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Postby Screwball McGoo [gDC] on Wed Nov 14, 2001 5:43 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TheBaldSoprano:
<B>Obviously I'm not Art Spiegelman.</B><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Technically, I was thinking about using "Well, I'm not Art Spiegelman." I read Maus, though, which I hear Art Spiegelman enjoyed (Spiegelmann? Spygullmunn?)<P>To which I must add, don't draw David DiAngelo as a frog.<P>But, I, too will say what everyone who reads Odd Jobs has and will probably say. "Keep up the good work."<P><P>------------------
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Postby TheBaldSoprano on Wed Nov 14, 2001 5:45 am

Obviously I'm not Art Spiegelman. But I've been enjoying Odd Jobs three times a week for about a month. Thanks for being different and refreshing, and dark, and moody, and serious. You know, all those things the other web comics aren't. <P>But mostly, thanks for being a comic that's very much designed for grown ups and not teenagers or college students. Grown ups like web comics too. And we like a story that we can sink our teeth into!<P>If you ever do get that graphic novel out, I'll be delighted to buy one!<P><P>------------------
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Postby Tim Broderick on Thu Nov 15, 2001 7:40 am

Thanks guys! Hearing these things really gives me a lift.<P>Regards, Tim Broderick <A HREF="http://oddjobs.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>http://oddjobs.keenspace.com</A>
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Postby Burntdog on Thu Nov 15, 2001 11:28 am

It'd be nice if you got some outside recognition from Mr. Spieleman!! Tim but nevertheless I think your message was spot on--your art is very good (very rarely do I think you "miss" something with your visuals now as compared to the earlier panels in the first story.) and you have something enjoyable and intricate in Odd Jobs. Not easily done in this format. Plus I think the D'Angleo character is starting to build real depth which is also a strong achievement.<P>I too hope you get that book printed someday!<P>------------------
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