It's ending???

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It's ending???

Post by Alschroeder »

So...just tired of it, or not enough time, or what? Not chastizing; you've done this daily during the week for years, and you've more than done enough...just curious...why now?
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Re: It's ending???

Post by ChaosBurnFlame »

I'll be totally honest: Before the first piece of paper was drawn, before I signed up for a Comic Genesis account, before the first crude script was hammered out, Point Guardian was always meant to last 5 years.

I've drawn nearly 1500 pages in those five years, met a lot of great people, and had a lot of fun. I also got to tell a story that was a part of me for at least five more years, something I was writing and plotting since middle school. I love the feeling of bristol beneath my fingertips, the smell of india ink, and the sight of a completed inked piece. The feeling of accomplishment of finishing an issue, let alone 60. I've done something few could say, in print or web: I saw my creation through, from meager beginning to end. I came in with a goal, one that I have successfully met. I've gone through at least one nervous breakdown a year, trying to balance the comic with work and my life, but it's not a pain I would ever want to go away.

This creation was a labor of love, born from the love I have of the superhero genre, something that's more and more being mistreated by it's current stewards. This run has also seen the beginnings of me learning to be a comic artist, and the death of my mentor and comic book legend Wayne Howard.

I'll always be around, writing and drawing other comics. Point Guardian is my first, though, and I'm glad I was able to crack my skull open and let it flow out.

And remember guys: Superheroes are an ideal to aspire to, not to deconstruct or mock.

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