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Nothing left?

Postby Erendor on Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:09 am

Discovered this comic from the Comic Genesis Artist/Writer Classified Ads post in their general forum...and it looks really nice so far. Just wondering - it's not dead, is it? The advertisment for a writer /did/ occur quite a while ago...:S.
If there's still life left in it, consider me an applicant for writer. I'm reading through the archives right now, and I must say that the first few pages of the prologue alone made me all tingly and stuff. I really like the concept, is what I'm sayin'. Just plain sounded cool.
I will, of course, be sending an e-mail off to the artist once I'm done reading them (shouldn't be so long, I'm easily addicted to webcomics and I've done 8-hour marathons before >_>;), so I can make a more informed request, but I thought I might let this linger in the meantime.

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Postby Moonshadow on Mon Oct 30, 2006 7:11 pm

Oh, it's regularly updating. ^^ I've got updates actually uploaded until I think November 20th, at which point I should have the next one ready to start immediately after. Like I said in email, I did choose a writer, but I'm taking omake scripts. ^_^

It's really just the forum that's dead. *pokes it with a stick*
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