Baduka Devojka

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Baduka Devojka

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Remember that girl with the one-panel cameo in “The Darkness and the Light”? Well, the sheer lack of information on her left me with questions. So I came up with some answers.

Baduka Devojka (Future Girl)

Dunja was born with the power to gaze into the future at will. She can check how anything’s going to turn out, but only what she’s looking for. (Example: She can look for where someone will be in the next 2 hours, but won’t see a flood coming unless she’s specifically looking for a flood.)
As a child, she used this power to become an unbeatable gambler. She built a massive fortune over the years on nothing but playing cards, dice, and lottery tickets. Her mansion shows as much, having a casino motif and containing massive (and perfectly functional) replicas of roulettes and slot machines. Dunja is so carefree and obsessive with gambling that many consider her highly eccentric hedonist. Which is true.
But the leisurely life of the billionaire becomes stale after a while. So when news spreads of a “Lightbringer” in Pharos City, Dunja decided that it sounded like a fun little diversion. So she created “Baduka Devojka”, an alter-ego who would fight crime. She spent much money hiring people to fashion gadgets for her. These include razor-sharp playing cards, playing cards that produce holograms, and dice grenades with different effects based on what number is rolled (stun grenade, tear gas, knockout gas, etc.). Dunja isn’t awfully familiar with comic books, so the fact that her costume is one and the same with Captain Atom’s is lost on her.

That's what I came up with. Feel free to scrutinize. And while you're at it, how about we hear some other people's speculation on the mysterious Baduka Devojka?

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