Is this webcomic still active?

A place to discuss the plot of "Hepcats," and a place to post updates and things as they are done to the site.
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Is this webcomic still active?

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Crewbrothers and crewsisters;

It has been said to me that bumping a topic of a certain age- i.e. the only other thread here so far, which dates back two years or so- is considered often to be a bad idea, so here it is.

Interestingly enough, my acquaintance with Hepcats as a published print comic began with #11 (the original DD printing), which I believe is the next installment for the current webcomic. Mind you, as I have seen no activity on the Hepcats CG page since discovering its 'resurrection', I have no idea whether or not to expect any frequent updates. What little I have heard online of Mr. Wagner's travails between Antarctic Press' reprints (all of which I own, if it's worth mentioning) and the present day does not engender a great deal of hope in me. Of course, having only heard from online posters and not having met the man himself- online or otherwise- I can only presume certain facts to be accurate beyond what little I do know.

In any case, I'm glad Mr. Wagner decided to attempt to restart Hepcats in some form or another. Erica's backstory had only begun by Issue 12- which AFAIK was the last printed work to date, other than the 20-30 pages of Way Of The World (which I think were quite good), and as a 'catch-up' fan (having only discovered the series at #11) I was looking forward to seeing more of HC after #12. As there have been no posts in this forum for close to two years, and no activity on the main page since November of last year, I would very much appreciate it if someone of authority here, should there still be active monitoring of this forum, would post me back with, hopefully, some degree of update. I am very fond of the albeit-short run Hepcats had, and I hope Martin will continue working on rebuilding the Hepcats' fanbase.


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Re: Is this webcomic still active?

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I sincerely hope that despite the lack of activity and the e-mail link that doesn't work that the last 2 issues will be up sometime, I'd love to see them. As it stands that would seem to me, what with Snowblind being in trade that those two would be something of a commodity everyone would want to check out. Also they're amazing. It would be fun to have Way of the World appear as a supplemental feature.


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Tips For Entertaining And Unique Camping out Escapades

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Camping Guidance To Create Your Next Journey Excellent

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