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Post by Ledderlegs »

After lurking and ocasionally commenting, I realised the one thing I hadn't done was introduce myself. Which is typical of me, jumping with both feet.

Name: Online I go by Ledderlegs, or Leddy.

Age: 23

Location: North East England. 40 and a bit miles North of Whitby for any Drac fans.

Favourite Hellsing char: It would be a tossup between Seras and Heinkel.
Mostly as Seras looks like the vampiric equvilent of a tiny little kitten. Everytime I watch the anime I get the urge to scratch behind her ears and tickle her chin. Too damned cute for her own good!

Been reading since: Quite a while ago. 2005 is about when I came in. I'm kinda quiet.

Favourite story: Shine or Die. I'd briefly ran into R.O.D previously- it was on when I was round someones house. Unfortunately, I was also kinda drunk (it was a party!) and didn't absorb much of what was going on. But reading S.O.D did inspire me to order the entire ROD series from Ebay!

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Post by Atticus_blackwolf »

I like the avi...BIG RED BUTTONS must be pressed!!!
An apple a day will keep anyone away, If you throw it hard enough.
- Stephen Colbert

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Post by Goblinbee »

Name: goblinbee (okay, Emma)
Age: 19
Location: Delaware (ie nowhere)
Favorite Hellsing char: Alucard (*!card), Walter, Rip, Dok, <strike>Anderplant</strike> (I'm also a fan of Techno Banchou, but that's neither here nor there)
Been reading since: some time ago
Fave story: Body Swap of the Invaders, Fangirls are Hell
Other info: I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. (tomato juice, ideally)

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Post by Illusionist »

Name: Is to your left
Location: England. No details for you!
Favourite Hellsing Character: Walter, for being the most badass old man ever. With the possible exception of Sean Connery.
Been reading since: A few months ago.
Favourite story: Not sure. Fangirls are always fun, though. Also, Shine or Die.
Other info: I am a comic nerd. Hence the Warren Ellis quote in my sig.
Warren Ellis: I figure that the more of you there are around me, the more chance there is of the inevitable hail of bullets hitting you instead of me.

Dr. Kelso: In order to save us some time, I shall be calling all the males "Daves" and all the females "Debbies".
Debbie: Debbie is actually my name!
Dr. Kelso: Then in fairness to the others, you will be "Slagathor".

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Post by Killer7 »

Name: Constantine(yes thats my name,kosta for short)
Age: 16
Gender : Male
Location: Rhodes- Greece(yeah thats right Greece dont it :/)
Favorite Hellsing char: Rip van Winkle
Been reading since: 2 months
Fave story: None their all great
Other info: Huge Lotr fan(Hellsing ofc is up there too) im half australian and half canadian with greek roots.Wannabe writer. part time director,thinker,tinker and anime fan and some other stuff im too bored to type down :P
Hear me.
See me.
Feel me.
Touch me.
Fear me.

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Re: introductions

Post by Mrrout »


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Re: introductions

Post by Zebrin »

Name: Zebrin
(No, not my real name... that would be wierd... by the way, it is pronounced zeb-rin... not like zebra soft "e" sound people!)
Location: west coast United States
also, Wherever you go, there you are.
Fav Hellsing char: Integra, Alucard, Walter, and Pip.
Been reading since: ok, the manga.... about 2months. the dojinshi, 1week. and I read through the entire archive in about 2 days...
Fav story: I have to choose ok... I like the fangirl moments, they are always so funny... I love seeing how the characters act when the little face huggers get attached to them.(My nick-name for fangirls/boys)
Other info: hmm... well, I am a combat medic in the United Sates Army. I am a huge manga/anime fan. Although I didn't like the hellsing anime too much... oh well. not sure what you want me too say here... I mean... really... ahh well, I'll try to get my post count up there and make a little bit of a name for myself. (No spamming though... I don't even like how spam tastes....)

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Re: introductions

Post by Eclipsed Twilight »

I've been lurking for a while now and decided what the heck, lets register instead of studying for exams.

Name: Why do you want to know?
Age: 16
Gender : Female
Location: Ontario (the province in Canada with Ottawa and Toronto and a lot of other cities)
Favorite Hellsing char: Toss up between Integra and Alucard with Rip following close behind
Been reading since: Around the begining of the Cursed Storyline
Fave story: I have to choose?
Other info: I'm a complete lurker, mostly because if I think something I want to say sounds stupid then I will delete it and try and fail to find a way to make it sound right. I'm planning on starting a web comic soon... I've said that several times in the last year so don't count on it happening that soon. About a year ago a friend of mine (the same one that introduced me to webcomics) was talking about Hellsing and gave me a link to Onemanga's scanlation (he had yet to finish it) I ended up finishing it and watching the anime before he finished. I actually found Shine randomly looking through links from other people webcomics (can't remember which one) and thought, wait Hellsing + fan/webcomic? that alone = very good. and I'm going to post this before I read it through and delete it.

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Re: introductions

Post by Shadowfax272 »

Ah, I'm your age too, my first semester exams just finished. You should study, you'll regret procrastinating later. Trust me. ;)
Jetzt auf! In Bergen und Klüften
Tobt morgen der freudige Krieg!

Das Wild in Fluren und Triften,
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Re: introductions

Post by Marajsky »

Name: Mara(not real name)
Age: 43 as of next monday
Gender : Female
Location: Philadelphia, PA USA
Favorite Hellsing char: Toss up between Integra and Alucard (They sooo belong together!!! AxI FOREVER!!) with Water following close behind (I just love his dental flose of death!!) XD
Been reading since: Two weeks ago
Fave story: Fangirls and Beauty And The Beast
Other info: I'm a AxI Fangirl and I admit it!! I would be the first fangirl that would split into two at attach both of them and push them into eachother!! hahahaha :wink:

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Re: introductions

Post by Catsy »

Name: I have many, but just call me Catsy. ^^;
Age: Just turned 25 last Thursday
Gender: Female(And proud of it.^^)
Location: The middle of nowhere, a.k.a. a small town in North Carolina that no one's ever heard of.
Favorite Hellsing character: Father Anderson. But Rip and Schro are cool too. And Young Walter is cute(as is Girlycard) But Anderson all the way. X3
Been reading since: A while.
Fave story: I can't decide.^^; But I like Body Swap of the Invaders and Convention of Fanatic Generation
Other info.: To be released on an "as need to know" basis.

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Re: introductions

Post by Thess »

Name: Lorena
Age: 25
Location: Argentina
Favorite character: Integral Hellsing
Been reading since: The beginning?
Favorite storyline: I liked the old one with the Wells Time machine.
Other info: CAKE

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Re: introductions

Post by Reeku »

Wow, I can't believe I've never posted here. Well, my user status says 'regular poster', but I'm not so much any more.

Name: Sissy (I'm starting to regret having such a wimpy nickname. But hey, people remember it.)
Age: 16
Favorite character: Integral Hellsing
Been reading since: I think... the middle of Shine or Die?
Favorite storyline: There's so many to choose from, I think I'd have to go back and read all of ASHN again. If only I could. ;;
Other info: As far as my contributions to fandom goes, I draw. I've submitted a few guest strips here before. Also, I'm currently an art student! And school is currently my life. My dad almost named me Dejah Thoris.

Other Things That Come Close to Being Fandoms: Final Fantasy VII (sans Compilation), the Ace Attorney Games, Professor Layton, Pokemon (games), .hack, Fullmetal Alchemist, Buddha (and darn near everything else by Osamu Tezuka), Avatar: the Last Airbender, Ghost in the Shell

Aaand I just recently got into Hetalia Axis Powers. I think it has the potential to become an obsession~.
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Re: introductions

Post by autobotfemme »

Name: Im called Angel
Age: Almost 16 - My birthday is on March 11
Location: East Coast of the US
Favorite character: Integra and Pip
Been reading since: about oct of 2007
Favorite storyline: The Cursed storyline - I loved Anthy
Other info: I've been reading for a while, I've just been to lazy to get an account. I like drawing people, braids in particular. I don't know why though. :-?

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Re: introductions

Post by Sammich Man »

Been following Shine for a little bit so I thought I might as well join here! :D

Name: *Points at screen name*
Age: 17
Location: Arizona.
Favorite character: Seras Victoria, I adore her! XD
Been reading since: Not entirely sure, perhaps last year, late Summer. I remember the story arc May Flowers...
Favorite story line: Tu Seras Avec Moi.
Other info: Through my online school, I got a free laptop, because of that, it has Nazi-like filters. So don't be surprised if all of a sudden I don't participate on particular pages of the forum. :lol: I'm very open-minded to pairings in Hellsing, though my utmost favorite are PxS, AxS, HxS (I sense a pattern...) I enjoy AxI as well but not as much as others. I have no clue why, I find both Alucard and Integra awesome characters. o_O I'm slowly enjoying IxS, GCxYW, and LxR (Luke and Rip)

So yes, joined and all that, glad to meet you all, and all of us enjoying Erin's webcomic! :D

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Re: introductions

Post by NeoEevee »

Name: Call me Neo.
age: 13
location: [s]A random closet in the Hellsing manor[/s] Missouri
Favorite Hellsing character: RIPPY <3 With Seras in incredibly close second.
how long i've been reading the comic: ... a few weeks. |3;
Favorite storyline: It's a tie between "What Dreams May Come True," "Bodyswap of the Invaders," and "Good Books."
other info: I draw. I write crossovers. Mostly the latter (, though I haven't actually really written anything down quite yet). Crossovers are love, the crackier the better. I get ideas for them everywhere, all the time. My current projects are a Hellsing/FMA/Digimon crossover and a oneshot Hellsing/Sonic the Hedgehog (...mainly involving A Sonic character... an extremely creepy Sonic character.. rumored to be involved in a curse) cross (but typing this out has given me ANOTHER idea involving the same series 8D)

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Re: introductions

Post by DarthBeccaChan »

Name: Becca
age: 16
location: Kansas
Favorite Hellsing character: Captain Hans Gunsche, Heinkel, Rip Van Winkle, Kim, Integral, list goes on and on.
How long I've been reading the comic: A few years now, since the beginning practically. I remember checking everyday for an update about the dress shopping during the party storyline.
Favorite storyline: The ones with Annie in them.
other info: I read Hellsing BECAUSE of this webcomic. I'd already seen the anime because of a friend, but I wanted to know exactly what was happening while I read the comic. Also I like pretty much everything. Only things I really dislike is Twilight.

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Re: introductions

Post by Promise »

Name: Chiara, but you can call me Cla
age: 15
location: Italy. Yes, I'm italian, and I live in Tuscany. (And sorry for the bad english)
Favorite Hellsing character: Pip <3333333333333 I LOVE HIM!!!!!
how long i've been reading the comic: Yesterday nigth XD
Favorite storyline: Ehm, I don't have a favourite storyline! But I love the pipxseras moments! <3
other info: I frequented the Liceo Classico (a kind of high school where they teach ancient Greek and Latin in addition to general subjects).
I love to read manga. My favorite is Hellsing (as we say in Italy "Kouta Hirano è un genio"), but also love Naruto and Higurashi no naku koro ni (/kai).
I love swimming. It 'very useful, since I live in a city on the sea. And I love to do cosplay. My favourite book is "Ivanhoe" (Walter Scott).
My dream is visit England and Japan. I do not think I have much else to say except to say sorry for bad English.

Dragon_Knight X
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Re: introductions

Post by Dragon_Knight X »

Hello, I'm new here *looks at post count* obviously, this being my first post *nods sagely* ...hmm...

Name: Val Shiro (ofcourse it's not my real name pfft- but it's my alias ^_^ soon to be my pen name also >.>

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Location: Mississippi

Favorite Hellsing Character: Schrödinger, well for his cuteness factor anyways, otherwise, it's a tie for Integra and Alexander Andersong

How long I've been reading the comic: Started a few days ago when I found out about it on TvTropes

Favorite storylines: I'd probably say the 30 days no smoking for Integra storyline was funniest to me, considering I'm a habitual smoker too <.<

Other Info: Hmm, if I were a fanboy, I'd probably be Andersong's fanboy, as much as I promote MxM I don't promote AxA, though that should tell you something about me anyways, to those who don't get it? Oh well ^_^;; I've been a fan of the Anime since it came out on the western hemisphere, I've not read Bram Stoker's Dracula yet, though I've finished downloading an e-book of it and intend to start reading it soon. Incidently I love to read, Not to advertise or anything, but anyone who enjoys the Hellsing series would find a series called The Cold Fire Troligy by C.S.Friedman deeply enjoyable. Oh yeah, other things about me, I play videogames... at the time of writing this I've got Kingdom Hearts 2 paused in the background. Once I finish that game I'm going to finish Final Fantasy 8 for the... I've lost count of which playthrough number I'm on.. but it's a high number.... and after that I finish playing Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. And to top it all off, when I've done that, I'm going to start a new file of the same game on Hard Mode.

I'm getting off topic about... In Regards to And Shine Heaven Now, this is one of the more enjoyable webcomics I've found, shouldn't take me more than another day to finish reading it up until I'm up to date, I'm in year 2006 right now...anyways...

If anyone has any other questions about me, just PM me or something ^_^ seeya!

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Re: introductions

Post by TheLadyPirate »

Hello jell-o mellow fellow.... umm... some other thing that ryhmes with hello....

Name: starts and ends with consonants, and is spelled awkwardly much to my eternal dismay.

Age: Somwhere between having been born and the part where you stop breathing because your body has done the equivelant of rusting.

Location: I live in my happy place. It's shiny here <3

Favorite Hellsing Character: While Alucard is quite obviously Very Cool, and Integra is most assuredly More Awesome Than You, I have to say I like Walter perhaps more than is appropriate, given the fact that he is a fictional character. Young Walter especially.

How Long I've Been Reading the Comic: I found it a few years ago, but had to stop reading when my computer joined the ranks of the shuffling undead (zombies, not ghouls or vampires), thanks to what I believe was an Umbrella conspiracy that my roommate was in on. I stopped at the part where Seras finds the not-Shroe. I was able to find a suitable replacement, but was distracted from actually playing with it by a sudden social life, compounded by the release of a new 'Tales of' game. (the namco bandai tales, not the blue hedgehogs sidekick/stalker). 'Tales of' games are always very distracting. I am now up-to-date and enjoying very much the intensified AxI I've seen.

Other Info: Anime is not my anti-drug. It IS my drug. Oh, and the cake is a lie. That is all.

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