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Re: Fangirls at the Gate

Post by Kazokuhouou »

Xuanwu wrote:
I am totally humming Mokushiroku right now. Integra had better use these powers wisely, or she might end up transformed into a car!
You say that as if Intecar would be a bad thing.

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Re: Fangirls at the Gate

Post by Athos »

But, if Timothy's her Rose Bride, does that mean Timothy gets to drive the Integra-car? Because we all know Alucard would throw him into the trunk if he tried.

Bugger. Now it's getting crossed up with the Akio car. Thank you so very much, Xuanwu.

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Re: Fangirls at the Gate

Post by Animikean »

Awwwh, Anita... and Yomiko cradles her so tender

(read through again) where's Junior?

I was under the impression he exists because the two of em' were shown together (I think that was chibi-him Joker was describing) and an apocalypse is happening around here.

Maybe if you address him it opens you having to include Miss Deep and I can't remember if she's been here, but just please don't kill him (at least not offscreen)

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Re: Fangirls at the Gate

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Elwin "Blaine" Coldiron

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