language stand out to me as, well, fantastic. So, good work on that. If I have any criticism, I actually like the characters' body types as a stylistic choice, but on a second look, the way that even Player Big looks tall and skinny is a little weird. (Or is he supposed to be?)

Re: So... what do you think?

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:15 am
by Linkara
Sooo, yeah, sorry about all the spambots. I really need to visit the forum more regularly to deal with that. ^^;