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Other webcomics

Post by Dchan »

Other than Shine , what other webcomics do people read?

Here are two of my favorites:

No Rest for the Wicked - a beautifully twisted fairy-tale crossover extravaganza, starring a thin-skinned princess, a talking cat, and a menacingly awesome girl in a red cloak.

Sparking Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - Magical girls. Short skirts. Fanservice. A perverted plushie. A guy who turns into a girl. Oh, and more fanservice. Need I say more?

(For the record, Shine is definitely my favorite out of all of these. ^_~)
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Post by Silentmagi »

A couple of my favorites are:

Ozy and Millie: Rather funny and enjoyable comic strip about two young foxes and having to deal with a society that is often times completely insane, yeah, reality.

Megatokyo: School girls, robots, ninjas, 1337, goths, romance, guardian angels (Okay, so one's a hamster...), Piro. So much to love, and Piro's like a male dressing Bridget. What's not to enjoy?

I also read SGVY mentioned by dchan, and have an off and on again relationship with Okashina Okashi.

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Post by Xuanwu »

I read Okashina Okashi in the sense that I'm its writer. :D

I have a long list of comics I enjoy. A handful:

Questionable Content

Dr. McNinja

Chugworth Academy


Venus Envy


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Post by Frey »

I read a variety of webcomics.

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Post by Open_sketchbook »

Penny Arcade, Fanboys, Megatokyo, Misfile, VG Cats, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Pixel Comic, and many more.

I also draw a pair of comics, though inconsistant computer functionality means I haven't been able to update in quite some time.

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Post by Chaos Priest »

Well, I read quite a few comics. Some of which have already been mentioned. Of the ones that haven't though, my favorite ones are (besides this one of course):

El Goonish Shive
This has got to be my favorite webcomic (uh, no offence Erin). Not only does it contain much in the way of humor and transformations, both species and gender, but it also has some of the best written characters I've ever seen. After a while you actually start to care for them, and I'll admit I was actually a little upset a couple of times when things looked like they might not work out for them. Just keep in mind if you are going to start reading it that it doesn't start getting good until towards the end of the Sister storyline.
That and this was one of my first webcomics, and its forum was the first forum I joined. My being introduced to forums as a Bunny might explain just why I'm so fond of silliness and ridiculous speculation in comic forums. It's what I was raised with, so to speak.

This comic is a mixture of comics and collectable jokes, as well as a bunch of employees of a toy store run by a megalomaniac. It is a spin off of It's Walky!, so it might be a good idea to read that one as well. Actually, It's Walky! is awesome, so you should read it anyway.

8-bit Theater
I will freely admit that Fangirl is a huge fan of RPGs, and Inner Old Guy remembers back in the day when we didn't need all these fancy pants graphics and voice actors to enjoy a good game. I love how the author of this webcomic is able to retell the story of the first Final Fantasy with the "heroes" as a bunch of guys who are most likely more evil than the villains. Very funny, and in my opinion the best sprite comic out there.

Sluggy Freelance
Given how well known this one is I probably don't need to describe it. That and my typing fingers are getting a little tired of typing out descriptions, so I'm going to call it quits here for now.

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Post by Abadon XXX »

Order of the stick:
If you're into DnD based comedy and action, then this is the comic for you ^^

Penny Arcade:
A comic I have been following for a while.

Another great comic that makes me smile ^^
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Post by Frey »

I would recommend these comics:

http://www.krakowstudios.com/ :First webcomic I read and I still enjoy it.

http://www.yoshsaga.com/latest.php :This comic might just at first seem to be humor, but it actually has a much darker tone to it.

http://www.visforvacant.com/ :There seems to always be a fight around the corner.




http://www.alphaluna.net/index.php :This webcomic has lycanthropes.



http://www.thefarreaches.com/ :This comic contains references to various fiction.




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Post by Mavis »

Gone with the Blastwave http://www.blastwavecomic.com/

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Post by Romanticide »

I can't believe no one has mentioned http://www.scarygoround.com The drawing is one of the most gorgeous I have ever saw and it's quite interesting in it's execution.

Also http://www.orneryboy.com is also awesome, pure horror hilarity.

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Post by RawSteelUT »

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Post by Vulpeslibertas »


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