Presents for the characters

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Presents for the characters

Post by Antonymous »

I have some presents for the characters too!
  • For Solaria, since she has no healing ETHER: a flask (engraved with SOLARIA and flowers) of thick green high-potency Bio-ETHER healing potion. (For emergency use only. Apply directly to wounds. Avoid contact with uninjured tissue. Do not use more than once in a 24-hour period. Do not take internally. See your healer after using. May cause pain, scarring, fibrosis, edema, deformity, eldritch visions, euphoria, paranoia, depression, possession, pregnancy, tragic past, tragic future, death, or fates worse than death. In clinical trials, less than 5% of patients discontinued use due to side effects.)
  • For Milliene: fireproofing ointment. (Apply to all exposed skin or skin-tight clothing. Avoid loose clothing. Avoid inhaling flames or smoke.)
  • Also for Milliene: a pair of leather gloves that match her hair, reinforced with metal scales for armor.
  • I know what Fatima wants: a teleport jammer! This one is a little yellow crystal-widget-thing that, when suitably charged with light ETHER (formula included), can interfere with teleports nearby for a few minutes, although it's kind of flaky.
  • For Gemmakante, a tin of tea, specifically lapsang souchong.
  • For Tnacult: a handy portable ETHER-pavise, to protect him from pesky arrows and such.
  • For Fatima and her companions (yes, even Kev!): five pale sand-colored cloaks, of the sort worn by natives of the Santaj Desert for camouflage and protection from the sun. (I figure this would be less conspicuous than having Exor blot out the sun with dark ETHER.)
  • For Fluffy, a snack: a set of delicate porcelain teacups and teapot.
  • For Araceli, a Dark Rosary: beads used as mnemonics to teach basic dark ETHER. She probably doesn't need help with that, but maybe it will help her remember what she is.
  • For Sal, a hemispherical pot (of some strange light metal) that doubles as a helmet. Also a wooden spoon and a pocketknife. And some spices and a bottle of olive oil and a slab of bitter baking chocolate.
  • For Gemmakante, a dull black buckler with a little ETHER to help absorb blows. Maybe this will help him keep his new arm.
I was going to give Maple a pair of bolt cutters, to remove her collar, but the Embodiment of Overkill Darkness took care of that.

What else, o forumites, should we give the characters?

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Re: Presents for the characters

Post by Furikku »

Giving Malbez a full-length mirror.

Also, giving Maple to Xantrich. :3

Also also, giving Fluffy a big hug. :3333

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