Some constructive criticism...

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Some constructive criticism...

Postby Alias Pseudonym on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:37 am

So... sorry to be negative, but, in last week's comic and sort of in this week's, the cliff-fall thing really doesn't read well. I think it's mostly because we never really see the drop. Panel 2 shows the bridge itself ok and we sort of see the wall, but we don't get the sense that it's very deep. Panel 3 shows the bottom but the perspective is skewed to the point that it's kind of hard to tell where anything is (also, nitpicking, the dog has moved back for some reason and I don't get how Penny fell so far behind.) Then in panels 4, 5, 7 and 8 you show the top of the log but not the bottom (actually, shouldn't we be able to see the sides of the log in panel 5) which would have been nice in at least one of those as a reminder that there is in fact a drop. In fact, we don't really see how big the cliff is until panel 6 of today's comic. I think it'd've worked better to have a shot that really sold the cliff before the fall so that there was more to be scared about, like maybe a birds-eye view of them crossing showing the river way below.

Also: I really don't get the coloured bits. They seem to just be at random to me, like, in the second panel why have you coloured everything except the characters?

Also also: am I going insane or are your panel divisions in today's comic crooked?
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Re: Some constructive criticism...

Postby VinnieD on Sat Oct 31, 2009 12:29 am

I'll be honest. That was a frustrating page to draw, and I was never satisfied with it. I did shoot the log bridge from below trying to sell the cliff but I don't think it read right.

The colored bits were mostly just trying something different. Usually I only have primary colors stand out, and only when it's plot significant, or drawing attention to a significant character trait. There I was just trying to liven up a boring environment. Bad artistic choices, but that's done and over with. Learning from mistakes and all. I don't redraw old pages as I don't want to be another artist who constantly redraws his archive and sacrifices new updates in doing so.

But I'm glad my readers are so observant. Praise feeds ego, but art can not thrive on ego alone.
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