War Was Begining

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Re: War Was Begining

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Xuanwu wrote: I bet Enrico's new pope mobile looks like a puma.
How dare you, it's called a Chupathingy. :P
Mrrout wrote:
Chaos Priest wrote: even if Iscariot hadn't suppressed the other personalities she'd still be there, and while she might not come out as often she'd still hurt a lot of people when she did, so it would be best to put that violence to a good cause rather then have it unleashed on innocents.
good cause..i'm not sure..
Well, in Yumiko's eyes it's a good cause. Plus, I'm thinking she's a little susceptible to suggestion, and, well, if Maxwell says it's right...
BigKwell wrote:(reads latest strip)

I would hate to think that Yumie was the original personality! :o
Heh. *sheepish* That was my original theory.

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Re: War Was Begining

Post by Felis »

This may be slightly off-topic, but where can we find scans of the manga, now? I tried the link from the first page or two, but it never started downloading. It just kept trying to find sources. :-( I can't afford to go buy more mangas right now, but I really really want to know what's going on! And ATU-BOTI's down or gone. Gaaah! Sorry for the whining!

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Re: War Was Begining

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Felis wrote:This may be slightly off-topic, but where can we find scans of the manga, now?
Try this: http://manga.bleachexile.com/hellsing.html

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