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Red Zone: Director's Cut

Postby Moonshadow on Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:24 pm

Okay, it won't really say that, but it's a good way to refer to it. ^^ I've been wanting to start doing some Artists' Alley tables at all the cons I go to (to give the trips a little more of a point), and this is one of the things I've decided to sell. It'll be a print version of the comic, printed in hybrid format (color pages on the site will remain color in the print copies), with minor changes (hence the "Director's Cut" name).

Basically, I'm doing minor art retouches, and fixing spelling/grammar errors. A few of the retouches are less minor than others; since I'm doing all future Dreamworld sequences in color, I'm also going back and coloring the ones that have already been done. I'm also getting rid of the pre-rendered flowers that used to be used for Tsuki's garden, using flowers I've drawn myself in their place.

Chapters 1 and 2 are a bit of a pain, though... because I (without forethought) cropped the master files, I have to adjust any pages with bleeds to preserve said bleeds, while moving the other panels into the "safety zone" of the printed version. But at least it's going fairly well; I've gotten though just over half of the first book, which will combine chapter 1 and the original prologue. I'll post further news on it here as I work on it, and if you have questions, ask them here too! :)
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