Transcribing/Searching Now Available

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Transcribing/Searching Now Available

Postby Mandaliet on Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:37 am

Does anyone still read this forum?

Well, I set up an account at Oh No Robot (because I noticed Modern Love had done this, so I thought, "Oh, that's right, I was going to do that... I think I'll do it now!")

This service allows transcriptions to be made of each comic, which can then be searched. In other words, you can go to a comic, click the "transcribe" link (if it's there), and type out what the people in the comics are saying. You can also do a search for text in the comics that have been transcribed.

If you have nothing better to do, go ahead and transcribe something! This would be neat.

Here's a list of recently viewed comics that haven't been transcribed.

There's also now a "Random" feature, which only returns comics that have transcriptions, for some silly reason.

Comic updates will show up at some point, but first I want to finish my commenting system, but I'm being incredibly slow about that.
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