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The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:05 pm
by SailorPtah
Shine is by a fan, for fans . . . and full of fans as well. Fangirl storylines are anything but sparsely populated; there's a comprehensive list of fans here. Nevertheless, every storyline has had its limits, and there hasn't been much flexibility.

So let me throw this question to the world: If you could be a fangirl of anything in the Shineverse, what would you be?

This is NOT a fangirl storyline application form. Filling this out will not get you into any comics, nor will it preclude you from applying to be in comics in the future.

But I'm still interested in the usual details:

1. What's your name?

(If it's gender-neutral, and you would like your gender identified, please specify.)

2. What do you look like?

Detail, detail, detail! Reference pictures are sexy.

3. How do you act?

This is the place to talk about your personality, especially as it manifests in fandom.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

Any character that has appeared so far in Shine is fair game: those from Hellsing, those from other series, the originals. So are people from the same series as Shine characters, even if they haven't made their debut yet. So are things that aren't technically people. (See: the fangirl of Alucard's guns.) I've gotten people requesting to be fans of two people at once; go for it! And I'm sure people will think of ideas I haven't seen yet. In this thread, anything goes.

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

Again, go for whatever you would ideally like to see.

6. Let's hear that rant.

Since this isn't for the comic, there's no limit -- in content or in length. Go wild.

7. Anything else?

This is the place to pimp your website, as well as mention things that don't fit into the other categories but might be interesting.

This one's a free-for-all, folks. Have fun with it!

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:40 am
by Xuanwu
1. Xuanwu, or just The Professor

2. *Points at avvie*

3. Mad scientist. MUAH HA HA HA HA!

4. Who? My love goes to three: Yomiko Readman, Integra, and Rippy. While that's kind of in order, Integra and Rippy are locked in a constant (and very sexy) battle for #2. Yomiko's position as #1 meganekko, however, is quite secure. If I had to pick among the boys, Schroe and Doc fill my fanboy heart with glee.

5. IxR is perhaps my most "out there" ship. I ship Yomiko x Rippy because I can. If all three settled down in their own Scottish castle somewhere, that'd be great. Integra as the bread winner, Rippy for housekeeping (including hunting), and Yomiko to keep the books. Rippy and Yomiko wear naught but aprons when indoors, much to Integra's continued amusement. And since it's in Scotland, Laura pays a visit now and then.

With Schroe, I'd want to shrink him down to fangirl dimensions and cuddle him fiercely until he turned blue. With Doc, I'd work with him to create all kinds of awesome projects, like making giant robots or portal guns. We'd both strike up mad scientist laughter as our projects then went wild, rampaging through cities and causing havoc. That or we'd sputter and cough when something blew up in our face. I love mad science!

6. I prefer interacting with the characters like here rather than ranting.

7. *Points to sig*

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 12:24 pm
by Illusionist
If I'm not too late, my fanboy profile:

1. Illusionist, I guess. I'm not in the habit of giving out my real name online, but if it's absolutely necessary, Jake.

2. I'm pretty tall, but not unusually so. I have fairly dark brown hair, down to my shoulders. It curls slightly. I usually dress entirely in black, so if you were to draw me it probably wouldn't be too hard (hint hint). I'm white, in case you were wondering. I'm really skinny. Seriously. You can sort of see my ribs when I take off my shirt, which, thankfully, I don't do very often. I don't wear glasses or jewelry apart from the occasional necklace. I can't think of anything else important off the top of my head, but I could supply more details if you wanted.

3. I act quite a lot like a cat. If I can find a comfortable position, I'll avoid moving at all costs, but when I'm motivated I suddenly gain the energy of 20 men, until something more interesting distracts me.

4. Schrodinger! You gotta love cat people (I refuse to say "neko") (Apart from when I said it just then)

5. I'd love to see Schrodinger returned to his former intelligence. After that, I'd like to see more of the arrogant Schrodinger, the one who was horrifyingly insubordinate, but tolerated because he was the best man for the job.

6. WOOOOOOOOOO! Schrodinger! Yeah! He's so cool, even despite the Nazi thing, and that isn't really his fault anyway, like Frankenstein's monster can't help being made of corpses. He's not evil anyway, there's just no way he could be properly evil, he's just too cute! Like 20 kittens in the body of one kitten and the kitten's wearing a little pimp hat or something, that's how cute he is! And he's got the uniform, which usually I wouldn't like, but he makes it look good somehow, which makes him even more awesome, and he just sits there at the bottom of Montana's chair like a real cat only better! And you can tell he's special just because I'm fanboying him, and I usually don't fanboy people with the exception of Trent Reznor and maybe Alan Moore, but Schrodinger's just as cool as either of them. I love how he's so arrogant and egotistical, and how he teleports! I wish I could teleport, but it'd never be as cool as when Schrodinger does it! He makes everything cool, he could sing a Britney Spears song and somehow he'd make it cool, he'd find a way! Everything about him is made of pure undiluted awesome so yay Schrodinger!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 23, 2008 6:56 pm
by Reeku
1. What's your name?

I go by Sissy, a name almost everyone knows me by, or Reeku, a nickname used usually by close friends, though neither is my real name. If there's still any confusion about my gender (sankyu, Androgynous Icon-san~), I'm a girl. c:

2. What do you look like?


I'm tall, lanky and flat with short, reddish-brown hair cut like a boy's. Aside from my clothes, which don't really matter, that's about as well as I can describe. My sketched reference is pretty accurate though.

3. How do you act?

Shy and nervous. I probably couldn't articulate a whole sentence in the presence of Integra. She would humble me so, but that wouldn't stop me from clinging to her like, well, a fanatic.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

No contest, whatsoever: INTEGRA~!

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

I'm fine with just being near her. I'd love simply a positive acknowledgment from her instead of the typical annoyed response to fannish behavior, but I probably don't deserve one.Okay, so maybe some AxI wouldn't hurt me none. ♥

6. Let's hear that rant.


7. Anything else?


I'll re-do my rant later when I have the time, K?

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 12:47 pm
by Winged Knight
Hello. I'm a new guy, but I've been a fan of your comic for ages now.

1. Name: Winged Knight. I'm male, and if you absolutely need it, my name is Sam.

2. What I look like: I'm about average height and pretty stocky. And I always seem to have a five o clock shadow no matter how much I shave. The peach fuzz always returns in a few hours. Brown eyes and hair, and my eyebrows are pretty bushy. Here's a pic of my face. I can put a better one if you want.

3. About me: I'm typically pretty quiet and reserved, for the most part. Small talk isn't my thing. But as soon as the topic goes to something I find even the least bit interesting, I'll talk your ear off. I like to quietly observe characters, until they do something awesome, at which point I'll start grinning like a madman and root for them.

4. Alucard is my main point of fannish admiration. Everybody else comes up a very close second. At the Hellsing house anyway. I don't like Iscariot much at all.

5. I like seeing Alucard be bad-ass. He just does it so naturally, and I just think it is monumentally cool.

6. Well, for the most part I wouldn't rant at all. I'd just be happy to sit on Alucard's head and just grin a bit. But as soon as he did something awesomely cool, I'd grin insanely and start going like this. "Bow before the might of Alucard pitiful ones! Feel his power crush you and despair! Oh ye pitiable fools, you know not what you provoke! He will take your hopes and dreams and crush them under his heel! He is the ultimate power, the unstoppable warrior! He will inflict upon you hurtings of great magnitude! So wallow in your despondence, wallow for you now know that he is the ULTIMATE BAD-ASS! Mwahahahahahahahaha!"

7. Got no website. Just thought this would be fun.

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Fri May 02, 2008 11:56 pm
by Michigami
well, since i've been lurking around a good bit i might as well join in while the opportunity presents.

1. What's your name?

Michelle, usually shortened to Miche, also known more popularly as Michigami

2. What do you look like?

5'9", slightly heavyset, usually seen wearing a knee-length rainbow crochet coat, and blue jeans. Knee-length dk. brown hair usually back in a single braid, glasses that i've been told make me look like rip and major's evil fanfic love-child, and a walking cane.

3. How do you act?

Like Gir, but less insane and more random, with slightly more ability to concentrate, but easily distracted by bishies and cosplayers, especially bishie cosplayers or anyone brave enough to cosplay millenium members, especially Doc. (bellyshirt of DOOM=win) also easily distracted by books and manga, don't give me a new book and then try to talk to me for a while, 'cos i'll be head-to-pages until it's done in one sitting sometimes. I'm mostly quiet and serious, just absent-minded, and a little bit fantardish when it comes to kohta hirano's works, and hellsing in particular.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

of comic specific chars, Timothy, currently. Normally shro or pip depending on the mood and conversation.

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

Timmy needs a solo adventure mission someday, something simple like a bit of a hazing/test by the others, like being sent halfway around the world on a mission to deliver a package, and having wild adventures and meeting crazy crossover fun and danger on his own, only to arrive at his destination and find out the box he was defending so bravely was empty the entire time, and the real purpose of the mission was to help him find his strengths.
and pip should be there somewhere along the line trying to get the poor boy drunk and laid to "make a man of him before the religious life ruins him", and timothy barely escapes his attempts with his virtues intact to continue his mission.

the comic-esque fangirl form of miche would prolly be trying to ride around on pip's shoulder most of the time, and fling dr. house type snipes at people who are rude or dismissive of her fandom, and prolly poke them with her mini-cane as well and threaten with things like "don't make me go Yoda on you" when insulted.

6. Let's hear that rant.

Timothy is adorable. he's the new window into the old world, shining the light of naiivete onto the things we've already known and accepted, but he has yet to understand. plus he's just adorable... and makes a great foil for jokes.
Now for some RABID fangirling point me towards captain or doc, but doc has that whole "avoid like the plague" crazy creepy thing too like Hojo and Muraki, which creeps me out, but he would seriously be awesome to sit down to tea and cookies with and plot the fall of society and perhaps a few interesting experiments for the good of science... and maybe for fun too. :twisted: And captain... well, he's pretty to look at at least... shirtless... suspenders... dangerously low pants.... *drools*
*coughs* ahem, anyway, and then there's pip. Aside from his grandpa being a superhero sex god who braves the nazis to save his girlfriend in "coyote", pip himself ain't half bad, and his hair's almost as long as mine. XD Plus it's so almost nauseatingly sweet and heartbreaking at the same time to see him and seras flirting, especially in the 4th OVA once you know what's gonna happen later on... But at least he gets his wish to be with seras, just not the way he wanted to XD
and schroooo. ^_^ schrodenger is just so cute he makes your eyes bleed and your teeth rot from the evil saccharine sweetness of DOOM, 'cos the "of doom" just makes it cooler than he already is. any old-school rpg gamer will tell you that anything "of doom" is usually awesomeness in a can.

if if weren't 4am right now i'd fill an OBSCENE amount of space with fangirling rants. as it is, i'm one of the few fangirls who know how to edit their rambling, or at least try vaguely... somewhat successfully...

7. Anything else?

Da Michigami is a cosplayer, artist, designer, author, and seamstress who sells plushies and stuff online to fund my many obsessions. I'm also on Gaia as Michigami.
deviantart -

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2008 12:55 am
by Tommygunner70
1) Name: Thomas Coenraad Helsdingen.
2) Physical Description: Buff, standing tall and proud. has a small scar at the right corner of the chin, a tiny "anderson" Scar if you would.
Photo: ... g_0010.jpg
Video: ... 3533&hl=nl
In that photo he is wearing his clothing for special ocations. also note, he has a 'Walter' Style pony tail at the bace of the skull, the tail is 19 CM long. (See Time indext 00:28 ~00:30 of the video)
3) Respectful, Sharp, Soft spoke but harsh when needed, Open to opinions and differant views(even on sexual matters). always seems to be on his guard like a soldier.
4) Alucard
5) Latch onto Alucards right hand, mainly close or on Alucard his index finger. Argue about his weapon of choise.
6) the rant: "You got to love Alucard! No Live King and badass Gunman. Too bad Alucard his guns are not real or I would love to buy them. Why doesn’t integral outfit Alucard with 2 chrome plated .50 desert eagles? Now that would be cool! Or if you really want to get down to it. Give him a Browning M2 machinegun without its tri-pod to log around, Full-auto frenzy!" "I am a IxA shipper, and I believe that the idea of them having a kid together rocks!"
7) I am a fan scanlator of 'gunslinger girl', Home forum: (registration needed to access my works)

Note: That movie was officially for the Gunslinger Girl comunity i run with, still good material to see how i look like.

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 8:36 pm
by Athos
1. What's your name?

Athos will do, though I go by Dumas in most other corners of the Net.

2. What do you look like?

Asian, boney, not too tall. Something based on my appearance in the Catholicon storyline is probably close enough since the fanboy sprites are so small and generic.

3. How do you act?

Quiet, silent most of the time, though I generally don't back down from my positions on things unless given some convincing reasons. Might surprise people with unexpected rants on random topics at times.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

This is tough...lessee...

Tenjou Utena, and through her, Juri Arisugawa
Monica, Countess Mildrake from Emma and possibly an old flame of Integra's grandfather in that time travel arc
Stephan Colbert and John Stewart; Colbert showed up in the Catholicon storyline
Heinkel; if I could draw worth spit, I'd probably do that plane-girl thing with her as a terrible pun

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

I want to see Juri, Monica, and Heinkel get completely drunk and say funny things. Actually, on second thought, just get drunk and make out. I don't think anyone wants to see Juri and Monica get all weepy over Shiori and Eleanor and the drama in their lives.

Or just have Heinkel sing Deutschland Uber Alles. I'm sure there's a nice voice hidden in there somewhere.

6. Let's hear that rant.

Too sober to rant now. Gimme a bottle of something strong and something might come out.

7. Anything else?
I'd love to see Silent Mobius crossed in, but the timelines just don't match up very well. At best one could shoehorn in a globetrotting couple with two very odd children.

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Sun May 18, 2008 11:04 pm
by SailorPtah
Athos wrote:Monica, Countess Mildrake from Emma and possibly an old flame of Integra's grandfather in that time travel arc

...oh, man, I can see it.

Athos wrote:I want to see Juri, Monica, and Heinkel get completely drunk and say funny things. Actually, on second thought, just get drunk and make out. I don't think anyone wants to see Juri and Monica get all weepy over Shiori and Eleanor and the drama in their lives.

Ahahaha. So true :D

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 5:13 am
by Shadowfax272
Tommygunner70 wrote:1) Name: Thomas Coenraad Helsdingen.

Best. Name. Ever.

I must nick this for some of my fiction some time ¬_¬;

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2008 6:11 am
by Tommygunner70
Shadowfax272 wrote:
Tommygunner70 wrote:1) Name: Thomas Coenraad Helsdingen.

Best. Name. Ever.

*Huffs* Right... I dont find it that special really...

Shadowfax272 wrote:I must nick this for some of my fiction some time ¬_¬;

Go ahead if you want too. I dont care really.
just so you know...

First name: Thomas Coenraad.
Last: Helsdingen.

also note that people mostly call me "Thomas" or "TC".

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2008 12:17 pm
by Chaos Priest
1) What's your name?
I usually have a policy of not giving out my name on the interwebs. Still, if you must call me something, you may call me Allen Loveall.

Please note that this is not in fact my name, but it is close, and I've been thinking of using it as a pseudonym for a while now anyway. As for where it came from, Allen is what my older brother wanted to name me when I was born. As for Loveall, while that may not be my last name, I am related to Lovealls (FYI, while I don't know if it is the historically correct pronunciation, my family has always said it the way it would sound if it were two separate words, love-all), and in fact was helping to represent that side of the family about 14 years ago during rather large family reunion. They had me carry the flag my mother made for the occasion. And I also had to wear the matching T-shirt. It was bright yellow. It had little puppies on it, and kittens, and tweety birds, and little... pink... hearts...

What kind of sickos make a 10 year old boy do something like that anyway! D:

2) What do you look like?
I am approximately 6'1" (not that this matters in fanboy form), weigh in at approximately 245 pounds, and sadly I can't honestly claim there's a lot of muscle in there. I have reddish-brown hair (just don't ask me if it's more red or more brown, as that seems to change on it's own fairly often) that is usually held in a ponytail that reaches almost halfway down my back. I am clean shaven. My eyes are blue and I wear grayish glasses with kinda oval shaped lenses. My skin is pale, unless I have been out in the sun for more then 5 minutes, in which case it is either pink or red. In the way of clothing, I almost always wear black pants and shoes. My shirt will usually be either a T-shirt in some shade of gray, or a button up shirt in either blue or green.

I realize that a photo would probably be a lot clearer, but as much as I don't tend to give out my name I really don't like to have my picture taken. That being said, I suppose there are a few completely unhelpful pictures of me online already if you want to look at them. They be found on my deviantArt account on the following pages (any accusation of a desperate attempt to get page views is ridiculous):

The Highwayman
Have At You!

There see, I told you. Completely unhelpful.

3) How do you act?
Well, I like to crack jokes if you haven't figured that out yet, but really for the most part until I actually get to know someone I am very shy and quiet. I tend to have a bit of low self-esteem really. I try to avoid confrontations most of the time. I also have a tendency to show emotion easily, as I blush at the drop of a hat (which can be quite embarrassing on a windy day when everyone is losing theirs) and when nervous I have a tendency to get a deer-in-the-headlights look accompanied with stuttering or mumbling if I actually try to say anything while in such a state. As far as my humor goes, a lot of my joking tends to be more on the spontaneous sarcastic or semi-witty remark to something somebody else said. My personal favorite is taking a common saying or offhand remark and treating it as if it were literal.

4) Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?
Hmm... it's a tie between Walter and Seras. Walter is cooler, but Seras is also a good character, and definitely has him beat in the looks department.

5) What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?
Seras: Me :P
Walter: Slicing up something with those wires is always cool.

6) Let's hear that rant.
To be honest, I'm kinda blanking on what to say. It's probably just as well, as if I were to ever meet them, I'd probably be too busy stammering and stuttering to get a coherent word out edgewise.

7) Anything else?
Well, there's my deviantArt account as mentioned above. I also created the TV Trope page for And Shine Heaven Now, which more of you people need to contribute to.

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 1:56 am
by Zebrin
1) Name
Zebrin, sorry but I sorta have to keep my name secret online... opsec...

I am a 6' tall male 180lbs with a slight tan. Black Military style hairand brown eyes(I wear glasses.) I am thin and muscular because of my job. If I am in uniform, then I am shaved, other than that, I wear a beard... most people look at me and call me a rail. as for what i usually wear, I wear jeans and a t-shirt... mostly blue jeans with a white or black t-shirt. At other times I wear Full ACU's because of my military duties.

When in uniform, I act completly profesional. I act as a fully trained combat medic. (Doen't mean I can't pull pranks...) when I am out of uniform, you can usually see me swordfighting with my brother, or doing something completly random and/or insane... that, or I am at my computer... or eating...

4)Object of Devotion
Alucard, and integra. and the dojinshi-ka. (You said anyone that had appeared in comic...)

5) Actions
Hmm... I dunno, mostly just them being them... it would be fun to watch.

depends on who I latch onto...
If it is integra... I would probably latch to her and start going off on how strong she is, how accurate she is with a pistol, and how she is such a good leader, and what hellsing would be like if she wasn't there...
If I latched onto Alucard I would end up yelling about both him and his guns and the way he transforms and how he can make zombies and what he can do against secton XIII and again, what hellsing would be like without him... (Really really boring... pointless even...)
If I latched onto the dojinshi-ka... my rant would probably be about her artwork and her takes on the storyline and her site, and all the nice things she can do, and how happy the comic makes this soldier and yeah...

7)Anything Else
Can't really think of anything... sorry...

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 8:42 pm
by Shadowfax272
Ooh...uniform, glasses, black sound very sexy :P

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jun 03, 2008 10:47 pm
by Zebrin
ehm... thanks? not quite sure how to answer that one...

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:01 am
by Schuldig
A bit late, perhaps, but how could I stay away from this...??

1. What's your name?

Schuldig. Okay, it's not my birthname, but it's my Internet handle and what most people call me.

2. What do you look like?

A little on the Seras-side; short and busty. Though my hair is much longer, more curly and thick and quite red. Green eyes. I blush a lot (not due to shyness, but because of this damn compexion!)

3. How do you act?

Pretty normally; a bit shy sometimes, but get very enthusiastic fandom-wise and can talk for hours if I find someone willing to listen. I have a snide sense of humour, barely any patience with humans but infinate amounts of the same with animals (do vampires count?) I'm almost always smiling, sometimes to cover up nervousness but I'm generally rather positive.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

Alucard, Alucard aaaaaand... Alucard! I love that darn vampire so much.

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

You mean apart from getting it on with Walt... *clamps shut* Erm. Anything, really. Though popping just one or two buttons open wouldn't hurt, ya damn prude! *shakes fist* I'd be happy to just sit perched on his shoulder and enjoy the view.

6. Let's hear that rant.

Hehe, no limits? Okay, here we go... I'm sorry I can't code this reply so that you can skip this and just go to #7, but I trust your scrolling skills. ;)

The reason why I love Alucard so much is (apart from the shallow fact that he's gorgeous) that I relate to him a whole lot. And yes, I'm aware that that is only a good thing if you like him as much as I do. *g* While he willingly claims to be a monster, I see him as very human instead. First of all, it's no wonder he went a little mental if you have a look at his history. Handed over to the Turks (and all that entailed); his father and older brother killed, betrayed by his little brother which led to the suicide of his first wife... and so on and so forth. Anyone would go slightly potty in that situation. The reaction - to recounce the God that he'd lived and fought for when the only "reward" for all that toil and death was, not a glorious kingdom but death and destruction and the hands of the Turks - is extremely human. I'm by no means a religious fanatic, but I've done it countless times myself when life has been pissing on me. People need someone to blame, even in times where blame can't always be placed. So, renouncing God and instead accepting an offer that can seemingly make you all the more powerful in exchange for your soul... bad idea, yes, but understandable. I'm not so sure I wouldn't have fallen for it myself. "I did everything that God told me, and look what happened! Here's someone else who offers me direct results, without me really having to work for it!" If I'd had a chance like that; the chance of gaining powers that could rid me of my enemies and put fear into them, I think I'd go for it. I think I would believe myself to be strong enough not to fall for the evilness of it all - not me! I mean, I'm not evil, not really. I could handle it. Other people might not have been this strong, but this is me. I can do it.

See how easy it is?

In other words, I don't see him as very evil at all - a bit looney, perhaps, and seriously wanting to be percieved as evil, but I tend to think of him as having been very misfortunte, and having done the wrong thing in response to a hopless situation. Again, quite human.

(Okay, rant over. Sorry for the theological inputs, but they're hard to avoid in this case! *g*)

7. Anything else?

I'm usually seen with my nose in a book. I love reading, and writing ( profile here: - there's even one chapter of a Hellsing story! I love animals (have three, two cats and a horse, all adopted) and archery, and I cosplay. I could go on, but I doubt it'd be that thrilling to read for the rest of you... ;)

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:33 pm
by Marajsky
1. What's your name? Marajsky

2. What do you look like? I'm 5 feet tall, red/blond hair, 200 lbs, brown eyes. ... D=18086537

3. How do you act?

I'm the plane Jane, very old fashion, quite but friendly and when I think two people belong to eachother I try my best to get them together and not let anyone (or thing) get in their way.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

Well in Hellsing world Integra and Alucard (They sooo belong together!!! AxI FOREVER!!) I'm also a Star Wars Fan (that's how I got my screen name, Mara Jade Skywalker (yes Luke's wife) ) I also love Inu-yasha, Bleach, Death Note and some others.

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?
I would be the first fangirl that would split into two at attack both of them and push them into eachother!! hahahaha :wink:

6. Let's hear that rant.
They sooo belong together!!! AxI FOREVER!! Don't let anyone get in the way, we all know they are both straight, so don't let anyone (male or female) get in the way, MOVE IT!!!! They are sooo made for eachother. We want a kiss, a real wet passionate kiss, so they both feel in to their toes!! YESYESYES, MOREMOREMORE!!!!!

7. Anything else? Nope all done, hope I don't offend anyone with my rant, but it's my rant right? hahahahahahaha LOL :lol:

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:21 pm
by Brynnie-chan
Hehe. Around the time of the ROD/Hellsing crossover, I realized that had I been a fangirl in that storyline, I'd have been quite confused about what to do. Y'see, Alucard is my all-time ultimate favorite male anime character... and Yomiko Readman is my all-time ultimate favorite female anime character. So, I imagined the rant that will follow, even though it never got into the comic.

1. What's your name?

Brynnie-chan to you. For those who are still confused, I'm a girl.

2. What do you look like?

About 5'5", chocolate-brown hair that reaches an inch past my shoulders, eyes that change from blue to green, extremely fair skin, average lips, slightly thick eyebrows, not really thin but definitely not fat. Long-waisted and long-legged. I usually depict myself wearing a black T-shirt with white sleeves, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

3. How do you act?

Around new people, I tend to be quiet and shy. My friends are the ones who know I am anything but that. I love learning all I can about topics that interest me, and if someone should mention those topics (Greek mythology, Broadway, Marvel comics, fight scenes in Hellsing, Shakespeare, Heroes, etc.), I will talk about them until my throat hurts and my tongue is dry. I'm very musical, and have a habit of bursting into song if anything reminds me of a lyric. I'm a bookworm and a puzzle nerd, and can almost always be found with a Sudoku book or Thomas Harris's Silence of the Lambs or whatever I'm reading or working on that week. I'm a little over-dramatic, gesturing a lot when I talk and emoting a lot vocally. I also use onomatopoeiae a lot more than most people, in place of adjectives or just while doing little things throughout the day.

4. Who (or what) is the object of your fannish adoration?

Going by Shine, as I said, I have two true loves: Alucard and Yomiko Readman. Other Hellsing characters I like include Rip van Winkle and Anderson. I think the canon pairings of AxI and PxS make the most sense, but going by the fanfiction I read, the pairings I ship are AxS and AlucardxRip. Still, I know those probably wouldn't work. (They're just plain hot, okay?!) Also, probably because they're my two extremes, I think Alucard and Yomiko would make an interesting couple.

5. What do you want to see him/her/them/it do?

Hmmmmm. Well, I always do love Alucard/Anderson fight scenes, but the pairing is icky. If possible, an Alucard/Yomiko fight scene is always appreciated. Or have them make out, whichever works best.

6. Let's hear that rant.

OMG IT'S ALUCARD! He's so cool and so powerful and so sexy and - (screeches to a stop) WAIT just one cotton-pickin'-second! Nobody told me YOMIKO was gonna be here! She's AWESOME! (swoops over to Yomiko) But I signed up to be an Alucard fangirl... I should stay loyal! (switches back) But Yomiko doesn't have that many fangirls... she needs support! (switch) But Alucard is so different from Yomiko... he's arrogant and smug and sadistic, but he totally deserves to be that way 'cause he rocks so hard that it's just the truth! (switch) But Yomiko is so sweet... she could kick someone's ass with a bookmark and still blush when she gets congratulated! So adorable! (switch) But Alucard is so hot with his blood-colored eyes and his pointy-toothed grin and his Victorian chic outfit - (switch) But Yomiko's so cute with her librarian coat and her nerd glasses and her pretty hair - (switch) But Alucard is so amazing - (switch) But Yomiko's just like me - (stuck between the two) But - but - but - gah. (collapses from awesomeness overload)

7. Anything else?

Not much. I coul say more about both these characters, but I'm creatively spent trying to do that switch-thing.

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 6:03 pm
by Driftgunner
1. Driftgunner

2. Filipino (so slightly tan), 5' 8" kind of stocky, close-cropped black hair (almost like a buzz cut), wears glasses if not wearing contacts, tendency to cosplay either Shaun from Shaun of the Dead or an Metal Gear Solid 4 Praying Mantis PMC like the guy on the left in this picture.

3. Gun-crazy. loves guns, loves talking about them. Is willing to go on and on about any particular gun or have a back-and-forth discussion about guns.

4. Is a fan of both the guns in the series and the people that wield them. Is a fanboy of Alucard, Seras, Pip, and the Hellsing trooper and their Jackal/Casull, Harkonnen, AK-47, MP5 or M4A1, respectively.

5. Jump from Alucard, to Pip, then to Seras, then to the Hellsing trooper, discussing/ranting about weapons with any of them.

6. Alucard rant: "OH MY GOD! It's the man himself, the duke of dual-wielding, Alucard! You're so awesome, with your Jackal and Casull, man! You kick so much arse with those things, and they're such big guns, too! I wish I could have a 13mm or .454 Casull pistol, but then I couldn't possibly handle the recoil! -_-; I'll bet your guns f**k the s**t out of anything they hit! dude you are so awesome! The color of awesome is Red! Which is what you wear, so you wear awesome!"

Seras rant: "OMG it's Seras! I luff you so much, Seras-chan, you and your awesome Harkonnen. You're so pretty and sexy, with your fanservicey uniform-- no wonder Pip has eyes for you! And you kick so much arse too, with your Harkonnen, tearing a hole in a wall of undead! You're the ultimate combination of little girl, big gun, and that's why you are such a great character!

Pip Rant/discussion: "Wow! Pip! You are one of the coolest characters I have ever seen! You wear an eyepatch, cowboy hat, and carry an AK-47! You are such a cool mercenary! You picked one of the best guns ever made, you know?"

Pip: "Really now?"

Driftgunner: "Yeah, really! The AK-47 is a Russian-made juggernaut! No matter what you do to it, leave it in seawater, sand, mud, fresh water, snow, muck, whatever, It will fire even if covered in any of that stuff!"

Pip: "You sure know your stuff."

Driftgunner: "What can I say? I do a lot of research."

Hellsing Trooper Rant/Discussion: "Whoa-em-gee! A Hellsing Trooper! I have so much respect for guys like you, risking life and limb keeping England safe from the forces of the undead. You guys had the best sub-machine gun ever made, the MP5! What happened?"

Hellsing Trooper: "Sir Integra decided we should upgrade to M4A1 Carbines. Apparently, the MP5 was not up to our standards for dispatching ghouls."

Driftgunner: "Eh. The M4A1 is okay, I suppose, but there's not much stopping power. The bullets the M4 uses are weak, small, and they tumble. They just won't put down a ghoul as fast as they should. Not to mention they aren't very reliable, since they have a tendency to jam a lot."

Hellsing Trooper: "If you have any ideas, I'd like to hear them."

Driftgunner: "Upgrade to the Barrett M468. It looks almost exactly like an M4, but it shoots a bigger round with more stopping power, and its new firing system is more reliable."

Hellsing Trooper: "I can take it up with the Armorer, but I'm not sure they'll change our guns just because a fanboy pointed out one's more reliable than the other."

Re: The Would-Be Fangirl(/boy) Thread

PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2008 1:06 pm
by Catsy
X3 I've been longing to do this. Maybe one day I'll get to fill out the application for real. X3

1. What's your name?

Catsy.(Yes, I realize I'm nicknamed after one of the four sisters in Sailor Moon R.)

2. What do you look like?

Pretty much like the character in my avatar; minus the chibi-ness, and the wolf ears and tail(which isn't shown). Plus my glasses do have ear pieces. I tend to wear at least 4 necklaces at a time, one of them is my Anderson cross necklace that I got off e-bay, and five rings ALL the time.(3 rings on the left hand, 2 on the right.) In height I'm short. Five feet even. =P

3. How do you act?

Rather shy and timid at first around new people; around those who know me though....I'm a whole different person. X3 Random, weird sense of humor, weird taste in things in general, and I'm hentai. X3 VERY much so. X3 Usually nice, but tick me off and you'll regret it. I've got two swords and enough upper body strength to swing them. >=3 Emotional. Moody. And that's about it I think.....

4. Who(or what)is the object of your fannish adoration?

Father Anderson. I may like some of the other characters, but it's Anderson all the way for me.

5. What do you want to see him/her/it do?

Fight Alucard. Fight scenes are nice.^^ CHIBI fight scenes are better though. Tee-hee. Chibi Anderson and Chibi Alucard trying to fight each other and not doing much damage 'cause they're all cute and chibi. <3 That, or seeing Anderson naked. X3 (Do a strip tease padre! What? I told you I was hentai.)

6. Let's hear that rant.

Squeee! Anderson-sama!!!!*glomps*I want to unholyify you! You're so sexy and can bend so far backwards that it makes me think you'd be fun in bed. And you have such a sexy accent. Regardless of what some people say I think you're Irish and not Scottish. I don't know why people say you're Scottish. And you're so tall; you're taller than Alucard, and who cares about him anyway? He's not all that great. He's not even all that attractive in my opinion. I'd rather have you! ALL of you! You use bayonets for weapons which is so nifty, 'cause bayonets are a type of bladed weapon and I like collecting bladed weapons. I have two swords. Oh but your bayonets are better since you get an infinite amount of them, Where do they all come from anyway? Is it a miracle like the loaves and the fishes? I don't care if you're a psycho priest; you're still hot and I still love you. And besides you have a really kind side when it comes to caring for children. True it doesn't make up for all the murders, but it's a start. And where do you get your regeneration powers from? Was your DNA altered? There's a rumor that your DNA was altered with vampire DNA, and that's how you can do what you do. You're so awesome!*clings harder*

7. Anything else?

Hmmm....nah. Not really.