Lagomoron recipes

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Lagomoron recipes

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I made sour lagomoron soup for dinner tonight! Only I didn't have a lagomoron so I had to leave that part out. But it was still good. Here's the recipe:
  1. First, catch a lagomoron. (This is where I screwed up.) Or if you have a half-eaten carcass or you took a lagomoron apart and put it back together and had parts left over, this is a good use for them. Separate the bones from the meat, and chop up the meat.
  2. Boil the bones in water (by fire ETHER or other means) for about half an hour, to make stock. Remove the bones.
  3. Add salt, chopped celery, mushrooms, ground chile, ginger, and as much garlic as possible. Simmer until the celery is tender.
  4. Add the chopped lagomoron meat and cooked chickpeas (I used canned ones).
  5. Add a chopped tomato, the juice of a lime, fresh basil (I grew it in my garden!) and green onions. Adjust the seasoning.
Serve with noodles.

  • Omit the lime juice for a non-sour soup.
  • Increase the chiles for a hot-and-sour soup.
  • Use pepper and rosemary instead of the chiles and ginger for a different style.
  • Add carrots or onions or turnips at step 3 to make the soup sweeter and thicker.
  • Add bell pepper at the end.
  • Add eggplant at step 3 for flavor.
  • Add greens (e.g. kale, collards) a few minutes before the end.
Anyone else know any good recipes for lagomoron?

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