Redeemable vs. Irredeemable

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Redeemable vs. Irredeemable

Postby Xuanwu on Sun May 10, 2009 1:40 am

Here's a break down on the Millennium characters who could be redeemed (i.e. join Hellsing) and those who couldn't along with my reasoning. I figure this is a fun topic since The Plot is coming.


Schroe - He was born into Millennium, meaning it's all he's ever known. So his membership could be seen as a result of his upbringing rather than inherent evilness. Let him cuddle Seras's bosom some more and he'll turn. If anything, he'd do it because it might be interesting.

Captain - The only other "true monster" than Alucard. He's not needlessly cruel (see how he gave Heinkel a medkit) and is very loyal to his master, the Major. This loyalty is likely the reason for his affiliation rather than a deep seated belief. If he could be convinced his loyalty was misplaced, he might be able to turn and be remade like Alucard into a freak hunter.

Rip - While she kills quite a few people, she's arguably one of the only Millennium members with no civilian blood on her hands (that we know of). She only kills the traitors on the carrier and troops sent to retake it. Her troops demonstrate considerable loyalty to her when they confront Alucard to try and save her. Her sins aren't great enough to rule out being able to pay penance.


Zorin - She loves hurting people and takes pleasure in their suffering. That kind of psycho can't really be fixed.

Major - He loves war. As much as he might respect Integra, there's no way he'd change sides for it, though he'd certainly try to bring her to his side if possible. He'd die for his ideals, a conviction not even Vlad Tepes demonstrated.

Doc - A completely amoral scientist who cares little for human life insomuch as he can use it for creating new things. By this point, it's too late for an ethics class. It's very unlikely Doc would ever change his ways. At most he might be made a "useful" mad scientist Hellsing could employ for his genius while keeping him under tight controls.


Dandy - Not sure where Dandy falls on the scale. On one hand, he sends innocent policemen to their certain deaths and seems amused by it. On the other hand, the amusement may have been in anticipation of his battle with Alucard and the cops may have been sent in by their superiors. At worst he displays the same casual disregard for bystanders that Alucard does.


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Re: Redeemable vs. Irredeemable

Postby Frey on Tue May 12, 2009 8:43 pm

You make good arguments and would probably come to same the picks. However, I would think that Dandy does not really have any positive qualities that would make him a toss-up but rather just irredeemable. Furthermore, I am not too sure about Schroe and Rippy being redeemable. Both heavily identify themselves as Nazis with their use of the Nazi swastika. Rip has served the Nazis since WWII. With regards to cuddling, I think Schroe has spent too much time in the Major's lap. For the Captain, there is no explaination at all as to why he even joined Millennium. Was he defeated by humans and bonded in servitude just like Alucard? The chip implanted in him could be a reason but there nothing that suggests that Millennium had made use of implanted chips during WWII. Also, the Captain does not wear the swastika but a totenkopf. It is known that both the swastika and totenkopf (akin to the Jolly Roger) were used as insigne and other symbolic uses for hundred years before the Nazis adopted them as their symbols. Resulting in today's social stigma, which the Jolly Roger does not have.
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