Bwahaha! Check the logs!

Postby Kitsune76 on Fri Aug 31, 2001 10:36 am

OK, apologies to non-Keenspace cartoonistso ut there for this post, but for those of you who *do* have a Keenspace cartoon, have you checked your new logs? One function tells you what search words have been used to find your comic, and the list there is just *bizarre*.<P>So, "lesbian porn" I can understand (both words appear way too much in this strip) but "nipple"? <P>I really *don't* want to know who found me searching for "jack the ripper gynecology". Actually I don't want to know who searched for that *regardless*. And the whole "adult comics" thing annoys me because this *isn't* an adult comic! It's fairly suitable for younger people. Hell, I think they *should* read it, learn about queer culture.<P>Surprisingly, someone searching for "boy meets boy and sandra" got here, so thanks Sandra. And yes, there's the ubiquitous "mariyza campos" reference (All hail Maritza! All hail Maritza Campos!)<P>Right, I'm off to London.<P>Kitsune<P>------------------
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Postby Maboo on Mon Sep 03, 2001 5:02 am

I LOVE that feature. <IMG SRC=""><P>OK let's see....<P>naughty knickers - Most popular August search string. *raises an eyebrow*.<P>Oh yes, Maritza's there. Several times. As is sex comics.<P>Animorph hentai? 0_o. Day of the week panties? I blame my Framed fanart. "Boy Meets Boy and sandra" - Aw, nice. <IMG SRC=""><P>CHINESE SEX COMICS?!<P>Garden of Eden picture... people are still searching for the CRFH Dave fanart I suspect. Alien hentai? Alison frank? Animorph yaoi?<P>The last one takes the cookie: <P>blotto i want to be a lifeguard <P>WHERE that came from I dunno. 0_o<P>Mab
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